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Eragon looked around the circular courtroom, easily noticing the ones who gave him hateful stares or the cold look of the elves. His three students along with their dragons stood to his right, ready to defend him when necessary. The only other person on his side of the room was Angela the Herbalist, surprisingly another person who had volunteered to defend him at a moment's notice.

On the left side of the courtroom were a good portion of nobles from Illirea and other major cities, including the elven and dwarves cities and even the Urgal villages.

And in front of him stood the ones who would decide his and Saphira's fate. All the major leaders and rulers of Alagaesia sat behind a half circle table. The leaders ranging from his foster brother Orik, to the Earl of Palancar Valley, Roran.

"Is your name Eragon Bromsson?" A voice on the right side of the U shaped table asked. Queen Nasuada.

Eragon angled his head, "Is it?"

Nasuada sighed. "Now is not the time to play games Eragon, now answer the question."

Eragon clenched his jaw and answered in affirmative.

"And are you twenty-four years of age?"

"I sure hope so," Eragon answered again.

"Are you a Dragon Rider?"

"Either that or this is a really funky looking scar."

"Did you kill Galbatorix?"

"Unless I have a very flawed memory, yes I did."

"Are you the leader of the Dragon Riders?"

"Man I sure hope it isn't Murtagh."

"Do you have three students whose names are Ferran, Ilicane, and Brokk?"


"And have the students previously mentioned completed their training?"

"Unless they have secretly trained under another Shur'tugal, then no."

Nasuada gave him a stern glare.

"Did you kill thousands of innocent lives and obliterate leagues of land into ruin?"

This time Eragon spoke with more conviction than he had before. "No."

Nasuada sighed. "And will you continue to remain in your stance of innocence?"

"I see no other reason not to considering it is the truth," Eragon retorted.

"As you say, and now I believe it is time for the defendant's companions to speak for him. And I believe your three protégée are going to speak for you today?" Nasuada inquired with no small amount of disdain.

"That is correct," Eragon replied.

"You're Majesty, if I may object," the prosecutor said, standing. Eragon was honestly not surprised that the prosecutor was Lord Dathedr, one of the most cunning of elves and one who could easily twist Eragon's words into lies, which he would no doubt do.

"You may," Nasuada allowed.

"The defendant has been training these three of his companions for the past five years, and could have easily subjected their minds towards his will. It is unfair for him to force these poor souls into defending a guilty man, and even if they have not been indoctrinated by the defendant, then their opinion is still far too biased as they are his students," Lord Dathedr said with false concern for his poor students.

"Motion approved, the defendant's three protégée will not be able to defend their teacher due to the possibility of biasism," Nasuada accepted without a moment's hesitation.

"Hang on just a moment," Eragon objected, slightly raising his hand, as if asking a question. "Isn't the whole reason of defending someone is because you are biased towards that person?"

The court continued to move about as if Eragon hadn't said a word.

Did Dathedr just diminish our greatest chance of being proven innocent? Saphira asked within his mind.

I am afraid so, for the only person who can testify for us is Angela, Eragon finished grimly.

"Biasism they may be subjected to, but I am not!" Angela announced loudly as she stepped forward. "Angela the Herbalist here to defend Eragon Shadeslayer Your Majesty."

Eragon wanted to snort at Angela's use of the word 'Majesty', as mocking as it was. Angela had never regarded authority in her life, and he doubted she would do so now.

Before anyone could so much as utter a word, Angela began to plow his defense. "Eragon here was born and raised as a farmhand outside the small village of Carvahall, not even a man when he found Saphira's egg. Eragon fled the town with his father and his dragon to hunt down the Ra'zac for the crime they had comminted against his uncle. Before he knew it, his father had died and he was dragged into a war he didn't ask to be a part of. He was a rather innocent and young man to be the spearhead of a rebellious group, yet he took the role anyway despite the lack of confidence from the humans and the humor of the elves who thought him incompetent. Not many believed in him, yet what did he do? He freed all of Alagaesia by killing Galbatorix, and in the process slaying a Shade, doing what everyone thought he was unable to do. Does this honestly sound like the actions of a man who would consciously murder thousands of people and burn a country to the ground?" Nasuada opened her mouth to speak, but Angela interrupted her before she could speak.

"That's right, it does not sound like the man who would do such a thing, thank you for agreeing with me. So why is he being charged with these ridiculous crimes that he couldn't possibly have committed?" Angela ended with a slight huff.

Eragon honestly didn't know whether to feel honored that she defended him as such, or slightly insulted. He decided to feel both.

"Yes, thank you for statement Angela," Nasuada said with a fake smile. "Now that the defense statements are out of the way, would the prosecutor like to add any final remarks?"

"I think I shall my lady," Lord Dathedr said, laying on the flattery. "Eragon here is only a mere twenty-four years old, a child by my standards. And yet somehow, by a mixture of luck and mainly due to my gracious Queen was he able to kill the vile Shade. The matter of killing Galbatorix and his dragon was not entirely his doing was it?"

"Of course not, I had help –" Eragon began to say.

"Aha! That is it right there. He had help. Just like with the Shade in Tronjheim, and just like with Galbatorix. There's no way he could have done those things on his own," Dathedr stated.

"Oh I'm sorry for not stepping aside and letting Dathedr walk into Galbatorix's palace and kill the mad king. My apologies for not standing aside and letting Dathedr rescue his now Queen from Gil'ead when all his people were doing at the time was hiding in their precious forests! My apologies for not standing aside and letting the mighty Dathedr kill the Shade that had tortured and raped his princess! Oh wait, hang on a moment, If I had stood aside, then who else would have done it? Would you have done it Dathedr, when you were hiding in your tree house as Tronjheim was being assaulted? Would you have waltzed into Galbatorix's throne room with us as you hid inside your tent 'healing from a previous wound'," Eragon countered. He hadn't even realized he had stood up during his tirade.

