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Joy couldn't help it. She immediately told the other two emotions about the "new couple" in Riley's head. It actually went viral! Mind Workers invited Anger and Disgust for a celebration and it appeared on Anger's newspapers, saying "A NEW COUPLE!" It may have gotten annoying to them, but the respect and cheering they heard from everyone was totally worth it.

Disgust had Dream Duty that night and Anger decided to give her some, well, company. Joy knew that they wanted to hang out with each other privately and she was nice enough to allow them to.

Anger and Disgust watched the dream that was playing and it was a romantic dream of Riley and her imaginary boyfriend. Anger put his arm around the green emotion, who smiled shyly in reply.

"Maybe we should do that someday," Disgust suggested to the brick.

"Do what?" Anger asked.

"Dance at a beautiful setting."

Anger let out a romantic grin. "Yes, we should."

Disgust let out a giggle.

"And..." Anger started to say.


"We should go out someday," Anger randomly confessed.

"Go out? On a date?"

"Of course."


Anger let out a smirk and took her to the window. He pointed at an island that was tot he far left. Disgust smiled, realizing that he was pointing at Hockey Island.

"Skating?" Anger asked.

Disgust nodded. "Let's do it," she said.

So they did without the others noticing. They entered the recall tube and headed for the island. They took some skates from a collection of them and they started to skate around a huge ice rink. Disgust showed off her skills to the brick and they were practicing some, well, figure skating pair tricks.

"I love you," Anger said to Disgust quietly.

"I love you too," Disgust said.

Anger and Disgust were in the middle of the whole ice rink and kissed each other on the lips. They heard cheering and a group of Mind Worker were squealing like fan girls.

They just laughed in reply.

"Let's go," Disgust said feeling a little embarrassed.

"Of course."

They left the ice rink as the cheering Mind Worker kept doing their inspiration to the couple. They looked at each other and smiled. Anger has definitely kept his promise to Joy...

...Disgust did have a special life.


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