"Me?" he exclaimed in shock. "You want me to join A.N Jell?"

President Anh just beamed at him as Manager Ma danced happily in the background.

"Why me?" Go Mi Nam asked, "I've only been a trainee for a year, there are many Sunbae's who are more prepared."

"Aigoo, I've heard the voice of nearly every trainee at AN Entertainment," stated President Anh, "yours is the voice we have been looking for."

Contrary to his confident exterior, Go MiNam was a lot like his twin sister, accident prone and self-depreciating. He shut his eyes and pinched himself, this is a wonderful dream but it's just a dream right? Mother Superior, they can't really be wanting ME, useless orphaned MiNam to join Korea's biggest idol group, right? He opened his eyes, there they were, the President of AN Entertainment himself and the manager to AN Jell. "You're sure you want me?" Go MiNam asked timidly.

President Anh extended his arm for a handshake. "What do you say?" he asked, "are you ready to become one of the most famous singers in Korea?"

Go MiNam quickly said a mental prayer and plucked up his courage. He reached out and grasped President Anh's hand. "Yes. I can do this. I will do this," and then he smiled, his dreams were coming through sooner than he expected.

My Dong-saeng (younger sister) isn't going to believe it, Go MiNam thought.