To my Dear Readers.

The first thing I would like to do is extend an apology for just leaving the story as it was- unfinished. However, for those who though this was a new chapter, I'm afraid I must dash your hopes once again, for this is not an update.

Rather, it seems several of you didn't like the way the story was reading, how I was portraying neo,etc. and I must say, I agree. Which is why, until further notice this story is going on indefinite hiatus until I can re-write it properly. Fear not, for it shall be back, I just need time to take into consideration your thoughts and opinions on the matter from the reviews you have left me.

And for those who are also following my other story, Elder Remnants, don't worry, there will be another chapter out soon, count on it.

All I ask is that you are considerate and patient while I write this up.


The Kitty Killer