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Chapter 3: The Fog Troop!

As Selena and the other three adults were going to a meeting with the king, she had a good look around the city along the way to the castle. She noticed that there were multiple houses with failing structures, there were multiple adults sat against walls or in corners with their children, all in a worse for wear appearance. Selena sighed helplessly as she turned her head towards the castle, scowling as she thought about the 'king' and how his ruling isn't doing anything to help the kingdom.

"Humph, I swear the king is seriously fucked up in the head, how can he just ignore his people like this?!" Selena grit her teeth in anger as they got closer to the castle, attracting the attention of the civilians around them.

As they were walking Selena felt a tug on her dress, resulting in her looking down and seeing a child wearing nothing but rags with a figure as thin as a skeleton. Her heart tugged painfully as the child looked up at her and smiled happily. "Hiya lady, you're really pretty!" she gave him a sad smile in return and bent down to his size, ruffling his hair. "Thank you little one, you're adorable." The child gave her a toothy grin as he ran off down the street. The smile slid off of her face as she turned towards the others who had stopped to wait for her, and gave them a dark look. "If that shit for brains king doesn't do something to help his people soon I'm going to beat his fat little ass all the way to Parthevia and back." Ja'Far gave her an unimpressed look, mainly due to her language since he agreed with her, while Sinbad gave her a sad smile. Masrur's face may not of changed, but she saw the look of concern flash through his eyes as he stared at the young children playing by the bridge, not far from where they were.

"It would be best if we move along now, we shouldn't arrive late to the meeting, the king wouldn't like that, after all" Ja'Far, if ever the voice of reason, suggested. Selena just gave out another helpless sigh as they continued towards the castle again.

. . . . .

Meanwhile with Morgiana and Alibaba...

. . . . .

Aladdin and Morgiana were just given their room by one of the maids in the hotel, as the maid opened the door, Aladdin and Morgiana gave a short gasp of delight as they peered into the room and observed the luxury furniture. There were two beds, both covered with soft, golden covers while there was a second floor like banister above the beds, complete with stairs connected to it. The room was full of an elegant blue and gold combination colour furniture and materials, even the window had a grand appearance.

Aladdin let out a burst of delightful laughter as he catapulted himself onto the bed, bouncing onto it. "Wow! This is amazing! It's so soft too!" He exclaimed as he began to jump up and down on the bed, Morgiana giving a nod of agreement as she sat down on her own bed.

"If you need anything, anything at all, please do not hesitate to ask, we'll provide you with all that you need" The maid said with a smile that was clearly used daily.

"Excuse me, Miss maid, where can we catch a ship to the dark continent?" Aladdin asked her, getting a confused look from the maid while Morgiana looked at him in slight shock. "The dark continent? Oh, do you mean the ships which are travel towards the south? I'm afraid they aren't sailing as of late" the maid gave them a polite, apologetic smile while Aladdin was confused.

"You see, at the moment Balbadd is having a problem with a group of bandits. They appear on dark, foggy nights and attack the merchant ships and homes of well off nobles. They pillage them of their belongs, food, money and clothing, and distribute it to those who live in the slums. Because of this they're seen as chivalrous thieves and are supported by the people fully."

"Oh, I see" Aladdin claimed slightly concerned about what he had heard.

"Things have gotten worse as of late after they declared their new leader, however. They've robbed more and more ships and nobles, causing trades with Sindria and other nations to become impossible. They've even gotten into scuffles with the military lately. It's all because of that new leader."

"New leader?" Morgiana was curious as to who this new king of thieves was exactly and Aladdin sent the maid a curious look, wanting to know who it was as well.

"They call him 'Alibaba the wondrous' he was declared their leader around 6 months ago and since then, Balbadd has suffered even more."

Aladdin and Morgiana gasped in shock as their eyes widened drastically.

. . . . .

. . . . .

As Aladdin and Morgiana were talking to the maid, Sinbad was in the reception room with Selena, Masrur and Ja'Far standing behind him while they were waiting for the king to enter. "Geez, as a king he's not just selfish, he's also late." Selena felt her eye twitch as her patience was running out. Ja'Far, who was on the right side of her, sighed and shook his head. He was about to complain himself when the chamber doors suddenly opened, 2 guards entered and stood beside the doors as a very short, and very fat, man came in the room followed by a much taller and thinner man. The stubby man sat on the chair in front of Sinbad, and gave him a pompous look. Selena felt her eye begin to twitch more and more, until she felt a warm hand press against her left shoulder, looking towards Masrur she saw it was his hand and gave him a small smile of gratitude.

