OK, I'm sorry. I didn't write nothing in these days because I was pretty busy. This is the second season of The main Emotion. If you didn't read the first season or the epilogue, I suggest you to read it or you won't understand. EnJOY!

"Joy? Are you in there? Riley is up now." called a voice, outside Joy's room. It was Fear. He headed upstairs to call Joy because Riley woke up.

"Can I come in?" asked the raw nerve.

"Of course, Fear!"

Fear pulled the doorknob, and he saw Joy with her diary between her hands.

"Oh, still that diary?" chuckled Fear.

"Yep! Still cannot forget those moments. But at least we're safe, uh?"

"You can say that again! Finally we're safe… which is the most important thing for me."

"Well, thanks for keeping us safe then." said Joy happily, but still sorry for the previous events.

"Joy? Are you OK? You look upset." asked Fear worried. Joy looked at him and denied.

"Nah, I'm not… it's just that I miss him." and she stared at the diary.

"I miss him too… we were friends after all, right?" Fear asked Joy's opinion. Her look returned on Fear.

"I'm sure he wanted only your goodness… and Disgust also."

"You're speaking about the devil." laughed sarcastically a voice, form the door.

"Oh, hey Dis. We're coming in a second." said Joy, looking at the green Emotion.

"What's up with you two?" asked Disgust at Fear.

"Nothing special, just reminding some old moments."

"Well, if you finished to comfort your girlfriend, we got work to do. Riley is eating breakfast now and Sadness is alone."

"Yes, you right." Fear stood up and Joy did so, before to put down her diary, under her bed.

They walked downstairs and they saw Sadness: she wasn't doing much. Riley wasn't sad in that moment.

"Oh, about time." smiled weakly Sadness.

"Yup. These two 'little cupcakes' were chatting." joked Disgust.

From the upstairs, Fear, Joy and Disgust reached the console. Riley has just finished her breakfast and the Emotions were getting ready for another day.

"What we have to do today, Joy? Any tasks?" asked Sadness, looking at Joy.

"Oh! We have to go to our friend's party!" said Joy excited.

"Finally something where the others can look Riley, and get jealous of how cool we will look in that party. I'm in." said Disgust, proud of her fashion skills.

"Alright. But we must have a good eye fir the people who wants to try to murder us!" Fear said scared.

"If you say so..." Disgust rolled her eyes in annoyance for Fear.

"But first… school." Sadness whimpered, annoyed by the school.

"And if things gets unfair, we know what we have to do. Fear? Do you think you can handle this work?" asked Joy at Fear.

"Yes, Joy. I got over that."

"Come on, Riley. Do you want to get late?" chuckled Jill.

"Of course not. I have an important test today." as Riley finished her breakfast, she picked up her schoolbag and greeted her parents.

"See you after school, mom. Bye dad!"

"Bye sweetheart." both said Riley's parents.

Riley closed the door and, with her surprise, she saw Jordan.

"Hey Jo! What are you doing out here?" asked Riley to her friend.

"I didn't want to walk alone, so I decided to wait you, by the way." explained Jordan.

Riley nodded. "Good to know, Jo! Did you study yesterday, for that important test?"


"OK, got it." laughed Riley.

"To be honest, I studied something."

"Well, good luck with that."

"Should we walk now?"

"Yes, but we won't be late, don't worry about that."

The two friends started to walk for school, knowing that the test will be hard to face. Jordan was pretty nervous and Riley as well.

"I'm so ready for this." said Disgust with determination.

"Uh… was Jordan stalking us?" Fear put his hands on his mouth, because he was scared… like his usual.

"Nah. He was bored to walk alone for school, that's it." Joy walked in Fear's direction and she took her hands.

"Don't worry, Fear." winked Joy.

"I think that Jordan have a crush on-"

"Neither in his dreams, Sadness… neither in his dreams." Disgust anticipated Sadness' last words.

"I don't know… Jordan is cute." Joy rejected Disgust's prejudice on Jordan.

