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This is the final part of the Harry Potter, Aspect of Death series. The previous stories should be read in the following order:

Potter's Protector


Death's Little Brother

This instalment is where I had always planned to end up. Harry, Neville, Clark and the rest have each known Xander Harris as their father. Now they want to try and do for him what he did for them, by saving him from a bad home and a life fraught with death and despair.

Chapter One

He watched the young, naked girl as she cowered in the corner.

He stood on the roof of a similar apartment building across the road as he glared through the window at what he saw.

If she was fifteen he'd eat his own hat.

His boxers too.

She was horrified, terrified and a whole lot of other 'fieds'.

With good reason.

Her bitch of a mother had literally just offered the girl as 'dessert' to her partner before proceeding to screw right in front of her.

Now the girl was cowering as she looked for a way out.

He watched for now.

He wanted to see if the girl was made of the right stuff.

Or would he have to teach it to her it.

It was a hard lesson and not always worth the price.

He could step in now and end the girl's misery. But then what? Would she forever expect someone to come and save her?

The man clearly had no staying power as after five minutes he stood up and left the completely unsatisfied woman on the bed and turned to smile greedily at the girl.

This was it.

Make or break.

He tensed as the man grabbed the girl's wrist.

Then smirked as the kid sent her knee straight up and into the man's package.

She unlocked the door and ran outside grabbing a long coat from a hook as she went before bolting out the door as the mother screamed after her angrily and her boyfriend lay writhing on the floor.

He didn't care about the woman and her rapist boyfriend. They would be dealt with later. For now, he had to go and introduce himself to the girl.

He stood up and moved to the edge of the rooftop before simply stepping off and plummeting into the alley below.

He landed in a cloud of dust and garbage just as the girl exited the side door of the seedy apartment complex.

The girl looked at him as he stood there with a leather jacket, cowboy hat and cigar in his mouth. A mixture of awe and fear at what she had just come from and what she had just witnessed this new man do.

"There're million girls in the world just like you." He said in his low gravelly voice. "And I was sent to you." He took his cigar out of his mouth and looked at her daringly. "So tell me, kid: You worth my trouble or am I gonna be carrying your ass for the rest of your life?"

"Wh-wh-" She cleared her throat and tried again. "Whhoo are you?"

"Call me Logan."

Her eyes widened as she took a closer look at him. "Oh my god! You're Wolverine!"

Logan froze, his eyes narrowed. "How the hell do you know that name?"

"I-I-I've read all about you!" She said excitedly.

"'Read'? I ain't done nuthin' to read about." He muttered half to himself as he put his cigar back in his mouth.

"You're my favourite!" She exclaimed… then blushed as she realised how much of fan girl she sounded like.

"Me?" He said disbelievingly. "Most people like Clark or Harry. Seriously kid, you a seer?"

"Me? I'm just a human." She said quickly.

"Did that bastard Harris come visit you?" He growled. "He put you up to this?"

"No sir." She said nervously.

"Then how tha' hell do you know my code name? I ain't even registered under 'Logan'."

"I read about you. In the comics!"


He knew his charge was coming to this school. This is where they said he should be and this is where he had taken a job.

He had met Principal Flutie who was a jolly fellow. He did seem to be one of those 'share your feelings' types though.

His polar opposite was Assistant Principal Snyder. The man just didn't seem to know what the word 'positive' meant, or that it even existed. Always sneering and disapproving… and he had only spent sixty seconds with him.

Now he had to deal with meeting the other teachers as he tried to get his work area in order.

"Ah, you must be Mr. Giles."

He looked up in surprise at the sound of another British accent and saw two men enter. Each was over six feet tall and built like a fighter. Both were dressed casually in clothing suitable for California.

"I'm Neville Longbottom and this is Scott Summers, the new History teacher." The man held out his hand to shake.

"I must say; I didn't realise there were quite so many teachers starting this year." Giles admitted as he accepted the offered hands.

"Well, I'm not a teacher, just the… janitor I believe they called it." Neville shrugged. "I've had worse jobs though."

Giles very much wanted to ask why the young man was working as a janitor in America, but he was too polite to ask.

"We moved here because of the job options. We heard this was a nice little town and decided it would be a good place to just… enjoy life." Scott smiled.

"Oh… I see." Giles was a bit uncomfortable at this revelation, but he was not going to pass judgement on a person's 'life choices'.

"Did you honestly mean to make the man think we were a gay couple?" Neville asked Scott with a laugh.

Scott grimaced. "No, but in retrospect I can see I may have made a poor in choice words. Too much time spent in San Francisco."

Neville turned back to Giles. "We are brothers. Adopted, but brothers none the less."

Giles wasn't sure if that was supposed to make him more curious or less curious.

"Well, we'll let you get back to work then, just wanted to introduce ourselves." Scott said as the men nodded their goodbyes.

"Where's that goddamned bastard?!" Logan demanded as he stormed through the Portal Door into a very high-class mansion in the richer area of Sunnydale.

"Logan, we did manage to establish that all of us except you were conceived in wedlock." Clark Kent smirked as he looked up from the history book he was about to read. There was a pile on either side of him, those he'd read and those he was going to read.

