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"Stop!" Makarov yelled.

"Why?" Ignis and Erza asked.

"Because Erza's magic relies on weapons and Armor sets" Makarov said and she only has what she has

now and a single sword." Makarov said.

"I guess I can see that, so want to get to know each other normally?" Ignis asked

"What?, oh yeah sure." Erza said.

"Ok i'll tell you everything about me and you'll tell me everything about you?" Ignis asked.

"Sure" Erza said.

"Ok i'll go first. My name is Ignis Dragneel, older brother of Natsu Dragnee." Ignis said.

"Ok then onwards many years ago two people fell for each other the first one was cursed by the god of life and death ankhseram the other was a pure soul who cast a forbidden spell to join the first and these two were...mine and natsu's parents, Zeref Dragneel the black mage and Mavis vermillion first guild master of fairy tail" Ignis said right afterwards Erza attacked Ignis in a fury in which Ignis caught the slash with a black lightning covered fist and said "let me finish my story before trying to kill me and also…" as ignis was talking a very dark and oppressive feeling came over erza "If you try to harm natsu your life is forfeit" Ignis calmly said.

"now fast forward a few years later I was born with the color of my great grandmother's hair, and then fast forward three more years later natsu was born with the color of my grandmother's and then fast forward a few more years and we have returned from training with Igneel king of fire dragons and I can't tell you my mentor's name yet." Ignis said.

"Why?" Erza asked suspiciously.

"Because even natsu doesn't know his name" Ignis said while erza blinked in surprise.

"Now back to the story…We came home to see our father possessed by some dark entity fighting our mother" Erza gasped.

"You know this entity as the zeref you fear" Ignis said with so much rage that black lightning was arcing off of his body.

"when she saw his gaze see us she in a last ditch effort froze her body to send us years in the future to keep us safe and that's how we came to this but on top of that she gave me one last gift this tiny tattoo of the guild mark on the back of my neck gives me the power to summon Library of the fairies giving me the power to summon books on all forms of magic." Ignis said.

"That's a lot to take in and I guess this shows i'm not the only one with a tragic past." Erza said with sorrow.

"I know now onto the lighter stuff my likes are chocolate, fights, protecting my friends and loved ones, just having a good time in general, and thunderstorms. My dislikes are demons, the dark entity, and mine and the guilds enemies. Hobbies i'd have to say fighting, sleeping and cooking. My dream is to free my father and to become guild master." Ignis said.

"What about you?" Ignis asked

"My name is Erza scarlet, I have long since forgotten what my parents were and I was once a slave at a place called the 'Tower of Heaven' Zeref worshippers raided my village killing all the adults and kidnapping the children, during my time there I made friends with some children there one was Jellal who gave me my last name Scarlet, Simon, wally, Millianna and Sho but along with them was a kidnapped member of Fairy Tail that I called 'Uncle Rob' these were the people that made it all bearable and recently we did a revolt after I was captured and freed by jellal after they took one of my eyes and so I started said revolt to free him when we were leaving Jellal turned evil and he kicked me out of the tower and blew up the ships after I was forced to leave he likely lied to everyone about me." Erza said.

"So we share similar stories as both of our lives were screwed over by the dark entity." Ignis said.

"What do you mean by that?" Erza said.

"I mean if my father was never possessed the tower would never have been built and none of that would have ever happened but at least we met each other out of all the madness" Ignis said.

"I can't really have likes, dislikes, hobbies or dreams for the future because I have yet to truly experience any of those." Erza said.

"Want to form a team?" Ignis asked.

"What kind of team?" Erza asked.

"A team of me, you, and Natsu to take jobs and adventure together" Ignis said.

"Ok and what should we do now?" Erza asked.

"I don't know build our strength and arsenal for the next couple months and then go out on some jobs?" Ignis said.

"Yeah ok now let's go check on Natsu" Erza said.

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