Chapter 6: the final fight

"I'm in" said natsu

Natsu remembered something that kirito said to him

Flash back

"hey natsu" said kirito as he walked up to him just before they went into the tree

"what's up" said natsu

"when you get into the tree the inside of the top is different so you can't rely on the map" said kirito

"alright so I just have to sniff it out" said natsu

"ya that's it" said kirito

Flash back end

"well kiribo was right the top is different" said natsu as he looked around "now where are you"

After about a minuet of looking around natsu just decided to do what he does best

"fire dragons iron fist" yelled natsu as he started to smash every door in sight

As soon as he broke the first door he found himself outside

'so this is the tree everyone else sees' thought natsu 'well let's see if Lucy's here' "LUCY"

With lucy

'natsu' thought lucy "NATU IM HERE" she yelled "NATSUUUUUUUUU"

With natsu

Natsu took off using his flames to speed him up as soon as he herd lucy call him

"lucy" said natsu as he arrived at a bird cage

The bird cage had a table, and a bed (A/N: if you have seen SAO than that's it)

"natsu" said lucy as tears started to fly

"daddy" said nashi

"hi princess" said natsu as he knelt "stand back"

"fire dragon iron fist" yelled natsu as he punched the cage door

"looks like I made it" said natsu

"you always do" said lucy

Suddenly the world tuned black as gravity increased around them

"my, my you're the natsu that my titana keeps talking about" said a voice

"who's there" said natsu as he struggled to lift his head

"he is saying I'm his wife" said lucy

"because it's true" said the voice "you are my wife"

"no that's not true" said natsu as his demon dragon form taking over

"but it its" said the voice

"what's your name" said natsu

"Oberon the fairy king" said Oberon

"well than Oberon meat my fist" said natsu as his full demon dragon took over

"you think you can kill the god of this world" laughed Oberon "bow to me"

Oberon kicked natsu so much that natsu could only bow (A/N: he now has the gravity off)

"fine I will bow" said natsu as he went into the bowing position he whispered "devils curse: underground flame pillar" as he moved his hand still pointing at the ground and moved it upwards when it hit Oberon

"what was that" asked a pissed off Oberon

"devil's sword" said natsu as a black kitanna with no garde flew up

"system command generate object id: Excalibur" said Oberon as a gold sword with green jewels came down from the sky in numbers

"devil's sword skill: double blade" said natsu as he took off the sheath and it turned into the exact same sword

"I will not lose again" said Oberon as he tried to swing his sword

"devil's sword skill: starburst stream" said natsu (A/N: just how starburst stream is in SAO)

"ghaaa" said a still in one peace Oberon

"devil's curse: flame shot" said natsu as he made his fingers into a gun and shot a min-fire ball

"nooooo I will not lose" said Oberon as he swung his sword "pain absorber to 0"

"devil's sword skill: ultimate move final strike: Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū style: Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki" said natsu as he moved so fast that no one could see him move (A/N: such up, rurouni kenshin Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū: Amakakeru Ryū, no Hirameki to see it)

at this moment Oberon, the fairy king was stent into the air and landed in three sepret parts: his head, body, and legs. And the world went back to normal

"lucy let's go home" said natsu

"how natsu" said lucy

"let's find kiribo" said natsu

Time skip kirito POV

"is that natsu" asked silica

"ya it is but who is that with him" I asked

"I see natsu, happy, a little girl smaller than yui, and a woman with blond hair" said asuna

"so is that his wife and daughter" I asked

"KIRIBO" yelled natsu

"IT'S KIRITO" I yelled back

"sorry for my husband's idiocy, my names lucy and this little girl here is nashi" said lucy as she hit natsu over the head

"I guess it's the same for you" said asuna "my husband is a total idiot"

"that's a relief I thought I married the only one" said lucy "but he my natsu is a total air head"

"I'm not a total idiot" I said

"daddy, you are an idiot" said yui

"great my own families against me" I said

"welcome to my world" said natsu

"so why did you come here" asked recon

"because we don't know how to get back" said lucy

"natsu I found out how to get back" said happy

"happy where were you" asked lucy

"in the library" said happy as he pulled out a book

"well let's go home" said lucy

"the only problem is I can't read it" said happy

"fine give me the book" said lucy as she took the book from happy

"to go to from the land of made fairies to the land of true fairy's the worlds will open so bring out the fairy's tail" chanted lucy

Just then a portal opened

"I guess this is good bye" I said

"I had fun in the world" said natsu

"I'm sorry I caused you so much trouble" said lucy

"I'm sorry we couldn't talk more" said asuna

"bye" said natsu, lucy, happy, and a sleeping nashi

"bye" said asuna, Klein, recon, simon, Lizbeth, leafa, yui, agail, and I said

Natsu and his family jumped into the portal and it closed

With natsu (natsu P.O.V)


Lucy just laughed at natsu's antics and left for fairy tail

End of story

Me: I hoped you all liked my story

Lucy: I did

Me: well you did get saved in the end of It all

Lucy: true

Me: I think natsu is looking for you

Lucy: ya he is well goodbye everyone

Me: I have a poll coming out so please do the poll