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tentaclecat: while Neo is a great warrior, mister Colbert would have years of combat experience, not to mention, Neo was very confused. Put yourself in her shoes: you've just been sucked into weird portal and been taken from wherever you are to a place full of weirdly dressed people who don't speak a lick of English. then, add the pain of being branded and suddenly, you're very vulnerable.

Student: When you said that aura was in the red zone, it doesn't mean that it cant be used, it just means that she has to be careful until it replenishes. Also, don't forget, Aura is sustained by a persons soul. the only way to remove it is to tear out their soul, like what Ozpin tried to do with Amber the fall maiden.

Ridli Scott: While I agree, Neo's clothing isn't exactly 'normal' peasant clothing, it definitely looks different to noble clothing, especially since their clothing is based off of 18th century French nobles. So, I'll stick with her being a peasant for now.

It was later that night that the girl finally woke up again. She stirred slowly, fingers twitching, before her eyes shot open, and she sat bolt upright. She looked about the room she was in and frowned. "So, you're finally awake." The girl twisted around to look at Louise. The mage frowned and said, "I've thought about it long enough to get an ulcer. But I've given up. I'm going to have you as my familiar." She started to walk to the other side of the room. "Be honoured."

The brightly coloured familiar stood and opened her mouth but no sound came out as Louise started to undress. She gathered up her clothes and threw them at the smaller girl. "Wash those. Even if you don't appear to speak our language, a familiar can understand that much."

The girl stared blankly at the clothes, and then looked up at the owner questioningly. "You don't even understand your master's orders? If she can't understand an order, she's worse than a dog." An idea came to her. "Unless…" she picked up her wand. "Let's see. Ansur Ver Ang. Notice the tracks, and answer my requests!"

There was an explosion and the girl was knocked back. She stood up and raised her umbrella, but Louise was too distracted to notice. "That wasn't supposed to happen. What went wrong?" but the other girl suddenly raised her head in surprise, almost… recognition. Louise noticed this. "Did it work? Can you understand me?" the girl nodded in understanding.

"Say something!" said Louise. The girl pointed to her mouth and shook her head. "Did I accidently cast silence on you?"

The girl shook her head again. She looked around and saw a piece of parchment and a quill nearby. She picked it up and started to write. "Hey! What are you doing? I need that!" The other girl ignored her and finished writing. She lifted the note and handed it to Louise. The note read: [I can't speak. I was never able to. Now will you tell me what is going on here?]

Louise looked up. "I summoned you of course. As a familiar."

[A familiar?] Was the response. The girl looked at her hand. [What's this for?]

Louise spent the next hour and a half explaining everything to her familiar. "Now do you understand?" she asked. The mute girl frowned, but nodded.

She wrote on her parchment: [So, this is the kingdom of Tristain, on the continent of Halkeginia. And you are a student at the Institute of Magic.]

Louise nodded and then frowned. "I won't allow a familiar to call me 'you'. My name is Louise. Louise de la Vallière. What is your name?"

[Neopolitan] was the answer.

"Neopolitan?" Louise struggled to get her mouth around the strange name.

[Just call me Neo.]


[So, Louise, I'm this familiar that you summoned, and I'm supposed to follow you and do stuff for you. Forever.]

Louise let out an irritated puff. "Why is my familiar a mute peasant? I wanted something cool, like a dragon, or a griffon. But no! Instead I get stuck with you!" She turned to see her familiar, Neo, sitting perfectly still. Not even a muscle was twitching. Louise gently poked the girl, only to have her shatter into a million tiny pieces and vanish. She gasped and looked around to see the door open. A flicker of white vanished behind it. "A familiar that ran away?" Louise shot to her feet and chased after her.

