The world I live in is not a world Humanity used to live in.

This is a world of Vampires and blood and death. I live in this world because I am one of them. The Vampires. I have been a Vampire for quite some time now, sine the beginning of time.

Vampires have been living amongst Humans for a long time. The only reason this changed is because a group of ' Vampire children' decided to break the law and go feed on Humans instead of puttting up with the blood bags Humans so kindly allowed us to have. This violation of the law caused a War. The War still rages on today. Humans who wanted nothing but to be allies and live in peace with us were offered safety on Vampire Territory. Of course, the Humans had to pay a price if they wanted to live with our kind. They would have to donate some of their blood twice a month to the Vampires.

We created a wall surrounding the Vampire Castle, large enough to house two maybe three Human Cities. We opened Markets and allowed the Humans to start their own businesses. We gave all humans enough money to pay for food, home or work supplies, and transportation.

The Originals are the ones who really allowed them to stay; this to happen. The Originals are in charge of everything.

Honestly, what you would find inside the wall is what you would find in a regular city from The World Before.

I personally tried to make the Humans comfortable because it wasn't their fault the War began. All they wanted was to live amongst us, not just as Humans but as equals. They understood how hard it was to satay in control around them, how tempting it was to not drink from their necks a they were grateful to no end that we didn't kill them and for what we offered. They forgave us.

They accepted us and the way we did things and followed the few rules we had. They accepted us so we accepted them

Oh! Where are my manners?! I have many names, but I shall grace you with my Birth name. I am Karayan.

There are others of my kind, yes, there are many. But they are not like I. I am among the first of my kind. I, Kanin, am an Original.