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Chapter 1: Introducing Magi!

. . . .

Alepoúcia- a small, impoverished country not far from the borders of the "Dark Continent" and home to a race of unique humans with powers not yet known to the world.

At least, they weren't known until the day the Chief of Alepoúcia had been granted a daughter with what had to be the strongest connection to the Ruhk they had ever seen.

With an extremely rare and beautiful sandy-grey hair almost similar to the sand within which light reflects onto, two different eye colours; her left eye being a deep orange almost the same shade as the sky during sunset and the right being a light peach pink, both with slit pupils -not so different to the eyes of a fox, and porcelain skin. As the Chief's wife held their daughter the Ruhk gathered around her, enveloping her in the rarest coloured Ruhk of all; Grey Ruhk.

There had only ever been a single sighting of Grey Ruhk once throughout the world, and that had been before this world had even begun. Rumored to not only be the rarest of all colours, it is also the strongest and this power has been entrusted to this young, precious infant.

This is the story of Selena Alepís.

. . . .

. . . .

The sun was just setting over Balbadd when a group of bandits made their move; pillaging yet another caravan, taking all the civilians' personal effects and even going as far as to kidnap quite a few young women and children, before setting fire to the remaining ruins of the caravan and disappearing into the night.

It was around 2 hours after the attack on the caravan when the bandits stopped for a small break, leaving the tied-up innocents by the horses. There were at least 5 men with burly muscles and numerous scars covering their bodies as they sat around a small fire, snacking on the food they stole.

"An' then the lil' bitch started bawlin' like a baby! I had to give 'em a slap aroun' their face!" The biggest -and the ugliest of the men, laughed as the other men snickered, amused by the story as a couple of them leered at some of the well-endowed women, who flinched in fear and dread.

As the rowdy bunch of thieves sat jeering and laughing over crude, horrible antics from the past, no one noticed as a figure hidden by the shadows made its way over to them, before crouching down low and hiding out of sight. It went over to the captives, breaking the ropes, which bound them into pieces before making a shushing sign, signalling them to run.

As the captives ran away, one of the bandits turned around to leer at the women some more, only get a surprise as a foot smashed into his face. As the man flew the other's jumped up with their weapons drawn, pointing the swords towards the mysterious figure, while said figure stood up from the crouch and faced them, the only thing visible being a pair of unique multi-coloured fox-like eyes glaring coldly towards each and every one of them, promising no mercy.

With a burst of amazing speed, the figure shot towards the men, kicking its foot straight into the stomach of one whilst its fist flew into another's face. Using the bloated stomach as a trapeze, the figure propelled itself over to the other bandit, not touching the floor once as it spun and smashed its feet into his face, flipping itself back from him and jumping up into the air, spinning before it landed on its feet.

Just as the shadow covered figure was about the lunge for the last man standing, a sudden squawk alerted the figure, causing it to turn around to see a bird like animal fly towards it, attacking it. As the figure tried to fight it off, it received a slash along the shoulder blade by the sharp talons. Within a time-span of less than 5 minutes the bird was perched on the arm of the last bandit standing, who held a dark grin. The look on the man's face was enough to make the figure growl quietly as it was prepared to lunge at him, only to get a wave of dizziness and nausea before it collapsed.

As the figure hit the ground the other bandits had regained consciousness and recovered enough to walk over to the figure, tying it up with some rope before the biggest bandit flipped the figure onto his shoulder, as the others gathered the stolen goods and began to walk back to their HQ. As the men walked away, the moon lit up the dark sky, reflecting onto the figure, showing a soft sandy-grey hue as the men and the unconscious figure faded into the darkness.

. . . . .

. . . . .

"Damn, way to go me." A young, quite attractive female cursed to herself as she looked around the dark and dirty cell which she had just woken up to. The walls were a plain, black sheen with jagged rocks sticking out at different angles whilst the floor was a flat, rough surface with multiple stones scattered around. The only source of light was through the small window which had been closed off by metal bars.

She sighed as she tried to breath the chains around her wrists and her feet, unfortunately having no such luck. Leaning back against the wall she scowled as she closed her eyes, seemingly deep in thought. Her wrists were starting to sting from the tightness of the chains causing her scowl to deepen which gave her a dark, almost sinister appearance.

A quiet whimpering could be heard from one of the corners of the cell, causing her head to snap to the left. She looked around until she noticed a small figure, belonging to a child no older than 8 years old. As she focused more she could make out the child was a little girl, huddled into a cocoon to keep herself warm which unfortunately wouldn't work since the dessert they were in became very cold during the night, and it was about midnight right now.

Her heart broke for the little girl. She knew full well the feeling of loneliness and fear, unaware of what would happen to you, terrified you'd be nothing more than a possession to be used for whatever your master wanted.

A sudden flashback flashed in her mind, of a small girl, no older than 4 years old, crying over the corpse of a woman with similar features.

The young woman jumped up suddenly and began jumping towards the wall, desperate to get the shackles off her feet. Her heart began beating faster and faster as she continuously tried to break the shackles, mercilessly smashing her feet against the wall. She unknowingly obtained the attention of not just the little girl, but she also caught the eye of a young teenage girl with beautiful red hair and striking ruby eyes. She was desperate to get the shackles off, pushing her body to the limits to break the horrid chains. However, due to the poison still lingering in her system, she began to tire quickly, ultimately collapsing from exhaustion. As her eyes were closing she saw a flash of red and brown closing in on her, until she contacted something soft. That was all she knew before she passed out.