Line break

Neo was having a bad day. It had begun with the Battle of Beacon. She had infiltrated an Atlas airship and defeated everyone inside, then busted Roman free so he could have free reign. That in itself wasn't too bad, but then things took a turn for the worse when Roman's enemy, that annoying girl with the hood, boarded the air ship and fought them. She had almost beaten her when the annoying little brat opened Neo's umbrella, sending her flying through the air. Then, as she was thrown about by the air currents like a rag doll, some sort of oval appeared in midair and swallowed her whole!

She had woken in the middle of a field, surrounded my strangely dressed people speaking a weird language. Then, one of them kissed her! And caused something to be branded onto her hand. It all culminated in a losing battle against a guy with a staff and waking up on a pile of hay in a lavishly decorated room.

And now, she was expected to have to do mundane things like some sort of unpaid servant. No. she wouldn't stand for it. These people were obviously even more insane then Neo herself.

The ice cream-themed girl ran down a spiral staircase and into a hall. In the middle of the hall, a blond boy and a girl were talking, obviously flirting. Neo tried to sneak past them, but to no avail. The girl spotted her. "Isn't that the peasant Louise summoned?

'Oh, crap' thought Neo.

"In today's ritual?" asked the brunette girl. "I caused quite a stir among the first year students as well."

"She had attacked Mister Colbert and was knocked out by him, so it was quite troublesome for us." He looked directly ay Neo's retreating backside. "Hold on, you. A peasant putting a noble to trouble, and not even a word of thanks?" Neo turned around and shrugged at him. Suddenly she heard hurried footsteps from above her. Her eyes went wide and she fled, running down the hallway.

Louise reached the bottom of the stairs, a murderous look on her face. "Louise, your familiar just passed by," Guiche said.

"Catch her. She ran away"

"A familiar with whom you sealed a contract? Nothing less from your familiar, Louise. Common sense doesn't apply to it."

"Don't be impressed by it, help me!"

"I've no choice," said Guiche.

Neo ran out into a courtyard, past two people sitting by a fountain.

'There, an exit' thought the mute girl. She took off towards it. Behind her, she heard the voice of the girl who claimed to have summoned her.

"Oh. She's over there!"

"Right!" came the voice of the boy Neo had passed earlier.

"What are you guy's doing?" Kirche asked.

"Oh just listen to this," Guiche started, but Louise interrupted him.

"Knock it off. She's getting away."

Neo reached a small set of stairs and leapt off, before she started to run across the grounds. But before she could go more than a few meters, she felt a large gust of wind wrap around her and lift her up. She struggled in midair, but was helpless.

A voice below her said, "Just give yourself up. This is the second time I've held you up." She was thrown about like a rag doll a few times. 'Is this for real?' Neo wondered.

Then she looked up at the moon. Or rather, moons. There were two.

Line break


[Yes, that's right.] It was an hour later. Louise was in her room, as was her mute familiar. Said familiar had found her paper again and was explaining were she was from. She wrote: [Until now, I was on Remnant, in Vale.] She neglected to mention that she was trying to destroy vale, but that information wasn't necessary.

"I don't believe you." Was the response. "That there is another world. It's impossible."

The umbrella wielder thought for a moment then had an idea. [If I didn't come from another world, then explain this.] She reached into her pocket and drew out her scroll.

"What's that?" despite her annoyance, her interest was piqued. Neo smiled and pressed a button. The scroll opened, displaying the transparent glass screen. She tapped it a few times and opened up the game Angry Nevermores. She shot a giant nevermore across the screen at a group of boarbatusks, before closing it. She opened another app, and music started playing.

Louise looked shocked but managed to hold herself together and said, "that's obviously a magic item. I don't know why you would want it, but that's what it is.


[Alright, what about this. Look at my eyes.]

The mage looked up and frowned. "Weren't… weren't your eye colours reversed? I'm sure of it." The familiar blinked and her eyes changed again, this time her right eye was brown and her left eye was… "White? How did you do that?" the mute girl's eyes changed again, turning bright green, and then purple, and then, just to show of it seems, multi-coloured.