"Oh come on, Joy. Instead to think these stupid things, can we just do this test so we can go to this 'party'?"

"Do we have Hockey today?" asked a teardrop.

"Nope. I think we played Hockey yesterday," Fear answered for Sadness. "luckily, no one hurted us."

"You know what, Fear? Sometimes, you remind me Sadness. Pessimistic just like her." Disgust made her usual sarcasm.

"Oh, finally we are at school!" smiled Joy to her crew. "We got this, guys."

"I'd never thought to say this, but… it's everything so boring without Anger." sighed Fear.

"If you pronounce his name one more time, I swear I'll punch you just like him." threatened Disgust to Fear. The wounds were still open. Fear said nothing, but he understood too well Disgust. Sadness and Joy remained in silence. After a while, Joy comforts him.

"Don't worry, Fear. Just focus, OK?" Joy grabbed Fear's shoulders

"OK." nodded Fear.

"Good boy!"

Riley entered her classroom and the test begun. It was pretty hard.

After the school…

"Wow, that wasn't even hard! Just a disgusting and easy test." Disgust taunted the test.

"Yes, you right. I hope that all the next tests will be like this." commented the raw nerve.

"Finally. I thought we would be in that classroom forever." sighed Sadness in relief.

"And that's it! Now let's head to home. We still have the party."

"Actually, let's ask to mom and dad for some money: we'll buy a cool new outfit." suggested Disgust.

"Uh, are you sure that mom and dad won't ground us?" asked Joy, worried for Riley's parents' reaction.

"Even more than sure! We don't have many cool dresses and the other ones we have, are awful… literally."

"OK, but what if they won't give us money to buy the dress?" asked Fear.

Disgust stared at the raw nerve. "Trust me, they will."

"If you say so, Disgust..." commented Sadness, which was on the couch, waiting Joy and Disgust's decisions.

While Riley was walking alone for the way back home, she saw that girl which was bullying her. Riley tried to avoid her but the girl saw her, and walked in Riley's direction.

"Oh, look who we have here: the stupidest girl in our school."

"And I see we have an even stupider girl, right in front of me. Better you go away, I'm not in the mood now."

"Aw, but I am, stupid monkey."

"I swear I'm not in the m-"

"What is that shirt you have? It's kinda gross!"

"You… how dare you to say that…? Fear? The angriest memory we have. A similar moment to this." Disgust had an evil expression; Joy and Sadness were pretty worried about that, but she limited to reach her on the couch.

"He-here it is, Disgust. Now I'll put it here."

Disgust was more competent than her co-workers, because she was the closest Emotion to Anger. As Fear projected the memory, Riley exploded.

Riley grabbed her enemy's throat.

"If you bully me one more time, I'll not be so good with you anymore. Do not test my patience because I'm not patient. Now get the hell away from here! NOW!"

The girl said nothing but ran away. Riley felt so good and her Emotions as well. It was a new sensation: Riley felt powerful and dominant on everything. Whoever would mess with her, it would be probably be punched.

"Woah! I feel… weird. But it's a pleasure that she was scared… but she will pay, soon or late.

"Uhm… Disgust?" Joy called Disgust.

"What? Do not look at me. She started."

"OK, but Riley was too violent. That's sad." Sadness was worried and Fear as well.

"Guys. We did something bad. I'm sure." as Fear finished, a new core memory was born: it was red but an intense shape of red.

"OK, maybe I should shut up and lock myself in a locket." joked Fear but the situation was serious.

The core memory arrived with the other and it formed a new Island of Personality.

"Sadness? What-the hell-is that?" asked Joy, while looking the new Island.

"No… idea." Sadness' mouth widened when she saw the Island, just like everyone in that moment.

"But I want to see what is that." Sadness walked for the manuals corner. She found the manual, which explains the Island of Personality. Sadness started to browsing the pages of the book. She was seeing a lot of Island of Personality in that manual, but nothing about the new Island. The Island looked black. It was dark, a lot dark!

"I don't know but we must know what that Island will be used for." nodded Fear and Disgust together.

