Ria: Hey folks! I finally got the time to put up chapters. Also this story is for my friend Savvy, since she wanted a story with Lisanna and Lucy sharing a close friendship. And as many of you should know, I'm a strong GrayLu shipper. It might not seem like it now, but it will eventually... Alright, on with the story!

Lisanna made the biggest decision of her life a few months ago, or at least to Lucy, it seemed like it was the biggest. It was life changing and a large influence to Lucy. At first, she thought that Lisanna was just joking around when she broke the news that she was leaving. Now that Lisanna was packing her clothes right before her eyes, it suddenly hit Lucy that she's leaving in two days. Lucy helped her pack, putting bath and body works lotion, soap, and other bathroom equipment Lisanna thought she would need when she's in Edolas.

At that moment, Lucy couldn't help but think about different possibilities, like whether or not she was going to break up with Natsu before she leaves or she's planning to continue their relationship which will become long distance. The whole family would be devastated if that ever happened and Lucy would be too. Natsu was such an important member of the family that it wouldn't feel right if he was gone too.

"You and Natsu should come and visit sometime," Lisanna suggested. "I could show you guys around once I'm familiar with the place."

"You're coming back to visit right?" Lucy gaped. "You sound like you're never coming back."

Lisanna placed her hands on her hips. "I'm coming back but that's gonna be a long time from now. Edolas is like... on the other side of the world."

Lucy gasped and whined, Lisanna was right. "Does that mean you're not coming back for Thanksgiving?"

"Thanksgiving doesn't last long, so of course not baka. It would be a waste of money to come then go back days after."

"True..." Lucy sighed. "Life is gonna suck so bad without you and Natsu's going to be so lonely."

Lisanna could only smile sadly before she turned her back on Lucy. She didn't see her smile drop and the tears started to form on her eyes.

"Yeah... I know." She said weakly. "Me too."

Every night Natsu would come over and eat dinner with everyone since he lived nearby. Lisanna loves him, Lucy loves him, Mirajane loves him, and Elfman loves too. Elfman probably loves him the most because he's always talked about how thankful he was that Natsu comes over all the time whenever he's around. Elfman doesn't like the fact that he's surrounded with girls. Apparently he gets made fun of in school.

Natsu came around six to help out prepare dinner.

"Luce can you pass me the spatula?" Lucy nodded and handed Natsu what he needed.

Elfman was grilling steak outside while they stayed in the kitchen; Lucy was making snickerdoodles and Natsu was making crystal rainbow Jell-O, all Lisanna's favorite. But it was awkwardly silent. Lucy was snuck glances at Natsu who focused on the jello with a serious, pointed face. He must be thinking about Lisanna leaving.

"...Are you okay?" Lucy suddenly asked which caused the boy to jump in surprise.

"Shit! Lucy you scared me!"

"You're looking at the jello like it's the only thing left in the world."

"Just gotta make sure the jello's perfect yenno?" Natsu turned to give his usual cheeky smile. "And I'm okay. Why wouldn't I be?"

"No, I mean..." Lucy didn't know how to form the question without hitting the mark. "Are you okay about this whole thing?"

Thankfully, Natsu already knew what she meant. His cheeky smile dropped and he sighed, opening another box of jello and reaching for the condensed milk.

"I'm not okay with it," he poured the condensed, "but I have to. It's what she wants."

Lucy felt bad for asking. If I was Lisanna, I would never leave you. "I'm sorry Natsu."

"What are you sorry for?" His head perked up and laughed, messing her braided hair. "You're funny, Luce. Let's finish up the desserts."

The need to change the subject with the tension rising in the kitchen, Lucy couldn't agree more. She slapped his hands, scolding him for messing her hair before she carried the pan filled with dough into the oven and set the timer on. They needed to finish before Lisanna and Mirajane came home.

The night grew dark and dinner was over. Lisanna washed the dishes and tried to make a conversation with Natsu but he seemed like he was in outer space, wiped the plates and utensils dry as fast as he could. Mirajane was out and Lucy finished cleaning the dining table while Elfman was already on his way back to his room to sleep.

"I'm going to bed," Lucy said quietly to the couple. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight," the two of them said at the same time. Natsu's goodnight was quieter.

