The dragon of alfheim

Disclaimer: I do not own fairy tail or sword art online but all ideas are mine

Chapter 1 meeting

"Hay big bro did you here." said sugua

"What?" said kirito as he made some lunch

"That guy who made ALO. got out of jail. Actually, he got out early do to bribe." Said sugua

"Really that sucks" said kirito

In fiore

"NATSU" screamed a blonde haired girl

"DADDY" screamed a pink haired girl

"LUCY, NASHI" screamed the boy whose name is Natsu

"HAHAHAHAHA" laughed a blonde haired man wearing a crown

Just then a portal opened under the blonde haired man and girls and pulled her in as natsu jumped in.

Back in Tokyo

Kirito POV

"let's login to ALO ok" I said as I walked into my room

"ok see you in arun" said sugua from her room

"LINK START" I yelled

I opened my eyes to see my sister getting up as well as my wife and crew

Normal POV

"hay Asuna" kirito said as he ran up and kissed her

"morning daddy" said Yui

"Hi everyone did you hear the news?" said Asuna

"the one about Sogu getting out of jail. Then yes" everyone said

"ya and that he took another person into alfheim so…" said Asuna "are we going to save them."

"we should so let's go." exclaimed kirito "but let me rank up a bit ok"

They walked to the edge of arun when they look up to see a boy falling

"who is that daddy?" asked Yui as she tried to check his gamer tag

"I don't know what is his gamer tag Yui." Not even looking at Yui

"LUCYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" screamed a salmoned haired kid

"LOOK OUT KLEIN" yelled kirito


The salmoned haired kid landed in front of the group.

Natsu POV



"ow" I said then I looked at the group of people in front of me and I smelled the air and I could smell they were not the one who took my wife (A/N: yes, I'm a Nalu fan and I made them married) and there was a lot of erthrnano in the air

*to be sure* I thought

"Fire dragon's iron fist." I yelled as I lunged forward at the girl in as green suit.

I was almost chopped if I hadn't in engulfed my body in my hell fire flames witch saved my body from being chopped up. (A/N: yes, natsu has all modes and some other modes I read about so don't say anything)

The kids stepped back as my body was in flames.

the blue haired girl who reminded me of levy but taller tied to put out the flames with water magic.

*good thing hell fire flames at impervious to water magic* I thought

Normal POV

But soon the boy was engulfed by different flames from Klein we thought the monster was killed.

*The boiling water and fire always killed them instantly* kirito thought

But as the group of kids turn their back the fire was in ribbons flying in to the boy's mouth.

Everyone stood in shock.

"my tern" salmoned haired kid said

Then he was incased in black flames

"dragon god's brilliant flame" he screamed but stopped the attack from hitting the group

Kirito POV

"Why did you stop the attack?" I asked "and what is your name"

I looked at him and he was smelling the air around him

"where are they!" he said growling

"who?" I asked

"my wife and daughter!" he said still growling

Then a blue light was around our group and this boy.

When I looked around I saw sylvan and everyone in my group there and the pink haired boy

"excuses me but what is your name and why is your hair pink?" I asked

"it's salmon" the boy yelled "and my name is natsu, natsu dragneel and the people I'm looking for are my wife Lucy and my daughter nashi dragneel." He said

"then how did they end up here?" I asked

"oh I'll tell you my name and why I'm in this weird place but you won't tell me why you're here!" he said

"sorry." As I looked down to avoid Asuna and Yui's scolding "my name is kirito, this my wife Asuna, our daughter Yui, my good friends Klein and Agail, this is my sister leafa and her boyfriend recon, this is Simon, Lisbeth, and silica." (A/N: yes lefa and recon are dating stop yelling at me)

"Hi" said natsu

"Now" I said in a serious tone "three questions, 1 how did your wife and daughter end up in ALO, 2 what race are you, 3 what where those attacks and how did you use them."

"1 a guy calling himself the fairy king Oberon took them, 2 I'm human but part dragon and demon and a little god, 3 fire dragon slayer attacks why." Natsu said starting in a growl but the then it turned to act like it was nothing.

"YOUR BODY WAS ON FIRE AND YOU ATE THE FIRE AND YOU DON'T CARE!" yelled lefa, Klein, and Asuna in unison

"so." Said natsu "what part of fire dragon slayer do you not understand."

"so you slay dragons." Said silica as she hugged Pena

"NO" natsu yelled as he shot silica a death stair "why would I hurt my own kin. Tell me"

"I-I-I don't but your name says dragon slayer so I thought-" silica said as she was cut off by natsu

"let me tell you my father was Igneel the fire dragon king" said natsu with tears in his eyes

Normal POV

"your dad was a dragon" everyone said "impossible"

"why?" natsu asked "Wendy's mom and sing, rouge, and gajeel parents are also dragons. Well I did slay one but he was bad."

"WHAT!" yelled Lisbeth "the only dragon I've seen is in SAO (sword art online) on the field dungeon on floor 55"

"Where have you been the last dragon ever seen was 2 years ago when I slayed acnologia." Said natsu.

"But I saw it in SAO 1 year ago" exclaimed Lizbeth.

END of chapter 1