"Uh, Sinbad how have you been, Long time no see, right?" Stubby greeted Sinbad nervously, his voice being high in pitch and already grating on Selena's last nerve. "Let's dispense with the pleasantries, I have but one requirement from you. You must resume trade with Sindria immediately. Just what are you trying to pull? Sindria is an Island nation, trade is crucial for our survival. Are you trying to destroy the relations your father and I fostered?" Sinbad's face was set in cold stone, not giving away any hints of emotion.

"S-sorry but resuming trade is completely impossible. Right now Balbadd has our hands full with urgent domestic issues." The stubby king tried to explain to Sinbad, which didn't sit well with any of them. Sinbad let out a grunt as he began to demand to know what Stubby meant.

"They were just a bunch of petty thieves, but their numbers have grown steadily since they broke into the royal treasury 2 years ago, now they've even acquired some mysterious magical powers and have become a major anti-government force even the military can't handle."

"So, they're chivalrous thieves?" Selena asked silently, although King Abhmad the stubby heard her and scoffed. "Chivalrous thieves my foot, plundering the national treasury only makes the taxes go up, the people are fools." He declared as he shoved his pinky finger up his nostril, causing Selena to growl silently. Sinbad, being blunt as ever stated "Your reputation is terrible" which caused Abhmad to jump up and complain "Hey we can't help that! The Fog Troop just named a real troublemaker as their new leader! It's just my luck, him showing up at a time like this!" Abhmad was about to say more until the other man, identified as Sabhmad jumped up to Abhmad and covered his mouth silencing him. "Stop brother! don't bring him up now!" which effectively silenced stubby's ranting. "A-anyway, the fog Troop has made all trading impossible. If you want trading to resurface then you'll have to get rid of the fog Troop yourself!"

Sinbad, all his patience gone, withdrew his dagger and stabbed the edge of the table declaring boldly "Oh yeah? Are you really so sure about that? I'll vanquish that Fog Troop or whatever they call themselves without the army, on my own, got it?" He settled them with a dark glare as he walked out of the meeting room, Ja'Far, Masrur and Selena following behind, not before Selena gave the king a menacing glare, however.

. . . . .

. . . . .

"Help yourselves, this is a Balbadd specialty, Herb-Grilled Eumura Sea Bream, go ahead and enjoy it!" Sinbad gave them his winning smile as Morgiana and Aladdin looked at the fish in awe and began to eat it. As the two began to eat, Sinbad claimed, "I almost forgot, I haven't introduced you to my subordinates. This is Ja'Far, and this is Masrur, you both already know Selena. Morgiana, this might surprise you, but Masrur here is a Fanalis. You are too, right? You both have the exact same eyes."

Morgiana looked up at Masrur, in shock at meeting another one of her race. Masrur, ever the conversationalist, looked down at the young girl and gave her a nod, greeting her with "Hello there." as to which Morgiana looked away shyly, responding with a quiet 'H-hello"

Ja'Far and Sinbad were talking at the table, about what they were going to do about the Fog Troop situation. While they were discussing that, Morgiana and Aladdin were talking to Masrur and Selena. Masrur was standing up along with Aladdin and Morgiana while Selena was sitting on the wall edge, listening to Aladdin talk to Masrur.

"Hey there, my names Aladdin!" the young bluette exclaimed while Masrur replied with a "Hello".

"You're pretty big aren't you, you're a Fanalis like Morg right?" Masrur, not used to such a cheerful child, stood awkwardly and nodded his head "That's right." while Selena, who was still sat down, started to laugh a bit as she watched Aladdin talk to a man three times his own size. Although she never expected the young boy to turn to her next.

"Hey, Selena, your eyes are two different colours? Wow, they're so pretty!" Selena looked at the young boy and laughed quietly, smiling down at him. "Ah, thank you. Yes, they're different because I'm not really a normal human."

Morgiana was observing Selena, and then decided to ask her a question. "Your strength . . . how did you achieve it?"

Selena looked at her for a few seconds and smiled, standing up and moving to sit on the wall of the balcony. Turning around and looking at the sky as the sun glared down on them harshly, she let out a soft sigh before explaining.

