A/N: Before you get mad at me for the racial slurs and stereotyping, I'm going out on the limb here and tell you that I'm Asian. I only placed it here for the story. I don't intend to offend anyone. This story is by the Creepy Pasta entitled, "Dear Abby".

Hermione and Takeshi barely worked on anything together but after Hermione finished her master's degree and started working on her doctorate, Takeshi helped inspire her in writing about the Heian Period of Japan and the power of the Fujiwara clan, explaining that the transition of power was brought about by the necessity of the times. Takeshi took great joy in teaching his fiancée how to read and speak Japanese while she helped him learn how to read old Chinese better as it was the language at the courts of Heian era. She took to visiting him at his college more often.

People warned Hermione that couples who see each other more often tend to grow tired of each other. Instead of doing that, she felt a sense of belonging and completeness as they set about their first joint paper, in readiness for a history conference in Europe. Everything was perfect in their own little world that they did not see that there were those who envied them in their closeness.

John Sullivan, is a Japanophile who is addicted to Japanese culture. He is just 34 years old and is an associate professor who is just a bit older than Takeshi. He had always been jealous of the attention that the Japanese Studies "Star" Professor has. He had been in line for the promotion as full time faculty before the f #$ing chink got it! It's not John's fault that he wasn't born Japanese. Besides the guy isn't completely Japanese, he's a half Taiwanese! The girls of the department, both students and their fellow faculty went nuts for the guy, who barely pays any of them attention as he seemed to think too highly of himself. But he never hated the guy up until she came along.

Beautiful Hermione, head always up in her books and a cup of cold coffee, no matter what the temperature is, at her other hand. The reason why he knew her name is because baristas would shout her name out whenever her coffee is ready. John had seen her some time ago, she was often found in the coffee shop, day in and day out, drinking coffee and reading. He had been working up the courage to talk to her but always failed to do so. There were times when he took her pictures, being a habit person who goes in the coffee shop at a certain time and always tries to spot in the certain place; it was easy to catch her in the coffee shop. He'd sit some tables away and take pictures of her surreptitiously.

Then, he missed his favorite past time as it was necessary for him to take a trip and attend a conference in Yale. He came back after two weeks. It was just two weeks! When he got into the coffee shop and was about to set his things near a table where she'd occupy, he saw her and him! Takeshi Yamamoto held the hand of his dream girl who mischievously put a smudge of whip cream on his face. Instead of wiping it, Yamamoto rubbed his cheek on her, causing her to laugh. John realized he hadn't heard her laugh before but his fury overpowered this observation as he took a strategic retreat back and left the coffee shop without looking back.

The moment John Sullivan got home to his apartment; he started tearing the pictures he had of Hermione on his wall. As he saw his face, his pale tear stricken face, he realized he has a problem. He called his therapist and arranged for a session. It would end with him taking a health break for the remainder of this term as well as the first semester of the next term. His psychiatrist decided that he ought to remove all the reminders of Hermione in his life and told him that he should not go to that coffee shop again.

He was really doing well, his vacation went happily as his mother took care of him and he watched all the anime he could while in her home. But as soon as he returned to Harvard, he would overhear a group of male professors from his department trying to talk Takeshi into having a bachelor party, which the man declined saying he'd rather have his fiancée. Someone ribbed him about that and they all laughed. John decided to visit Hermione, he got to know her apartment after he read an envelope that was lying on her table, only to find out from the doorman that she had moved out of the building, even volunteering that she had already moved in with her boyfriend, that Asian guy. The two would only come by for a visit with her former roommates.

When he got to his apartment, he was literally red with fury. How dare she? Did she even know what she missed out when she chose that chink? He's a red blooded American man, who at 6'2" is just slightly taller than the chink she's f #$ing and he is pretty sure that his weapon is bigger than his. Still, he didn't do anything. It's not as if they're married yet.

Fate, however, seems to like to screw with him, as John kept seeing Hermione visit Takeshi and study with him in the college as they prepared themselves for a conference where they would be presenting their paper. She had, it seems, have gotten prettier as time went by. She started wearing dresses and seemed to be smiling more often. As much as he appreciates her dressing up more femininely, he hates the fact that it was him who made her smile. He also hated the fact that he was the one who introduced them.

