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I had tinted windows in my first car.

There had been something to be said for the old Pontiac, rusting away at the fenders and wheezing through a dying six cylinder engine. He couldn't fly everywhere.

We used to park out by the reservoir.

Luke smiled as he rubbed the cloth over the hubcaps, willing the rust of his own first car away.

We had the water, radio, and the stars. Never had to worry our friends would come knocking on those tinted windows.

The young man watched his father, wrestling under the hood with the shredded belt. The first streaks of gray were beginning to work their way into his jet hair. "Was that where you proposed to Mom?"

That diamond looked good in the dashboard light.

At 17, Luke had heard the story often enough. Especially since Ava and Kyra were always begging for Mom and Dad to tell it again, encouraged by every hopelessly romantic friend they brought home. But things were changing. They always did. Mom had been distant, talking about the Huntsclan. Their deaths. Her guilt.

"Come on, son. You need a new belt and a quart of oil." Jake tossed the boy a set of keys. "You can drive the 'Stang."

"Ear of the dragon." Luke pressed himself against the crack in the door, straining to hear the voices.

"We were so young, Jake."

We sold that car when we were twenty-seven. Should have got fifteen, but we only got eleven. "You can't change the past, Rose."

"Jake, it's too much. I can't live like this anymore."

"What's too much? You did the right thing, and it was twenty-five years ago. It's time to move on."

"If I had killed you, the Huntsman would have told me the same thing."

"Rose, you're not comparing me to him. You're not."

"I don't know what's right or wrong anymore."

"Baby, please. We'll get through this. I promise. You promised."


"You promised you'd be okay. Remember?"

"But you didn't let me go."

"I did, Rose. I let go, and then I wished you away."

"You came back for me."

"Most women would fall all over a guy for that." Silence. "Maybe that was the wrong thing."

"You think?" Bitterness twisted off her tongue.

"Look, I'm sorry, okay? But what's done is done. We'll work through it together. You're going to be okay. I promise.

"Face it, Jake. You can't promise that. You can't promise anything, now. We're all grown up."

We grew up and we grew apart, the years rolled by, and now your eyes are tinted windows and I wanna believe somewhere inside you're still in love with me. I keep looking, hoping to see it through those tinted windows, all those tinted windows.