"I got my strength because I'm the next Vulpís. It's practically a race similar to the Magi and Fanalis, only we could only use our strength if we enhanced our powers with magoi. There can only be one Vulpís in the world at a time, the next one can only be chosen if the previous Vulpís either died, or renounced their status whilst surrounded by their grey Ruhk. My country tried to hide me from the world but... it still wasn't enough. Now everyone's gone and I'm the only one left." she left off with a small, sad smile as she stared at the ground. With a sigh, she stood up and gave everyone a gentle smile as jumped up onto the ledge and looked towards the sun."However, I do hope that I'll see someone who was very important to me again one day..." Selena broke of into a quiet laugh, however it seemed to be forced.

Everyone seemed to notice the tension in the air as they stared at Selena worriedly, Aladdin didn't like the way Selena seemed to be depressed so he had an idea. "Hey, Selena! You haven't met my friend Ugo yet, have you? I'll introduce you!" Aladdin picked up his flute and blew into it. Suddenly, two enormous, blue hands appeared from the base of the flute. Ja'Far, who had just taken a mouthful of water, saw the arms and in his shock spat it out, the water just barely missing Sinbad as he turned around and saw Ugo's arms resulting in him letting out a high pitch squeal of shock.

. . . . .

. . . . .

After Aladdin was able to calm everyone down after the shock they went under because of Ugo, they all moved to a passageway under a bridge so that the citizens wouldn't be able to see what they were doing. Instead of just big blue arms appearing out of a flute, Ugo transformed into a giant blue, muscular body. Although Aladdin's flute was in the exact place Ugo's head should of been.

"So, Aladdin, y-you're a Magi too, huh?" Sinbad turned to the little boy after he examined the blue giant, still slightly in shock at the power the young child possessed.

Aladdin turned to Sinbad in a curious manner, "Wait, Mister Sin . . . Does that mean you know about Magi's? Do you know any more?"

"Hm. . . well I do know another Magi, however I wouldn't say we're all that close . . ." Selena after hearing that admission couldn't help but scoff at Sinbad. "That's an understatement, he's always causing trouble for us. The damn bastard. I swear when I next see the pompous ponytail prick I'm gonna . . . " while she was mumbling she trailed off into a sinister, creepy laugh, disturbing everyone around them, except for Masrur, of course.

He found her psychotic tendencies to be endearing.

"A-anyway . . . Aladdin, this" Sinbad started as he gave Ugo a pat on his forearm, "means you are definitely a Magi, no doubt about that. You see, I've been keeping a secret from you and Morgiana up to this point. Since I'm going to tell you about Magi's and all of that, I may as well tell you everything."

Sinbad stopped talking and after at least 2 minutes of waiting he announced, "You see . . . I, am Sinbad!" he struck a pose, expecting both Morgiana and Aladdin to gasp in surprise. However, what he got was much different.

Both Morgiana and Aladdin stood still with looks of confusion etched into their faces. Aladdin even went a step further and asked, "Uh, who is that again?" which gained a look of astonishment from Sinbad as he froze in his pose. "Y-you mean you don't know about me?! You've never heard of the 'Adventures of Sinbad'?!" Judging by the way the purplette was acting, the children not knowing who he was seemed to have taken a blow to his confidence.

After he recovered from his stupefy he shook his head and began to make some dramatic poses "The man of numerous journeys and see voyages, whose adventures spanned the seven seas of the world, who heroically captured seven dungeons and managed to establish his very own country! The master of seven Djinns, conqueror of the seven seas, that's who Sinbad is." He finished it off by striking yet another pose, this time crossing his arms and looking up into the sky while he tried to ignore Selena's and Ja'Far's deadpan stares. As he looked back towards Aladdin the young bluette stuttered out "C-cool . . isn't it?" however, Sinbad didn't handle that very well. He looked towards Aladdin and Morgiana with a comical expression of astonishment while beside them Selena and Ja'Far giggled about it silently.

"L-looks like you're losing your touch, Sin. However, at least now that blow to your huge ego has stopped your head from getting any bigger." Selena was only able to manage one sentence before she collapsed into a fit of laughter as Sinbad turned to her with a dejected expression.