. . . . .

. . . . .

The young woman was shaken from her sleep by shouting and rattling.

As she looked around she saw the same little girl passed out on the floor, breathing heavily with a flushed face, while the teenager with the red hair was shaking on the metal bars calling for help. She sprung up from her corner and went to the little girl, running her hands through her hair and tried to sooth her.

"Hush now little one, breath in, breath out, repeat that process." She commanded gently, causing hazel eyes to look up at her in shock before the little girl gave her a small smile and followed the directions. As she was comforting the child the red heads shouted attracted the attention of a man with wild white hair and a strange outfit followed by some guards.

The man walked over and ripped the girl from the pint-sized teenagers grasp, examining her fully. He had her open her mouth as he examined her. After what felt like an hour the 'Lip-coloured creep' as she dubbed him, concluded. "This one is hopeless, but the timing couldn't be better! I've just run out of food for the desert Hyena's, you see?" Shocking the young teen and herself, causing them to feel a sense of horror as they glared at the heartless man.

. . . . .

. . . . .

It was now maybe early in the morning as the Ashen-blonde and the young Redette were taken outside onto a cliff ledge with the creep and 5 of his cronies, while another 3 were tying the little girl to a big pillar in the center of the pit, dangling her down as if she was just some piece of meat. The young child was terrified and crying, her teardrops falling and splashing against the metal base of the pillar.

After she was tied up securely, the 3 men went up to the levers on the cliff above the animal cages, pulling on the metal rods causing the door to open. As the door rose up multiple hyenas ran through the door and huddled around the pillar, their laws opening and closing hungrily.

The slaver stood in front of everyone else on the edge of the ledge, holding a rope which was tied to the young child, stopping her from falling. "In my business, we don't treat slaves of low value, I mean it would be a waste to pay for the medication, right?" he let out a short bark of laughter as his men held back both herself and the other girl.

She grit her teeth in frustration and anger, "You bastard...!" she let out a low, quiet growl which caused the other girl to flinch quietly. The Slaver just let out another small laugh as he let go of the rope slightly, lowing the child near the hyenas. Luckily the girl lifted her feet high enough causing the hyenas which jumped up to just about miss her feet. As the little child screamed in fear the young Redette shouted out, "Stop it now!" trying to break free from the other men. She tried to break her shackles by banging them on the floor, having no success as the creep told her "You can't take those off, after all those shackles are custom made" however she didn't stop trying while the beautiful Ashen-blonde woman began to struggle to get out of her captors' iron grip.

The Slaver then took out a knife and began to cut the rope, eventually snapping it and causing the little girl to fall to the floor in the middle of the pack of hyenas. As soon as the child hit the floor, the Redette jumped up and into the pit, landing on the shackles directly, breaking them as she landed next to the little girl. While that happened the dual-eyed young woman finally managed to break free from the men as she smashed her feet into the metal pole next to her, breaking the shackles into pieces and snapped the chains around her wrists apart. While the Redette was fighting the animals, the woman began to take down the bandits, using her magoi-enhanced physical abilities to render the men seriously injured. After she took them down she looked over the cliff to see the other girl killing each of the tigers as she used a strength very familiar to her "Sh-she's a Fanalis... Holy Solomon..." the teenager was in awe as she watched the Fanalis girl fight, until she saw the Slaver and scowled, then ran towards him.

"Oi, you bastard!" the blonde growled out, causing said man to turn towards her and back away in fear, tripping over his own feet and ultimately falling backwards onto his ass. Underneath both the blonde's and the Redette's glares, he started to sweat heavily as his nervousness was easily noticeable. As the Fanalis walked towards him she stuck her hand out, "Give me the keys, I'm going to free all the people you've captured" He was about to refuse but he then caught sight of the teenager's deathly glare and surrendered the keys quickly.

As she walked towards the Fanalis girl they shared a quick nod before they ran towards the cave where the civilian slaves were kept, the Fanalis breaking down the door as she ran towards the locked bars and used the key, unlocking the big padlock. They opened the door and she began to spread out the keys, handing a key to everyone so they could unlock their chains. She looked towards the Fanalis and saw as the girl was walking towards a young boy, no older than 11, with blue hair. She heard him shout out "Hey lady!" as he took notice of her and smiled.

She stood up and made her way to them, only to be stopped as the young child with her suddenly shouted out "Mommy, Daddy!" as two adults made their way over to them, the woman taking the young girl into her arms as the man hugged them both, each of them crying tears of joy and relief. She let out a soft smile as she continued her way towards the blue haired boy and the Fanalis.

As the boy spoke to her, a man next him asked "Aladdin, do you know her?" introducing the boy as he conformed he knew the Fanalis girl. "So, his name's Aladdin, huh?" as she was smiling softly while being lost in thought, the Fanalis recognized her as the other girl who saved the child, due to her unique eyes.

As the Redette was about to try to talk to her, the people began to move out of the bandit camp, walking out towards the desert and off towards their destination, Balbadd. She began to make her way back also, not before getting her silver ribbon first, however. As she made her way down the path of the cliffs she saw the Fanalis and the little boy talking to a group of people with horses and equipment. She stood and listened as a teenage girl called the Fanalis "Morgiana".

She sighed as she began her journey back to Balbadd, 'Damn, Ja'Far's gonna throw a fit when he finds out... not that Masrur will be any better...' she sighed helplessly as she began to walk towards the forest which appeared at the end of the cliff side.

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