A/N: This wouldn't leave me alone, until I write it down.

Ever since Takeshi could remember, he dreamt about her. Being a child of two cultures with deep superstitions and spirituality, his family took it as a sign. His grandmother, his father's mother, believes that perhaps, he is dreaming about his previous life and his mother believes that he is dreaming about the girl he's destined for. His brothers scoffed at his nonsense but as years went by, the dreams continued.

She has such a temper and a wild hair to go with it, but somehow, he knew that she is a very loving woman. In his dreams, both he and she were in a different time and in a seeming different country than the one he or she was born to. He knew that somehow she didn't belong there but she stayed and did not try to leave, just because of him.

He was fascinated by her; her brilliance, wisdom, determination and her loyalty. Somehow, he knew that she is utterly helpless in the kitchen and even worse at sewing, traits that should make for a horrible wife of those days. Yet, in his eyes she was perfect. The fascination he had for her, grew into affection and then to love. She was more than just his wife; she was his better half, his companion and his closest friend. She accompanied him and encouraged him in all of his endeavors and believed in him even if her ideas clashes with his.

He dreamt of consulting with her, of her telling him of the holes in his plans, his worst critic and biggest supporter in one; as he held her in his arms while they lie on a bed they share. He dreamt of sons, one that they chose and two of their own. He knew that he wished for a daughter but she never came. He knew of her hopes of peace and how different they believe it could come about. He dreamt of a rustic farm, scholarly life, of magic, of care and of hearth and home. He knew that she was all of this.

Too bad, she didn't exist.

He spent most of his waking hours looking for the very same traits he saw in her. There had been crushes, girlfriends and even lovers, but he couldn't find it in himself to tie himself to them, just in case the improbably happens and he comes across her. When the loneliness overwhelms him, he would find

girls similar to her and pretend. But they could never stack up to her. There was almost something missing. His mother is in despair as he is now 27 years old and has yet to find a serious relationship. She had even taken to telling him not to wait for his dream girl as she might never come.

However, his father would tell his mother off from nagging him as he is still young for a man and has a lot of time for relationships. Besides, his lack of attention on girls enabled him to do well in his studies and earned him scholarships and at just 24 years of age he had even attained his doctorate degree on a full scholarship at Harvard, where he now works as faculty.

Barring religion and the culture that springs from it, America is not really that much different from Japan, in his perspective. People and language might be the same but as Japan becomes more and more Westernized, the difference becomes smaller. It is also easy for him to "hook up" with a random girl, every once in a while, given the shallow almost purely physical center of relationships in this country.

His brother had just gotten married, his much younger brother at that. This had him thinking that perhaps, he ought to give up on his dream girl and just "settle down". His mother had been trying to introduce him to daughters of her friends, some going even as young as 18 years of age. While, he had no intention of being with a barely legal girl, this lends his mother a wide range of "candidates" for him to marry.

With these thoughts in mind, he walked into the nearest coffee shop from his office, intending to just grab a coffee and then perhaps have a talk with his mother over his change of heart. But before he could even get in line, cold coffee was splashed all over his pretty pricey suit. He looked up, intending to scold the careless person but was struck by what he saw. It was her! She is the girl from his dream, right down to the frizzy hair and as he heard her apologize, even her voice is the same. He took in her appearance, an oasis in the dessert he had long been in. "I'm so sorry!" She apologized, trying to wipe his suit with a piece of tissue she was holding.

He shook his head. He couldn't help it but he grinned. She then looked at him, seemingly stunned. He had to say something, make her stay with him. "This is not a pick up line, I assure you. But I feel like I've known you for a lifetime." He said, forcing himself to speak as he found her mere presence a miracle. She looked at him with deep emotions in her eyes. "No, I understand what you mean. I feel the same way too." She answered with the same breathlessness he was sure he was feeling.

He didn't mind his ruined suit, he would ruin all of his suits for her and he ignored the mess of coffee she spilt in their midst as he extended his hand to her. 'Please don't let her be a mirage.' He said in a silent prayer. "I'm Takeshi Yamamoto. I teach Japanese Studies, and you are?" He asked. The girl took his offered hand and shook it. "I'm Hermione Granger, I'm a graduate student." She answered. He smiled at that, at least she's not from his department and he wouldn't have to wait too long to pursue her. "I lost you your coffee, would you like to have coffee with me?" He asked and she smiled sheepishly before nodding. He might be soaked with coffee, but in finally finding her, he felt like the luckiest man alive.