Then she stood up and her entire body shimmered. A wave of energy rose over her and everywhere it passed changed. When it had passed, she was wearing a black and white frilly blouse with a skirt and a white belt. Even her hair had changed, going from pink, white and brown, to black pigtails. (AN: Think of her disguise from the Vytal tournament.) She bowed and then changed back to her standard clothes.

Louise was flabbergasted. "What… how did you… what?" she seemed to be struggling to find words. "How did you do that? Can you teach me?"

Neo shook her head. [Sorry, can't teach you. But that's beside the point. Can you send me back home?]

"Impossible." The pinkette turned and started to get undressed into her nightgown. "It doesn't matter who you are and where you're from. The contract is absolute. Besides, even if I wanted to, I don't know what to do. It was a miracle that I was able to summon you at all. Now, go to sleep. I have classes tomorrow and I need you to wake me up on time."

She snapped her fingers and all the candles in the room turned out. She then threw her clothing at Neo, who managed to catch it. "Now wash those. When you wake me in the morning, you must prepare my clothing as well." Without another word she turned around and lay down on her bed. She fell asleep within moments.

Neo let out an irritated puff. She picked up Louise's clothes and left the room. She may as well wash them. This is going to be a long night, she thought. As she walked down the hallway, she bumped into someone. They fell, the other person giving an audible "oof" sound.

"Ahh… ow. Sorry." The other girl said. The girl quickly got up. "I'm sorry. Can you forgive me?"

Neo thought for a moment and then nodded. She would not be stabbing this one. She looked at the girl in front of her. She had black hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a blouse and a long dress and had a frilly headpiece on. She was a maid. "Hello. I am Siesta." The girl frowned. "I, don't think I've seen you before. Are you… no wait I remember now! You're that commoner familiar that was summoned by Louise. News about you has already spread. They say that you attacked a teacher! Is that true?"

Neopolitan smiled and nodded. An idea came to her then. She reached her free hand into her pocket and took out her scroll again. She turned it on started to type a message. [Yes, I am the familiar of Louise. Can you do something for me?] Upon seeing the maid nod, she wrote; [Can you please wash these for me? They belong to Louise.]

"Of course. I will wash these right away." Siesta said. "Is there anything else I can help you with?"

Neo shook her head. She turned around and then walked off. She turned right at the next corner, deciding that, if she was going to live here for a while, she may as well know where she was going. Unfortunately, she bumped into yet another person as she turned a corner. 'These halls are surprisingly crowded' she thought. It wasn't until she stood up again that she realized who she had bumped into.

It was him, the man from that morning, the one she had fought. The man noticed as well. Shock was on his face for a split second before he stepped back. The two reached for their weapons, only to realize they were both unarmed. Neo cursed internally, how could she have forgotten her umbrella? The two stared daggers at each other before the man spoke.

"I don't want to hurt you again. And seeing as we are both unarmed, it would probably be a bad idea to start brawling. Agreed?"

Neo scowled but nodded all the same. She knew when she was outmatched. If she was to take on this man again, she might not win.

The man looked pleased. "I think we may have gotten off on the wrong foot this morning. I am Mister Colbert. Pleased to meet you. What is your name?"

Neo typed on her scroll. [My name is Neopolitan. But you can call me Neo.]

The teacher nodded but then frowned. "Wait, why are you writing that down?

[Because I can't speak. My voice doesn't work.]

"Oh, I see. So you write things down. But there has to be an easier way of communicating then that."

[There is. It is called sign language. It involves using hand signs and movements. It can take a while to learn, but it means I can 'talk' to people, so to say.]

"Interesting. Would you be willing to teach me this, 'sign language'?"

Neo nodded. "Excellent. I'm afraid that you will have to teach me another time though. I really must get going. Good evening." With that the balding teacher turned the corner and was gone.

Neo waited a few seconds to make sure she was alone and then turned around to return to her room. She felt like she had a big day ahead of her. If only she knew of what was to come.

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