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The one natsu

"GAHHHH" screamed a salmon haired boy

"NATSU" screamed a red haired girl and a blonde haired one

"hey Wendy you ok" asked a raven-haired boy

"I'm fine grey what about natsu" said the girl known as Wendy

"I'm fine just-" the boy now known as natsu said as his eye widened

"what erza, lucy what's wrong with him" said grey

"I don't know what did master hades do" erza asked

"I did nothing but I want to tell you something" hades said

"what" said lucy

"I DANCE WITH MAGIC" he yelled laughing manacle

Just then they here a small chuckle from natsu

"you dance with magic" natsu said as he looked up "you're the last person to dance with me"

"With you" everyone said

"no mater magic bullets: pircing shot" hades said as he shot magic at natsu who just smiled

Then everyone saw the magic flying right into natsu hand

"I have more power than your hole guild in my left picky finger" he said as he lifted his pinky finger to see that what he said was true

"now that was only my pinky finger now what about my whole body" said natsu

"who are you" said hades in shock

"well you dance with magic you tell me who I am" natsu said

"I don't know" said hades as he thought "no you're not… you can't be"

"But it's true" said natsu "I'm the ONE MAGIC"

End of chapter one