It was a beautiful day. The sky was a light blue without a cloud in sight. Flowers like buttercups and clovers scattered all over the place. All in all, it was perfect.

Kevin Anderson was sitting on his front porch, admiring the view. He was going into his senior year this year, and couldn't wait.

All the bullying had died down in late sophomore year. It was thanks to Eddward Rockwell that Kevin was free from all the harassment. He made sure no-one touched his 'pumpkin' as long as he was around.

Even though Edd moved away to college last summer, things remained somewhat calm.

Kevin looked over as his dog, Asriel, trotted up to him with a ball in his mouth. He dropped the ball and licked Kevin's hand.

Kevin smiled and picked up the ball.

"Fetch," he said, throwing it.

Asriel ran after it and disappeared from sight.

Kevin chuckled to himself and glanced over at Edd's old house.

Edd's parents had put it up for sale shortly after he moved to college and someone moved in two weeks later. A family of three had moved in. A mom, a brother, and a sister.

Kevin never really introduced himself. He knew that is was kind of rude, but he was really shy around people back then.

But Nazz told him that the sister would be in his class this year, he could introduce himself then.

Wanting to get something to eat, Kevin stood and walked inside to grab his keys and his wallet.

He walked in and caught a glance from a picture taken last year.

Kevin smiled at the picture his mom took of him and Edd one night.


Edd had come over to tutor Kevin. A little after six, Kevin's mom called them down for dinner. Edd said he would leave, but Kevin wanted him to stay for dinner. So he did.

After dinner, Kevin picked out a movie and they watched it. Kevin's mom walked in with the camera halfway through and they looked over.

"Smile," His mom said.

Kevin smiled slightly while Edd wrapped his arms around him and kissed his cheek, causing him to blush.


Kevin sighed and grabbed his keys and wallet. He walked out and locked up before leaving.

He smiled and walked to the diner.

It was a small building with multiple windows. Kevin thought it was a good place to eat.

He walked inside.

The usual smell of pies and cakes filled the air and made his mouth water.

Kevin walked over to a booth and sat down, looking at the menu.

The bell sounded and the door closed.

Kevin looked up and saw a familiar black beanie.

He stood up and walked over.

"Edd?" he said quietly.

Edd looked up and smirked.

"Greetings, pumpkin," he said. "How are you?"

"I'm fine," Kevin smiled, sitting down. "How's college?"

"It is somewhat irritating, but other than that, it is okay," Edd said.

"Cool, what's your major?" Kevin asked.

"It was biomedical engineering, then I switched it to computer engineering," Edd said.

"Cool, but why'd you switch?" Kevin asked.

"I was told that I was better at it by my roommate," Edd said.

"Oh," Kevin said. "How's life?"

Edd sighed.

"Well, Jackson and I have parted ways, and he has a girlfriend now," He said.

"Oh, wow, I'm sorry," Kevin frowned. "You know you could've called me, right?"

"Stop it," Edd said.

"Stop what?" Kevin asked.

"Stop thinking that when I have a flaw in my life, I'll always call you to cry on your shoulder," Edd snapped. "I don't need your damn sympathy."

"I'm not-"

"Don't act like you don't do it, you do and it's annoying," Edd said.

"I just-"

"Don't say you're trying to help me, I don't need you too," Edd said, glaring.


"Just leave me-" Edd was cut off by Kevin kissing him.

He pulled away and sighed.

"I was just trying to say that I was trying to be a good friend, and I just want to see you happy," Kevin said.

Edd stared at Kevin then looked down, biting his lip.

Kevin lifted Edd's chin up to meet his gaze. Edd sighed.

"My apologies, pumpkin," Edd muttered.

"Hey, it's okay," Kevin smiled softly.

"It's really not okay, I did not realize you were just being kind," Edd said.

"It's fine, Edd," Kevin said. "Don't worry about it."

Kevin and Edd stared into each other's eyes, slowly leaning in.

Kevin cleared his throat and sat back.

"Would you like to come over" he asked.

"Uhm, I suppose that would be alright," Edd said.

"Okay, come on," Kevin grinned, standing up.

Edd hesitantly stood and followed Kevin outside.

Kevin slipped his hand into Edd's and walked back to his house, smiling.

When they got there, they walked inside and sat on the couch.

Kevin leaned into Edd and smiled as he put his arms around him.

"Honestly, pumpkin," Edd said, sighing. "I've missed you."

Kevin looked up.

"I missed you too," he said.

Edd leaned down and kissed Kevin.

Kevin smiled and kissed back. Edd lay him on the couch and straddled him. Kevin blushed and looked up at him.

Edd lay across his chest and kissed down his neck.

"J'tiame, ma citrouille," he whispered against Kevin's ear.

Kevin shuddered.

"I-I love you t-too," he said shakily.

The door opened and Kevin's mom walked in.

"Interrupting something, am I?" She smirked.

Edd sat up and Kevin went scarlet.

His mom giggled.

"How cute," she smiled.


Hoi! I'm back! Geez, I was gone for soooo long. But I'm here now. I've been on wattpad for a while. I wrote this one-shot to get back into writing on here, so I might be starting on my other stories Stay awesome ~Buttercup.