Hi! It's me again, obviously since this is my account and my story. Sigh, I don't know how I started another fan fiction when I barely started this. Its called First Comes Love. Its KurKag so I hope you'll check it out sometime. Anyways, here's chapter 2.

Recap to Chapter 1

"Higurashi-san." He addresses. "I have big news! We are temporarily transferring you to Kyoto!"

Chapter 2

"What?" Kagome starts, obviously shocked. "But sir, my work is here. How can I go to Kyoto?"

The director stares at Kagome. "You can take a train or a bus if you'd like." He says dryly, causing Kagome to blush in embarrassment. "You know what I mean sir." The director sighed. "Our friend; The Kyoto National Museum, wants to borrow the artifacts in your department. Here's a list of the artifacts that they will be borrowing, some of them are donations from your family. You are the one in charge of them so of course, you would be in Kyoto and stay there as long as the artifacts." The director continued without leaving any room for argument. "We also prepared where you would be staying of course. We'll send you the address tonight and you will be leaving tomorrow. You are free to go home and pack" And he left; leaving a speechless Kagome behind.


At home, Kagome packed her things into a large suitcase that could possibly fit her. She tried and it did. It was a bright green color. Lojel Groove Frame Large Luggage was what the tag read. On her bed lay two casual dresses. One was a fit and flare in white where its tag said 'Armani Collezioni Sleeveless Textured A-Line Dress, Ivory. The other was a mint green dress that says 'ASOS Premium Skater Dress In Broderie With Bow Back.' Kagome needed most of the space in her suitcase for her soaps and shampoos. The door opened and Souta peered in and saw Kagome's face in contemplation. "Hey Kagome, what're you thinking about?" He asks; still standing at the door, munching on a potato chip. "I'm trying to decide which dress to bring. My suitcase is practically full." Crunch

"Kagome." He walks up to her, don't think too hard. Don't force what's left of your brain to run away." He tried to run but he wasn't fast enough. He couldn't even take a step away before Kagome grabbed him into a chokehold. "Say Uncle!" Kagome yelled. "NEVER! MOMMY!" Souta squealed. ~Silence~ South started sweating and could feel Kagome stare at him intensely. He could feel evil waves practically radiating off of her.

"Momma can't help you now twerp. Now you're gonna get it!" She tossed him into her bed despite the dresses that were already there. Souta yelped and started to laugh. Kagome laughed too but maniacally as she ran her fingers along her little brother's sides. Souta was laughing so hard, he started crying and squealed as he tried to escape his demonic sister. He managed to run through the hallway and down the stairs before he was stopped by Kagome in the living room. He continued to squeal as loud as he could to catch the attention of Grandpa or at least Mama. Mama didn't even blink or turn her eyes away from the TV that they're blocking; "Kagome." She froze and Souta smirked. She's gonna get it now.

"Let him go. You'll have plenty of time to kill your brother when you come back." Souta blanched from the suggestion and Kagome smiled brightly. "Okay Mama!" And gave Souta one last pinch before running back upstairs. Souta followed; creating a fuss. Downstairs, Gramps and Mama both share the same fond smile. It was nice to hear two sets of laughter again.