Hey guys. If you guys have read A Shipping Collection, this is the new story that I was talking about. I just thought about doing it at a random time. It's kinda based on a Pixar movie I watched (no, it's not Inside Out). Plus, I changed my mind. I decided to work on this story while I finish up A Shipping Collection instead of when I finish it. I hope you guys enjoy this and thank you guys so much for reading! I decided to update this every couple of days and yes, I finally have an image this time! :) Also, I hope you don't mind having Disgust as the main person in this! Don't worry, the emotions are in this. Again, I hope you guys enjoy. Thank you. :)


Life After Death

An Inside Out Fanfiction

By HollyAnne1084

It was another great day at San Francisco. Riley's team won the hockey game and to celebrate, Riley's parents took her to eat ice cream. It was a great time for the Andersen family. Even Sadness had to confess that it was a great day, as she, well, tries to think negative about every day that she has to go through.

Riley puts on her pajamas, which shows a monkey on her shirt. Riley didn't mind wearing those kind of pajamas. At least she's not wearing them in front of her friends.

Riley looks at herself in the mirror as she brushes her teeth. Her blue sky eyes stare with a twinkle, and her soft blond hair soothes in the air. Riley smiles at herself with merry and joy, and skips back to her room. She felt proud of herself for making the winning shot for her team. What if Riley could play for an actual hockey team? That would be a great dream for the twelve year old.

Riley lay on her comfortable bed and stared at the ceiling, still thinking about that one awesome shot that she did at the game. As she stared at the ceiling, it reminded her of heaven. She felt bad for the angels, as they couldn't do any of that stuff. They float in the sky with their beautiful wings and blow their loud catchy horns. Riley wondered what it would be like to be an angel. She didn't want to think about it because 1) angels are dead people and 2) she heard about angels being naked, which Disgust would especially not think about. But the good thing was that Angels are there to take care of you.

Rileys parents entered her room, with their beautiful and caring smiles on their faces, which shows Riely that they are proud of their little girl. Riley smiled back.

"Good job today, Monkey," Bill, Riley's dad, said. "I'm proud of you."

"Thanks, dad," Riley said.

"You did amazing today," Jill, Riley's mom, said.

Riely smiled. She has wanted to ask her parents about the angels, but what do they know about them? They have never been at heaven before! So Riley felt stupid to ask that, even though she really wants to.

"C'mon, Disgust!" Joy said trying to make Riley ask about the angels. "It's not that stupid!"

"Really, Joy," Disgust said. "That's a big waste of time and completely off topic."

"Disgust..." If Joy had to choose the most annoying co-worker, it would be the green emotion. She would've chose Sadness in the past, but she found out that she wasn't annoying after all.

"Good night mom," Riley said. "Good night dad."

"Have a good sleep, Monkey!" Bill said.

"We love you!" Jill said.

Jill shut the door, leaving Riley alone in the darkness of her tiny but organized room. Riley held on to the edge of her blanket and sighed. It wasn't an annoyed sigh, it wasn't an upset sigh, it was an exhaustion sigh after having a great day.


"All right, we're going to REM," Joy said as soon as Riley drifts off, making the screen go dark. "Great day today guys! Good job everybody! I have Dream Duty so I'll send the memories to Long Term!"

Everybody happily chatted as they went to bed, watching the colorful memories exit out of Headquarters. The memories were going on the recall tubes, and at the Mind World, it looked like little stars were falling down, as the memories were about to exit the recall tube.

As Fear went to bed, he walked up to Disgust, as she got rid of her makeup - which she does before she goes to bed.

"Hey," Fear said.

Disgust nodded in reply.

"Um...why didn't you want Riley to ask about heaven?" Fear asked. "I don't know what's embarrassing about that."

Disgust glared at him. "Are you really going to ask me that?" she asked the nerve in annoyance.

"Yes, I actually am," Fear said without hesitating.

Disgust sighed. "It's just...stupid! And it's embarrassing being stupid!"

"Why would Mom and Dad think we're stupid?" Fear asked.

"Its just...whatever! I just didn't want her to, okay?!" She walked away with frustration.

Fear smirked. He knew he beat her with that argument.


Disgust went to bed. Fear was right, why did she not want to ask about heaven? It was random to her, but it wouldn't be wrong to ask her parents. What could possibly go wrong? But right now, it was too late, so Disgust thought of having her ask next time.

What will happen when we become an angel? I don't think emotions become angels, do they? What would we look like? Would we look just like the ones we learned about, except the whole naked thing? Gross! I hope I'm not naked.

Now Disgust had no idea why she didn't let Riley ask about it.


"Alright guys! Wake up! Today is going to be another great day!"

The emotions groaned as they heard their alarm clock, AKA Joy, skip around Headquarters, tells the tired emotions to get up.

Disgust groaned as she exhaustedly got up from her bed, taking her beauty mask off. She fixed her out of place hair, but she couldn't find her makeup kit.

That's funny, Disgust thought. I thought I left it there last night.

She knew that someone was messing with it. She ended up finding it on the top of her dresser, which was bigger than her. She was too tire to get a ladder, so she decided to risk it. She climbed from one knob to another, trying to reach for her kit. It was difficult than she thought it would be.

She reached with force for the kit, when suddenly, the dresser started to tip over...


The emotions were watching Riley have a delicious breakfast when suddenly they heard a noise.


Fear yelped.

"What was that?" Anger asked suspiciously.

"I'll go check it out," Sadness said as she nervously tried to follow where the noise happened. Fear wanted to go with her for safety, but he was too scared to do it.

The emotions knew that it wasn't a good thing, and they thought right. They heard a massive scream from Sadness:


Fear yelped again. He instantly ran to where Sadness screamed, which was Disgust's room. The emotions curiously but worried followed the nerve.

When they found Sadness, she was bawling to death. She was kneeling by a dresser that was tipped over. The emotions gasped when they looked at the dresser.

Disgust was right under it.