"Y-you're all so cruel . . ." After Sinbad let out a sigh of depression he turned back to Aladdin and began to explain about Magi's. "You see, Aladdin, you've generated enough Magoi to effortlessly keep a Djinn fully materialized. You see Magoi is the energy that's created by the Rukh. Ordinary Humans can only use the Rukh that's inside of them, whilst a Magi has unlimited use of the energy created by many other beings. You're kind of special and loved by the Rukh, yes, Magi's are seriously amazing." As the eldest of the group trailed off he suddenly had an idea. "Hey, since you are so amazing I have a favor to ask of you. You see, you think you could help me capture the thieves who've thrown this country into an uproar?" As Sinbad had finished Ja'Far immediately interrupted him, "Wait, Sin, we need to discuss this first, are you really planning on involving these children?" Sin turned to Ja'Far and crossed his arms, obviously not backing down. "What are you worried about? Aladdin is a Magi, isn't he?" That clearly didn't impress Ja'Far.

Selena could sense the frustration oozing from the shorter man's being so she decided to step in, "Sin, he may be a Magi, but he is still just a child and children have no place in a battle." Her fist clenched as even thinking about a child being forced to fight made her blood boil.

While Ja'Far and Selena were protesting to Sinbad, Aladdin was thinking about what the maid had told him and Morgiana, "His name is Alibaba the wondrous" 'Could it be . . . no, it can't be. Alibaba would never join thieves! Hm, the thieves are ruining lives . . . I can't just do nothing.' The youngster turned to Morgiana and asked her "What do you think, Morg?"

Morgiana looked at Aladdin in slight bewilderment due to her not being used to having the freedom to choose what she wanted. She began to think about Goltas and how he had wanted her to return to her country, she thought about the parents she couldn't remember, the land she never knew. Morgiana wanted nothing more than to return to her homeland but she knew that the only way to return would to travel by boat, which is impossible because of the Fog Troop. Morgiana knew that if the Fog Troop goes away then the ships will be able to sail again, meaning she could go home. The young Fanalis turned to Aladdin and gave him a nod of approval.

Aladdin nodded back at her and turned to the two arguing men, smiling at them "We'll help you guys" the young Magi told them, silencing their argument. Sinbad turned towards him and gave him a spectacular smile, declaring "Sounds good, Okay, let's try to come up with a strategy, and you, Morgiana, I'd like for you to wait at the hotel for us. I know you're strong but I just couldn't ask a young girl like you to fight." Sinbad stated as he gripped Morgiana's shoulders and began to push her towards the hotel, missing the look of mild shock which appeared on her face.

As Sin was guiding her back to the hotel, Morgiana stamped her foot on the floor, causing a crater to form, turning her head around with a pout on her face she murmured "I'm going to fight with you", Sinbad, with a comical look of fear squeaked out "Yes ma'am" while Selena snickered in amusement.

. . . . .

. . . . .

The group of 6 were now sat in Sinbad's hotel room, planning on what they would do next. Ja'Far was sat on a single seat holding a map of Balbadd, with two locations currently being picked out among the rest.

"I believe that the Fog Troop will strike either the mansion of an aristocrat, who happens to a be wealthy merchant, or Haldew a noblemen" While Sinbad asked "what makes you so sure?"

Ja'Far began to explain how he decided on these two locations, "I've been secretly releasing falsified information on the military strategic movements, there seems to be fog Troop sympathizers within the government, who've been lending secret support to the thieves, apparently the Fog Troop's rising popularity is reaching far beyond our expectations" Sinbad sat back releasing a heavy sigh.

"So they're even in the government, huh . . ." Selena muttered, looking at the map. "I have to say, I can see why you'd decide on those places Ja'Far. The Fog Troop would go after noblemen with quite a lot of money and little to no guards to make things easier for them, due to the members most likely have limited knowledge on combat which would of course make fighting the military off that much harder . . . while they have those 'magical powers' we heard about there's a possibility that handling the military and having to control their powers at the same time might prove to be too much for them, thus why they'd have it easier by attacking lowly guarded noblemen at night." Selena sat back with a sigh, when she looked up she saw everyone look at her with disbelief, almost as if they didn't expect her to think about things to much. Pouting, she complained, "Oh come on, I'm not just a pretty face with brute strength, ya' know!" turning away she began to sulk slightly until she felt Masrur give her a gentle pat on the head, prompting her to look up and give him a small smile.

"Okay, if you're both done with your romantic moment, we really should prepare to head to our stations" Sinbad declared, while flinching slightly at the heated glare Selena sent his way. "Ja'Far. You, Morgiana and Aladdin will head towards the merchants manor while Masrur, Seli and myself will guard the Aristocrats mansion, understood?"

Everyone gave a nod of confirmation as they stood up and went to their rooms to prepare for what was going to be a long, busy night.

. . . . .

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