"Shut it you." Logan snapped. "Where's Harry and Neville?"

"Harry is sulking in his room and Neville is still at the school. What's the problem?"

"Problem? I'll show you the goddamned problem." Logan snarled as he tossed a pair of comics at Clark.

Clark's hand snapped up and caught them easily without having to use his super speed.

He looked at the titles of the comics and the pictures on the front. "HARRY!" Clark bellowed as he stood up.

Logan just smirked.

"What now? Want to rub it in my face some more?" Harry asked grouchily as he appeared.

"You need to explain this now or I'm shoving a lightning bolt somewhere unpleasant." Clark glared as he held up a first edition Action Comic in his left hand, complete with a picture of Superman holding a car over his head. In his right was an Incredible Hulk comic showing a battle between The Hulk and Wolverine.

"Wow! They have comics about the X-Men here?" Harry exclaimed eagerly as he tried to grab the Marvel comic.

Clark just lifted it out of his reach. "You knew about these… Action Comics?" He asked.

"It ain't just Action Comics kid." Logan snorted. "We've both got lines with our names in the title."

"What the hell is going on?" Clark turned back to Harry.

"It's the multi-verse theory. There are some people who don't realise that their ideas are actually played out somewhere in the infiniteness of existence." Harry shrugged unconcernedly.

"Yeah… I can buy that." Logan nodded. "How 'bout you explain the part where you knew about us before we even met you?"

"Xander was always fascinated with comics and superheroes." Clark added. "He said he loved them growing up and that he introduced you to them. You had to at least know about me."

"It's not that simple guys." Harry sighed as he sat down on the sofa in their living room. "There is this whole perception thing when you are in a universe to start with. I might know that I am going to a universe where this occurred." He held up the Marvel comic. "But when I get there all I know is that I went there for a reason. I forgot I was in the world of comic book heroes. Even now I have trouble putting the two together. It's like a fog. There is always a chance that we could run into something in this world that we once saw in a comic, novel, TV show or movie… or God forbid… a musical!" He shuddered. "For all we know we could have read books or seen shows about this universe. Maybe it was a computer game. Of course, there is also a chance we never came across it."

"Maybe it is Existence or some other un-revealed Aspect, I just don't know. But it doesn't stop me from doing my job so I don't worry about it. So someone documented our lives… big whoop! People have been doing that for ages."

"Fine, but you need to do some more mojo on us. If we go around using our real identities we are either gonna be laughed at or figured out real quick." Logan glared.

"How does that work if our memories are fudged?" Clark asked.

"Because we are the ones crossing between realities and dimensions." Harry explained. "You should ask Neville about some of the stuff he's done. He doesn't realise till he leaves that particular realm that he was dealing heroes and fairytales."

"Just fix it, Harry." Logan glared.

"Fine, fine. Is that all? I want to get back to my sulking." Harry grumbled.

"Fine, whatever." Logan sighed.

"How did it go in Boston?" Clark asked as Harry left.

"Kid's got spirit." Logan grinned darkly. "She made her own escape, I just picked her up." He then scowled. "She was the one who made me for a Cape."

"Logan… where is she?" Clark asked warily.

"Left her asleep in the motel."

Clark turned very serious and spoke slowly. "Logan, if she isn't back in this mansion and sleeping in one of the spare rooms within the next ten seconds I am going to punt you to Jupiter."

Logan turned on the spot and headed back through the door… it wouldn't be the first time Clark had done that to him or Harry.

It had actually started when Logan had called on Clark for a 'Fastball Special' at an alien ship… he'd made it all the way to the edge of the system before Harry had caught up with him thanks to the Kuiper Belt… he spent a good few moments bouncing between asteroids.

Faith Lehane warily cracked her eyes open as the memories of the previous night came back to her.

So did the terror.

Then she remembered she met The Wolverine.

Terror was replaced with awe.

She checked her surroundings. Either she had been moved or the crappy motel looked a lot better in the daylight. She was in a double bed in a room with nice neutral wallpaper and décor.

There was no way The Wolverine would be caught dead in a place like this.

That terror started to seep back as she wondered if she had been duped by someone pretending to be The Wolverine.

*Knock Knock*

Faith jumped at the rap on the door. She panicked for a moment.

"Faith? Mind if I come in?"

She didn't recognise the muffled voice. But… it didn't sound sleazy.

"Err… sure." She called out meekly.

The door opened softly and in walked… Adonis.

6'2'', dark hair, broad shouldered, bright blue eyes.

Faith had no idea if she was drooling or not.

She didn't care.

"Hi, I'm Clark Kent. My friend Logan says you've probably heard of me." He smiled as he pulled up a nearby chair to the side of the bed.

"Clark… Kent?" She asked sceptically.

Clark smirked. "Also known as Kal-El and Superman." He said as he floated up off the chair for a metre and then floated back down. "You realise that you are going to have to keep all of this a secret, right?"

"Oh, sure!" She nodded vigorously.

"There is a spell on us that protects our identities so you won't be able to talk to anyone who doesn't already know though." He said reassuringly.