Calm down little one, yelling and shouting isn't going to help anyone. Saphira said, consoling him.

Maybe, but it made me feel better, Eragon replied.

"As I was saying," Dathedr continued with a slightly flushed face and clearing his throat, "Eragon himself is a weak person, unable to do anything without guidance. And as Angela said, he was a young 'man' as you call him expected to lead a war. And you are very right, he did lead the war. However, he was naught but a child. He saw men slaughter each other, bodies torn apart, and after all these years, do you really think a child could have gone through that without being scarred?"

Many of the humans now in the audience were shaking their heads with sorrow, almost pity looking at Eragon,

"So it would make sense if this war hero was anguished, perhaps even angry, at the people who made him lead a war? Would this not seem logical? His mind driven to the edge, and he was so angry, and so he lashed out in the only way he knew how. Battle. He fought and killed and burned down your homes, because he blamed you. Thank you my lady, that is all."

Nasuada sat at the table, seeming very pleased with Dathedr's statement. "Now, if that is all, I think it is time we made a decision as a people. Nar Garzhvog?"

The Kull hesitated for a slight moment before answering. "Guilty."

Eragon's hands turned into fists at the first vote, but surely not many would think him guilty, for most were his closest of friends.

And so Nasuada moved to the next leader. "Lord Risthart of Teirm?"


Well that really wasn't much of a surprise, for the man didn't like Eragon anyway.

"Lady Lorana of Feinster?"


"Lord Marcus Tábor of Dras-Leona?"


He should have expected that. Eragon did blast apart the city's gates during the war.

"Lord Roran Stronghammer of Carvahall?"

Eragon watched with dismay as Roran seemed to fight an internal battle within himself before speaking so low not many could hear. "Guilty."

Nasuada seemed satisfied with Roran's answer, and Eragon could not help the feeling of throttling his older cousin come into his mind. But he knew it, he knew no one was going to help him now.

"King Orik of the Dwarves?"

Eragon stared at his foster-brother, silently pleading him to declare him innocent, for it only took one vote for the whole trial to be reconsidered.

But Orik did not appear to be his savior, for his answer was plain and short, yet you could hear the silent tears being withheld. "Guilty."

Eragon's tight grip underneath the table sent cracks sprawling throughout the wood.

"I myself vote Eragon guilty," Nasuada said, seemingly confident that nothing else would interfere with her trial, until she remembered the last of the judges. "Queen Arya of the Elves?"

And Eragon's hope was rekindled. The woman he loved, the one who had fought by his side during the war and was a fellow dragon rider. She would not believe that he had performed any of these actions.

And when she answered without hesitation, a deep and dark anger grew in his heart. "Guilty."

What made him to most upset was the tone she spoke in. Not the mental battle of Roran, or the reluctance of Orik, or even the hesitation of Nar Garzhvog, but in the sick and cold monotone voice that she used.

His family had betrayed him to the farthest extent imaginable.

Eragon and Saphira watched sickeningly as the men and women on the other side of the courtroom broke into smug smiles, minus the elves of course, who showed no emotion whatsoever.

Nasuada cleared her throat before proudly speaking. "The court of law has spoken, and hereby Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Brightscales shall be appointed for the rest of eternity in the Elseworld."

Every eyebrow on the judge panel was raised and some of the humans even let out a loud or slight gasp, all besides Nasuada, who with a wave of her hand summoned two dozen magicians, human magicians.

Strange, there is no possible way a human magician can send me to the Elseworld. What is Nasuada thinking? He thought to Saphira.

He heard Saphira mentally sigh. I myself do not know, but despite Nasuada's obvious foolishness in charging us, it would seem that she knows what she is doing in this matter.

"Eragon Shadeslayer, rise," Nasuada ordered. Eragon hated taking orders from anyone, but given the fact that he didn't have a choice, he did so anyway. "Magicians, if you will please begin the spell."

And then they began to chant. It was the Ancient Language yes, but not the one that he had learned. It was almost as if it was a diferent dialect, or a much older, darker form of the language.

Eragon attempted to reach out his mind towards the men and women performing the spell, yet remembered that he had previously been drugged so that no magic could escape his lips. With a growl of frustration, Eragon whispered his only salvation. The Name of Names. It was impossible for him to forget that one Word. The dullness surrounding his mind vanished instantly, and he reached out his mind towards the shackles that bound his hands and silently undid the lock. As fast as possible, he flung the shackles towards Lord Dathedr, the closest elf to him at the moment, and leaped towards the nearest magician shouting, "BRISINGR!"

He heard a rattle and then loud crash as a flaming sword flew into the courtroom and into Eragon's right hand. He nearly brought the sword down on one of the magician's heads, cutting off their spell, but a sharp pain had erupted within the pit of his stomach, and he heard the twang of an arrow being released from its string.

He had been too late, and he felt and listened as the arrow pierced his upper right rib cage, penetrating a lung. But right before he hit the floor and the arrow would be shoved further through his body, the room disappeared as did the clamor of noise and the chanting of "magicians."

Unfortunately, he did land on a ground, although this one was full of sand and not the polished wood like in the courtroom.

Eragon managed to roll over onto his back and looked at the sky, groaning at the pain that hit his body, wondering where he could possibly be in Alagaesia. That was until the sun hit his body. It was not Alagaesia's sun, which was a bright ball of white in the sky, this one was a boisterous yellow. He was no longer in Alagaesia.

He was in Elseworld.

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