"Joy? Some ideas or theories?" asked all the Emotions.

"Mmm… let's think about it: this Island was born right after Riley threatened that girl. Maybe is a kind of Island of Anger?

"Nah, nah, nah. If it would be that kind of Island, it would be red and not black." Sadness denied Joy's theory.

"Fear? Can you grab the core memory?" asked Joy.

"Uh… isn't that dangerous?"

"Just grab it!" shouted Disgust in Fear's 'ear'.

Fear opened the core memories container and tried to grab the new core memory but…

"Ah! It burns!"

"WHAT!?" said everyone in shock.

"Come on, Fear! That's impossible." Disgust tried to grab the core memory too but it burns.

"Ouch! Fear was right!" Disgust couldn't believe it. The first memory that cannot be touched.

"Go grab a stick or something, so we can push that thing out." suggested Joy.

Fear ran upstairs to take a broom. After that, he rushed downstairs and, with the broomstick, he pushed the full red core memory out.

Joy, Sadness, Fear and Disgust rushed to the window but, for some reason, the Island was still working. Indeed, it didn't turn gray but it was still black.

"How…? This is impossible!" panicked Fear.

"Well… now it's possible… try to take the other memories: let's see if it happens again." suggested Sadness.

"Good idea, Sadness," complimented Disgust. "Fear, go to grab the mixed core memories."

"Why always me?" asked Fear reluctant.

"Because you're a good sacrifice. Now go."

"I'm pretty worried about this, Disgust." said Joy.

Fear grabbed the Family Island's core memory. Half blue and half yellow. The first one Anger created in his leadership. Family Island turned off and the core memory wasn't burning. Fear immediately replaced the core memory, then he reached his crew, which was still near the window.

"OK, that's so weird." commented Joy.

"So agree!" said all the group.

"Guys? What is this disgusting thing?" Disgust walked close to the console and, under that, there it was a strange kind of black dust.

"Just some dust, don't worry about it. I will clean it." promised Fear.

"This dust wasn't here before. It's so weird." Joy stared the black dust, as Sadness, Fear and Disgust.

"I don't understand why there is dust here. Mind workers didn't clean here?" asked Sadness to the group.

"They cleaned while Riley was doing her test."

"The strangest thing is another: why this dust appeared after Riley made things fair for her?"

"I don't know… but it's just dust and I'll get rid of it." Fear grabbed the broom and cleaned the ground.

"Thank you, Fear. Less dust is better."

Riley received a call from her friend.

"I'm sorry, Riley. The party is postponed." spoke sadly Riley's friend.

"Mph! I knew it! I can't trust you."

"Riley are you-" but Riley interrupted the call and returned to her home.

"Disgust!? Why did you interrupt the call?" shouted Joy.

"Are you stupid or something? I did nothing!"

"I don't know what happened, but it's getting late. I'm scared from bears!" and Fear was scared again from bears.

"I said there are no bears in San Francisco at least an hundred times." answered Disgust, rolling her eyes.

"I'd go to sleep now. We'll think about this tomorrow, OK?" Joy walked upstairs and headed to her room.

Disgust and Sadness walked upstairs too. Fear was on Dream Duty.

Outside the Head Quarters, near to Anger's grave, a bunch of black dust started to exit outside the grave. For a strange reason, the black dust was moving and it started to be compact. Indeed, the black dust formed two legs, a chest, two arms and a head. A new Emotion was born from that block dust and from Anger's grave. It looked like Anger but his suit, pants and shoes were black. His tie was red.

"It looks like you made everything easier for me, guys: Evil Island is already to his place and it will help to bring Riley from the bad part of the life. Our life will be finally fair. And you… Anger, you are the worst kind of idiot I've ever seen: discovered by Fear and the police. Now that you are gone, I'll take my revenge. Fear is going down, like all Riley's innocence, and finally, her life will be fair. I'll be the main Emotion!" It was night time. Evilness stared at the Head Quarters and started to walk in that direction.

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