...Did Lucy want to push him away? She mentally slapped herself.

She stopped walking the moment she noticed that the heat on her face wouldn't go away. Placing a hand to her forehead she continued walking down to Gray's house. There weren't a lot of things done between the two of them, but to Lucy it was more than enough to think about. The kissing, the sweaty hands—everyone looking—all the attention as too much. She hasn't been in a relationship and her first one turns out to be a false one. Great.

When she reached his house, she noticed there weren't any cars on the driveway. With that kind of absence, she figured that Gray wasn't home. She was on the process of texting Mirajane to pick her up so they could grab dinner but Gray's car came down to the street and she drops her phone because of his sudden arrival. She stood up from where she was and scrambled to pick it up as he climbed out of his car.

"Look who's here... It's my beautiful girlfriend." Gray raised his brows at her.

"Hi... Can we talk?" Lucy waved.

He slid his bag over his shoulder and sat down on the first step below where Lucy was sitting. "Okay, so let's talk," Gray stared at Lucy for a moment then smirked. "You're not here to back out on me are you?"

Look at his smug smile. If Lucy could, she would've punched him to wipe off that smirk. But she didn't want to give him the satisfaction of being right so she tossed all of her reasons to quit.

Is he trying to challenge her?

"I just wanted to go over whatever this is we have," Lucy smiled sweetly. "You know, get our story straight so that we can answer what people ask."

Gray studied her closely, trying to decipher her thoughts. "Alright, okay. That makes sense. Why don't we talk inside my house? Sounds like we're gonna take a while."

Lucy followed him quietly. When she stepped inside, she felt the same warmth she felt many years ago. It was different since they both have grown. But she was more surprised that things haven't changed one bit. Even with his dad gone, nothing changed; the couch, the picture frames, and bookshelves; everything was in the same place. Lucy traced the stair handle and bit her lip, she didn't want to be thinking about the past but she opens her mouth to speak.

"Do remember when I fell down the stairs?"

Gray took off his shoes and looked up. "Yeah. My dad almost broke our table trying to rush to get to you. He thought you died. Hell I thought you died. You fell on your head, stupid."

"You thought I died?" she asked in obvious bewilderment. "And don't call me stupid!"

"Yeah," he replied with sternness. "You probably don't remember, but I stayed by your side for days when you were unconscious. Everyone was telling me to log home, but I kept saying no."

"I didn't know that..."

"That's because nobody told you."

"Why didn't you?"

Gray shrugged. "Lisanna got sick and you paid more attention to her. Plus we all got separated... It wasn't necessary."

That was awkward. Without putting much thought into Lucy's reminiscing, he smiles genuinely and slides down to the couch and plopped down in a huff of exhaustion. He snuggled against one of the pillows and looked at her, clearing his throat. "Shall we get started?" he called out impatiently.

Gray crosses his legs comfortably. "Alright, so how did we get together?"

"When we met eye-contact the day you guys moved back in," she said, sitting on the couch opposite from his side. "Something clicked and then you found me during my accident, you sat down and stayed with me. You couldn't stop thinking about me. But when you remembered that we had each other in class, you thought it was your big chance to—"

Gray snorted, interrupting her. "Yeah... No, that's not going to work."

She ignored him and continued.

"You asked me out on the first day of school so we've been..." she refrained herself from saying couple. "...together."

"Lucy, I really don't think anybody's going to buy that story," Gray interjected with a shake of his head.

"But it's technically true," Lucy cleared her throat. "We did look at each other the day you came back, and you did sit and stay with me."

"It's not that."

"Okay, then what?"

"Juvia and I kind of... hooked up the day after I saw you."

"Gross." She cringed. "Don't tell me, but my story is still valid. I was still on your mind so you asked me out as soon as possible when you guys broke up."

Gray wasn't sure about this, but he nodded. "I'm not going to argue with you."

"Good. Now that, that's done; let's make some rules."

He sat up straight. "What kind of rules?"

"Like... Don't kiss me to save face." She said a little too quickly.

"Hey, you did that first," Gray drawled. "So you owe me, Luce."

"Fine! At least let me know when you do!" Lucy waved her hands. "Let me prepare myself mentally."

He let out an almost choked laugh. "Prepare yourself? Like that's going to make it any better."

She aired him out. "Do you have a paper and pen?"

"Uh, don't you? You write stories and stuff right?"

Lucy raised her brow. "How do you know?"

"I'm not that forgetful," he shrugged. "You used to talk about them all the time."

Lucy rolled her eyes. Her stories weren't something she talked about when she was young. She might have been close to Gray, but they weren't that close. If it wasn't for him being popular in school, she would have forgotten completely about his existence. She reached into her backpack, pulled out her pink floral themed folder to take out a vintage paper to write on. With her red roller pen, she opens the cap and writes at the top, rules: Kissing is okay but no make out session.

Gray made a funny face. "You're really gonna write all of this down?"

"It'll help us legitimate our plan." Lucy said grimly.

"None of my friends are going to suddenly believe that I turned into a good boy just to date you," Gray pointed out. "You gotta give me something if you don't want a make out session. Trust me Lucy, everything's going to be strictly professional."

