"Where is Go Mi Nam?" the singing teacher began to scold while searching for their irresponsible star. "His solo song is what we need to practice next."

"He's probably running here," the dance teacher stated with mild annoyance.

Before the singing instructor could retort a silvery-black blur ran past her. "Sorry Sun-Saeng Nim's," said the blur said with a confident smile, "I'm ready now."

President Anh's eyes focused on the blur, he took in the black leather and metal spikes. The boy's outfit made him look more suited to a rock band than an idol group. With a sigh President Anh began to leave when suddenly he heard an angelic sound. He whipped his head back in shock. Could that beautiful voice be coming from that over-confident punk? "Jesus Christ Superstar! I found it," President Anh applauded himself. "I found the new addition for A.N Jell."