When Lucy reached her room, Lucy wondered about the atmosphere and started to worry. She sat on her bed and with a sigh, she stared at herself through her mirror closet. A little later, she looked around the room and sighed some more.

"If anyone's supposed to leave," she whispered to herself. "It's me..."

A knock came from her door. "Lucy?" It was Elfman. "Can I come in?"

"My door's unlocked."

He came in with a small smile and sat down next to her. "You know you're like my little sister right?"

Lucy smiled. "Of course I know and vise versa."

"And that you can tell me anything that's bothering you."

She doesn't know where Elfman was going with this. "Yeah. You... can tell me anything that's bothering you too."

Elfman hesitated but after clearing his throat, he spoke. "Did Lisanna tell you she was gonna break up with Natsu?"

"What? What makes you think she would?"

"I overheard them just now." Elfman frowned. "On my way to the bathroom, Natsu was crying and Lisanna had her back on him, said she didn't love him anymore."

"W-What?" Lucy's heart dropped. "Li-Lisanna broke it off?"

"With Natsu broken down like that, I would think so."

But she was just talking about how he and I should visit her in Edolas...

She didn't want to believe it, but she trusts Elfman. With the frown on his face, he wasn't playing around. Lucy nodded and Elfman patted her before he kissed her forehead goodnight and headed back to his own room, leaving Lucy in her thoughts before she fell asleep.

Lucy woke up in the middle of the night with thin arms wrapped around her waist.

Her eyes opened slowly and looked down at the pale hands that locked around her waist with blurry vision. She heard Lisanna was whimper, trying to keep it quiet so that she wouldn't wake up but she did. It wasn't her fault, Lucy drank too much juice and her body eventually woke her up, in need to use the bathroom. With Lisanna pressed against her tightly, she was unable to go anywhere.

Why is she crying? She thought, frozen. Wasn't she the one that broke it off?

She decided to wait for a few minutes but when Lisanna started to shake, Lucy thought something was terribly wrong. She turned quickly and held Lisanna closer to her chest. "What's wrong?" Lucy started playing with her hair.

Lisanna shook her head frantically and buried her head. "I'm sorry I woke you up." Lucy could feel her tears seep through her pajama top.

"...And your boobs are big," Lisanna mumbled through the shirt.

"...Shut up, yours are too." If Lisanna could play around like that, maybe it's not as bad as Lucy thought.

But when it got quiet and Lisanna didn't laugh, she thought wrong. Lisanna breathed in heavily and Lucy continued to play with her hair to comfort her.

"I broke up with Natsu."

Ah. Lucy stared at the ceiling, "if you broke it off, shouldn't he be the one crying right now?"

She felt Lisanna flinch before making a small nod. "He cried... but after he left I felt like that was the biggest mistake I've ever done."

"Then take him back."

"I can't! Lucy, I told myself I wouldn't take him back until I return from Edolas." Lisanna tightened her grip and Lucy slightly grimaced. "But if I come back and he's with someone else then he doesn't truly love me."

"He does love you," Lucy insisted. "He wouldn't be crying if he didn't."

"That's now," Lisanna said with an almost choking voice. "Will you be able to say that in four years?"

"How can you say something like that when he's been there for you since you were little?" Lucy's voice turned a little high. "He knew you were leaving but he still came over like everything was the same then you drop him in the water just like that."

"I want to see if he'll wait," Lisanna explains. "If he doesn't then I'll know."

Lucy couldn't say anything more after that. Right now, she was positive that Natsu loved her, but she was right. Not everyone has the heart or the patience to wait—but knowing Natsu, who's been searching for his father for many years— he would have the heart and patience to do anything.

"What's wrong with a long-distance relationship?" Lucy wondered. "You guys could talk on the phone or video chat."

"That won't work, I just know it." Lisanna persisted. "I just know."

And if she knew, then Lucy couldn't make any further arguments. The girl made up her mind and she can't do anything more about it.

"You're leaving soon, Lisanna. Let's just look forward and make the most of the time we have left."

Nodding, Lisanna asked, "Is it okay if I sleep with you?"

"Duh, you're already here anyway."

The two girls giggled before hugging each other. It didn't take long until they found sleep and it wasn't until Elfman woke them up did they realize it was a new day and Lisanna only had one day left to go.