After their introduction, John kept playing the scene on his head. He can almost hear her say, "I'm only forced to be with him. Help me, John!" He used the hand she touched to pleasure himself, crying out her name in his release. The doctor often said that this voice in his head, which urges him to do things, is a sign of his psychosis. But now, he didn't believe her. She is only trying to keep him and Hermione apart. She's probably in cahoots with the chink who stole his Hermione away.

What really triggered John's aggression was when he saw Hermione kissed Takeshi on the lips, sitting on his lap. He just knows that the chink left his office door slightly open on purpose. He was taunting John on what he couldn't have. That night he flushed his valium down the toilet. He has a plan.

He rented out a storage locker unit and paid the rent for two years. Then, he took out the papers he'd been saving from Takeshi's trash bins, practicing Hermione's handwriting. It took him a while but he had managed to write a credible looking suicide note in her handwriting. He made it appear that she can't bear to marry Takeshi Yamamoto. Meanwhile, he continued to follow her, intending to snatch her up as soon as he can. But she was always with other people, if not with her friends, then with him. But he knows he'll get his chance soon.

Takeshi had always been able to sense danger. Maybe it was because of his previous incarnate as a war strategist or maybe it was because he has two brothers who loved to prank him when they were children, nevertheless, the result was he always had a sense of when something bad might happen. He is also been very observant. Hermione had been complaining of that feeling of someone following her and on one occasion, he can swear that he noticed the slight twinkle of a lens near the woods off of their home. It was a good thing that their house has a permanently anchored "notice me not" charm or else what he suspects to be a stalker may know just exactly where they live. As it is he is pretty sure that the stalker is confused on how he or she was unable to follow Hermione into their home.

The stalking got worse. Hermione started becoming paranoid, and took to submerging herself in crowds, or disappearing in bathrooms just so she can apparate away from a place that gives her that sense of someone following her. Witches and wizards, having magic and the ability to wield it, are naturally perceptive to everything in their surroundings. Takeshi has to hand to it Hermione though, instead of retreating, she continued on with her daily schedule, armed with some of the Weasley twins powerful inventions and with her wand in an invisible holster. She also started practicing wandless spells in case she would need to repel whoever this was without her wand.

His senses got more strung up and his suspicions confirmed, as Dr. John Sullivan, an associate professor from their department with whom he is barely acquainted with asked just where he lives and if the property value there is good investment. Now that he knew the identity of Hermione's stalker, he was more attuned to him. Once, he purposely got late on his snack breaks with Hermione at the coffee shop and he cast a "notice me not" charm on himself, he observed that the man was getting bolder as his table was nearer to hers than it was before.

He took to researching John Sullivan, his habits, his hobbies, his home and even his personality. He had even went to check his home, and upon seeing that there were no security cameras, ventured into the apartment. He noticed pictures of Hermione, some old, some torn and some pretty new ones, piled on a table. He then noticed the suicide note in what appears to be his fiancée's handwriting. It was pretty good as forgeries go and upon seeing the pieces of paper used to copy her handwriting he resolved to get a shredder for his office. The day he decided he'd have to act was when he observed John deliver the suicide note to his pigeon hole in the university. As soon as the man left, he took the piece of paper, intending to destroy this evidence.

He then told Hermione that he would follow her to Albus Severus' birthday party as he needs to do some last minute polishing on his paper, but he thinks she should go ahead as Ginny must be panicking with all the preparations as her mother, Molly is busy with Ron's new baby. His fiancée smiled and thanked him when he said he'll pick out a present for Albus Severus'. She then set his portkey on the mantle as she took hers and waited for the allotted time.

Takeshi, being analumni of Mahoutokoro, is well versed with complicated charms, one of them imitates a voice of someone it is set on. Thus, he cast the charm and imitated Hermione's voice as he took a sip of the polyjuice he prepared from Hermione's potions set. He knew just where he could find the loser stalking his fiancée. He knows that Hermione would be more lenient with this guy, probably just altering his memory. But somehow, he knows that even with the strongest memory charms, a strong person or a psychotic one, can snap out of it and with strong will, memories that are implanted can easily be removed.

Takeshi's appearance often leads people to believe that he is a nice guy. He's not. He's every bit as cold and calculating as his previous incarnate when he needs to be. He was every bit of a strategist, when it comes to keeping his loved ones safe. With that in mind, he walked in the anime convention that he was sure the guy would be in. He was still wearing Hermione's body, a mask to cover her face and a cloak to cover her figure. He then proceeded to accidentally bumped into the guy.