He was right. But she was a little disappointed that he cared too much about what people thought about him. With a small nod, she wrote down: Gray can hold Lucy's hand whenever he wants.

"But no make out sessions." She said aloud as she wrote.

"I can deal with that. And also, stop thinking I'm a player, because I'm not."

"I never said that I thought you were," Lucy looked at him.

"You were thinking it."

"Was not."

"Was too!"

Childish. Lucy groaned. "Was not! Now stop it. It was Lisanna who thought you were a player, alright? Not me."

He shrugs and motions her to proceed.

She started playing with her pen. "This whole thing is new to me. I'm kind of wishing that not all of my firsts were happening with you."

"Uh, alright then... Let's save some stuff for you to do when it's the real thing and not for show." Gray seemed to be thinking this over. "Like, I won't buy or pay for your stuff. I'll save that for the dude who actually has the hots for you."

The smile that formed on Lucy's lips faded away. "I wasn't expecting you to pay for anything."

He continued to add on to his thought. "I also won't walk you to class or buy you flowers."

"I get it," She said with a flushed face. Lucy figured that he wasn't really concerned about her but more concerned about his reputation and his money. "So let me ask you something, when you were with Juvia, did you have to do these things?"

He stared off into space. "Yeah and demanded that I have to write her notes."

"Post-it notes?"

"Kind of, but yeah. She wanted me to write her notes in school. She didn't like it when I text her—which by the way, I don't understand—it's more efficient to use."

Lucy had always wanted letters, written on actual paper from a guy's handwriting. It wasn't something that could be held and kept and read over again whenever it's wanted. It was a solid proof that the person she likes was thinking about her. But Lucy never mentioned that to Gray. What they have was not a real deal.

"I'll write you a note," Gray said like it was a bright idea. "That'll drive her nuts."

She writes down: Gray will write Lucy notes.

"But you have to write me notes too."

Lucy will also write Gray notes.

"Give me your paper," Gray gently took the paper from her hand and wrote: both will have each other as their phone wallpaper.

He took out his phone from his pocket and pointed his phone at Lucy. "Smile!"

"No!" She covered her face. "I look gross!"

"No, you don't! You look good." He reached and moved her hand away but she covers again. "Lucy, come on!"


"I can't believe a girl would say no to me." Gray gently yanks her hand out of the way. "Luce!"


"If you don't, I'm going to kiss you."

No, he wouldn't! Would he?!

Lucy quickly releases her face from cover and smiled slightly with a pounding heart. Sneaky bastard, he lets an accomplished grin grow wider as he points his phone once more towards her face. The shutter clicks and she reached for her phone.

"See, you look cute." Gray flashes her shot.

She closed her eyes shut. "I'm not looking."

"I don't understand you girls," Gray frowned. "You complain that you don't get complimented enough but when you're noticed, you don't appreciate it."

"I'm just not used to it." She moved and sat closer to him to take the photo. "Now it's your turn so smile."

Gray smiled and Lucy found it disturbing how handsome he actually looked. Instead of pointing out a compliment, she grimaced and made an ugly face, which Gray returned with a confused look.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" he asked.

"Cause you look gross too."

Gray laughed. "In Lucy's terms, does gross mean good looking? Cause if I'm gross and you're gross, then we're definitely meant to be together."

"...That's not what I said!"

"Don't lie," Gray said with a sing-sang voice. "That's what you're implying!"

Lucy grabbed the paper with a huff and wrote: both must tell the truth under no circumstances. She underlined the no. When she looked up, Gray's face was a few inches away from hers, but he wasn't looking at her. He was reading the words on the paper and he was really focused and took the rules seriously like it's some kind of a contract or law.

"What about an end date?"

Gray blinked twice. "Uh, what?"

"Like, how long are we going to do this charade? The whole year?"

"I guess for as long as we feel like it. We don't need to plan it all the way. Just go with the flow and let things happen."

She sighed and sarcastically said, "learning new things with Fullbuster everyday."

"Of course. Expect to learn from the pro."

Another roll with her eyes. "As long as it's over by the time Lisanna returns for Christmas. She knows when I'm lying."

"Oh, girl, we'll definitely be done by then."

"Okay, great." She signed the paper and passed it for him to sign.

The contract was finished and Lucy placed the paper in one of the sheet protectors from her binder. Gray's eyes were hazy and Lucy glanced at the clock. They've talked longer than she thought and Mirajane was probably looking for her but she received no texts whatsoever. She disbelievingly looked at her lock screen and then back at Gray, who was already asleep.

Lucy was too proud to wake him up and ask for a ride. Fortunately, her house wasn't that far away from his. She put her things back in her bag quietly so she doesn't wake him up. If she recalled correctly, there was a cabinet with a bunch of blankets and towels stocked so she looked for it near the kitchen and grabbed a clean blanket to cover him.

"Goodnight," she mumbled and locked his door before she left.

It was only halfway home did she realize they never exchanged phone numbers. She nearly facepalmed when she got to her door.

"I don't even know my boyfriend's number."