Faith played with the hem of the bed covers. "Erm… I recognised Wolverine- I mean Logan, pretty quick. And I ain't the smartest kid around."

Clark frowned thoughtfully. "Let me give you the run down on our history. It might make it easier to understand what is happening and what is going to happen.

"My friends and I are not from this world. We come from three different realities. Two of them you are aware of, mine and Logan's.

"I read all those comics when Logan showed them to us. Aside from our names and basic personal histories they didn't get a majority of the major events right because they don't seem to know about the most important member of our family: Harry Potter, our brother."

"All you guys are related?" Faith asked.

"By choice. We share no blood but our souls are linked. We are family."

Faith looked a little uncomfortable. "Is this like… a gay thing? 'Cause it's totally cool if it is!" She added hastily.

"I bet that would completely destroy your comic book view of us." Clark laughed. "No, we are all straight. Whilst the average soul bond invites romantic relationships its main purpose is to promote love. If a pre-existing familial love is there, such as a band of brothers or sisters, then that is what the bond will promote.

"Take Harry, his first soul mate was a girl he had rescued and adopted as his sister."

"Why is this Harry guy not in the comics then?" Faith moved to a slightly different subject.

"I honestly don't know. But he is the catalyst for why the comic events are so different. Most of the events that take place in the comics after Harry arrived in that universe are changed in a major way.

"The thing about Harry is that he is Death. He is not one of those gods of the underworld, they answer to him. He is what we call an 'Aspect'. He is the gateway between the mortal realm and the after life. Most of his time is spent making sure people don't die before their time.

"He is also the Aspect known as Magic. Although he hasn't always been that Aspect. The other Aspects are Time and Love. There might be others but those are the ones we know of.

"We call them 'Aspects' because they are 'Aspects of Existence'. If any Aspect is threatened then every god of every pantheon will join together with the sole purpose of ending the threat. All grudges and conflicts are put aside."

"Is he… the God?" Faith asked in a secretive whisper just in case she was heard.

Clark smiled. "No. But at the same time we haven't found anyone higher ranking than him. But he doesn't like being in charge. He prefers to fix the world then leave everyone else in charge."

"So you came here to… fix this world?" Faith asked. "Then why me? Why did Logan rescue me?" She asked curiously.

"When we go to a new world we aren't given much information." Clark sighed. "We are told what the underlying problems are. In this case it is that there is a huge demonic underworld that is seeking to bring hell on Earth or just killing all humans.

"When Harry came to my world it was because there was a new emergence of people with abilities… or powers.

"For Logan's world it was the fact that mutants were persecuted and a major event had just dropped their number to 198.

"Harry has a lot of experience in this because in his home world he had to deal with magicals and non-magicals being persecuted."

"So…" Faith said with a thoughtful frown. "… you're gonna kill all demons?"

"No. Although they are all classed as 'demons' some are more peaceful than humans. They come from alternate dimensions but they were probably persecuted themselves and just want to live peacefully."

"But why me?" Faith asked again, a little more insistently.

"You are what is known as a 'Potential'. It is a term used by some very stuffy shirts back in England for certain girls.

"You see, at the moment in the world, there is one girl who has been given extra speed, strength and other abilities in order fight the demons. She is called the Vampire Slayer."

"Strong like you?"

"No, just a few times stronger than an adult male in his prime.

"As a Potential, if she dies, you have the 'potential' to be the next Slayer."

"Whoa… that sounds pretty harsh." Faith said with wide eyes.

"Very harsh. And the stuffy shirts refuse to give any more aid than one man who can't fight and just provides information on threats and targets.

"The reason we are in this town is because we know who the current Slayer is and we intend to help her and ensure that she gets to live a long and prosperous life.

"We also want to break the line of Slayers so that no more girls are burdened with this curse."

"Curse? It's black magic?"

"The First Slayer was infused with the essence of a demon. Now that essence is passed to the next Slayer when the current one dies."

"So if the current Slayer dies I get demonified?!" Faith practically screeched.

"You won't look any different, but you'll become stronger, faster and a target for the demon community." Clark explained.

"I don't wanna be a demon!"

"And you won't be." Clark assured her. "As soon as we have made contact with the current Slayer we will work on removing the taint."

Faith was silent for a while as she thought about all of this.

"Look, get up and get washed. There is a bathroom through there." He pointed at the en suite. "Then come downstairs and get some breakfast. We need to give you a tour of the town and show you where you will be going to school… eventually."

Harry and Neville sat pouting on the sofa.

Faith had been introduced to everyone and she had practically babbled like a schoolgirl in her excitement.

Until she got to Harry and Neville.

Who she had never heard of.

"Next time we go to save a universe we pick one where they write comics and movies about us." Harry said firmly.

"Right. Where I'm the hero and you are my loyal side kick."

"Yea- what?! Hell no! Why am I the sidekick?"

"Because I called it first." Neville said smugly.

"But I'm the all powerful being!"

"And I am the one who guides you and keeps you in check. Making me the one with the power!"

Harry looked at him like he was nuts. "Ok… this place you say we should go? It will need to have a very loose grip on reality."