The guy took out "Hermione" for some drinks even if she already refused. John was insistent, seeing that she is the fiancée of his "esteemed colleague". Takeshi allowed himself to be led, still without removing his mask or undoing Hermione's tightly bound hair, drinking sips of the polyjuice ever once in a while to maintain his cover, as he wandlessly casted evanesco on each drinks. He then pretended to be drowsy. John then half carried "her" into his car. So far, Takeshi had been very lucky that the man had not been grabby. He merely checked "her" pocket for a phone. He had not brought one and John seemed satisfied by this. He drove into what Takeshi guessed to be a storage facility. He knew he can easily fight the man if he's attempting to rape "her" here, but with the suicide note he's seen, he realized he ought to be more careful.

John then unlocked what seemed to be his storage. He then closed it, once inside he called someone from the property to lock it, saying that he forgot to lock it the last time he had been here. Still feigning sleep, Takeshi heard the distinctive click of a big lock. John then stomped on his cellular phone, destroying it completely. It was then that he's decided to wake up. He pretended to grunt and slowly move his legs. Before fully waking up, John expected Hermione to scream but she didn't.

"We're inside my storage unit. They don't check here often, the door is locked Hermione. There's no way out." John taunted. "If I can't have you, I certainly won't allow that small d #%ed chink to have you." Hermione did not say a word. John then slashed his wrists, looking at him sadly. "I love you so much, Hermione." John said trying to get closer to Takeshi who stood up.

Takeshi then got his wand out and muttered "finite incantatem", ending both the voice charm and the effects of the polyjuice potion. John almost jumped out of his skin as his rival stood in Hermione's place. "You! What have you done to Hermione? You're a demon. You probably…" John accused as he lay dying on the floor. "She's a witch, John as I am a wizard. You don't really know her that well now, do you? You call me a demon, yet you actually plan on killing her, trapping her here with you so that she can't escape and die with you." Takeshi said in an emotionless tone.

"I failed. But you'll die here with me." John said weakly. Takeshi laughed cruelly at that. "Haven't you heard? I'm a wizard, John." He taunted as he apparated to John's apartment, taking the man's laptop, camera and external hard drive, then back to his doorstep seeing that a permanent anti disapparition jinx had been anchored into their home. He then calmly burned "Hermione's" suicide note and then got the present he wrapped earlier for Albus Severus' before taking the portkey to the Potter's home in England.

Takeshi waved his wand to help the Weasleys with their party decorations. There were a bunch of red headed kids, blondes and dark haired ones running about. As much as he likes children, he gets overwhelmed with the sheer amount of Weasley kids running about and is grateful that he only has two brothers and they only have one or two children each. He gave Ron a smile, the red headed man had been wary of him when he and Hermione first started out but grew to be friendly later on. Ron started massaging his head. "These kids give me a headache sometimes." Ron complained. Harry on the other hand had always been accepting of Takeshi and had tried to ease his introduction to the Weasley chaos,

Takeshi knew that he had to get along as Hermione considers the Weasleys her second family. They also consider her as one of their own. Now, they do the same for him. But they really are a large, noisy family. He wonders how his parents would find the Weasley bunch. He guesses he'll find out soon, seeing that both will be in attendance of their otherwise small wedding.

A few months after Albus Severus' birthday, Takeshi woke up from his nightmare, that somehow Hermione had been trapped in that storage unit with the crazy psychopath without her wand. He had already returned the man's things back in his apartment, wiped of both his obsession with Hermione and fingerprints. He knows that the university might report the loss of this man after he missed several classes. But his body will not be found until after his lease with the storage facility comes to an end. It was just as well that he had not killed the man himself. But he knows that if it comes to that, knowing that John Sullivan wanted to kill Hermione, he is quite capable of killing the dangerous man. He let go of this train of thought when he realized that his girl had not yet come to bed, he set about coaxing her to sleep, engrossed as she is with her work.

Hermione allowed herself to be coaxed to sleep, but as she prepared for bed, she can't help but muse on things. She came from a long way, from being ridiculed for being a know-it-all to finding a place where being intelligent is necessary. She found her niche, so to speak in Harvard. She finished her master's degree at the top of her batch and it seems she's set to do the same in her doctorate. She gloried in being lauded for her work, her diligence and her knowledge of history and the different aspects that makes it real for the modern man. A few months from now, she would be presenting her first paper, in an international conference, and after her doctorate she plans on pursuing a career as a museum curator. It's just a few steps away, but soon she will have everything she's ever dreamed off.