Jess and Daisy may be some of my favorite OCs. Here is the unplanned but now written part three

Jess and Daisy did there best to ignore the implications that their control of Loki and Spiderman sent to everyone who saw it or a recording of it. Both hoped that their rather bland appearances and rather nondescript faces and bodies would make them easy to forget or miss. Just a blonde and a brunette. Just two normal looking women.


That said, neither were surprised to find some suited man in their shared apartment who was most likely part of the government.

"Isn't it illegal for someone who we didn't want in our home to be sitting in it?" Jess stated dryly. They didn't bother running away, figuring that there would be someone to stop them from making it far. Probably.

"Jess, we shouldn't fight it. It's them or the media."

"The only thing possibly more terrifying than the government," Jess snorted. She walked over to the counter, her back to the suited man. "You drink coffee Mister House Invader Man?"

"I wouldn't mind a cup."

"Remind me why we bothered to go out for coffee if you were just going to make more here," Daisy questioned.

"I wanted sugary coffee. We're out of sugar here."

"I'm sure you two know why I am here," the generic looking man said.

"Yup. We're going to be detained," Jess answered calmly. Daisy slapped her friend's arm.

"Don't give him ideas Jess."

"I wasn't sent to detain you. My bosses hope to recruit you for our youth programs."

Daisy snorted and Jess looked at the man incredulously.

"What makes you think that two shut-ins with coffee addictions would be good with children?"

"Considering your rather impressive handling of both Loki and Spiderman makes you both individuals of interest."

Both ladies looked at one another in slight fear.

"Let me introduce myself. I am an Agent of SHIELD. Agent Coulson."

"Never heard of it," Daisy commented.

"Hush. I think he's going to try and give us a sales pitch before he makes us an offer we can't refuse." Jess whispered sounding somewhat amused. Agent Coulson only looked slightly amused.

"We would like you two to assist in working with the young heroes we are training. More so in making sure they aren't hurting themselves."

"So, you want us to be nannies?"

"If that's how you want to look at it," he remained calm.

"Look, we may look like degenerates living off the bare minimum and coffee, but we actually do have jobs."

"Oh we're aware. We already have a cover for you."

"Oh? Better be friggin amazing because Oscorp has great benefits despite the whole resent slew of events with the Big Man. I know my family would throw a bigger fit around the holidays than they already do for not having a significant other," Jess muttered darkly.

"Your cover will be at STARK industries."

"They have good benefits," Daisy interrupted, "Did you see their dental?"

"Does SHIELD have good dental?"

"We do."


Loki was mildly put off seeing the woman who had no right to actually frighten him into submission approach his holding cell, where he was waiting for Thor to inevitably drag him back to Asgard.

"For the record, I blame you," the woman-Miss Jess his brain kept responding- commented dryly.

"You shouldn't have gotten in my way you quim. Next time I won't hesitate to-"

He was cut off by an icy glare.

"Think carefully before you finish what you're saying Loki. Think long and hard."

Loki snapped his mouth shut. Powerless or not, he felt an unnatural fear of the woman before him and she did not hesitate to remind him it seemed.

"So how was the bagel?" she eventually asked.

"It was fine."

"Good. Then I was right and you did like Blueberries."

"What made you think I would like Blueberries?"

"Erm... no reason."

Loki raised a brow. The fear of the woman momentarily cast aside in favor of trying to figure out the woman before him. When he wasn't confused or feeling the abnormal fear of her, he felt safe around her. Which was odd to say the least as she was powerless.

And somewhere deep down, he swore he knew her. Taking a deep breath, he pondered why he thought he knew her. He recalled the flash of image of the boy with brown hair when she mentioned brother. He didn't let the image flee, instead he focused on it. Even calling his magic forth to shed some clarity on it.

"Loki! Leave some Blueberries for your brother!"

An echo. One that he knew quite easily to be the woman in front of him. Focusing on whatever tendril of knowledge she had placed in his brain, he soon found himself in an onslaught of memories of being a child again. Though this time, on Earth with two women watching him. And Spiderman was his brother.

"Tell me Jess, how is Spencer," he spoke in a smooth timber.

"Well he's not in time out right now," Jess said as easily as breathing. Loki would deny he pouted and looked away from Jess. Jess would deny that after she gave her quip that she had a mini panic attack that Loki somehow remembered his time under her guardianship.

"So we're now government agents. Do we get some swanky gear now?" Daisy asked with a forced smile.

"Once you've been trained," Coulson responded easily. "For now, you should meet with the leader of the younger members."

"I notice you don't call them agents," Daisy pointed out.

"They aren't agents. But the are under our jurisdiction. They'll be who you will be working with."


She wished that Agent Coulson would give any other expression than the calm smile. Over time, that smile was growing unsettling. She also wished she knew where she was going. Maybe accepting a government job that they got for being able to do something that the government did not understand was not a good idea. Then again, she and Jess promised never to speak of the situation that led to this ever again.

"Don't worry. They know you're coming."

"They who?"

"Your charges."

"That's specific."

Coulson opened a door that looked like all the other ones they had passed to see the heroes that she had seen not too long ago. She turned to face Coulson.

"Do they really need a nanny?"

"Finally!" Nova cried out happily.

"Quiet you," Daisy snapped back, "This is between the adults."

"They just need some adult guidance when their leader isn't at his best."

"Who's the leader?"

The heroes parted to reveal Spiderman who had been sitting in a chair behind them.

"Spencer?" she breathed.

"Spencer?" White Tiger picked up.

"It's shorter than Spiderman," she defended herself. It kind of stuck with her and Jess. She turned back to Coulson, "Is this because I got him to sit down because he was favoring one foot over the other?"

"It certainly got our attention."

Tada! Written for the giggles.