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The sun was shining. The birds were chirping brightly. Henry loved days like that.
He checked in on Emma. He found her painting.

"What a vision of loveliness," he said gently touching her shoulder.

"You mean the painting," Emma asked.

"No," Henry said, "I mean the painter"
Emma blushed.

"Why Doctor Jekyll what a fine thing to say," she said.
She put down her paintbrush. He kissed her.

"Emma darling," he said, "Suppose we take a trip to the beach today. It is such a beautiful day."

"Yes Henry," Emma said, "I would like that very much."

Henry loved Emma before they were dating. Before they were dating she was actually his patient. They became good friends.
They had a lot in common. Both of them liked the same kind of music. They both liked the same kind of food.
There was something about Emma that Henry considered sweet and innocent. She was sweet; and innocent. Emma found good in even the worst of situations.
Henry always treated Emma special. Sir Danvers Carew knew about the relationship before Henry or Emma did. He saw the sparkle in Emma's eyes when she was with Henry and the light in Henry's smile when he was with Emma.
He fully approved of the relationship between Henry and Emma. They were made for each other. Little did anyone know the future that would change their lives.

As the waves lapped gently upon the sand Henry gazed lovingly into Emma's eyes. Emma returned the gaze. A gentle breeze blew betwixt the lovers.

"We've come a long way," Emma said, "From where we first began."
Henry nodded.

"We're equals now," she added.

"We always were equals," Henry said, "You just happened to be in need at the time. One day I might be in need. I'm sure you'll be there for me."
Emma paused.

"What if I could be there for you today," she suggested, "I could be the subject of your experiment."
Henry kissed her.

"That is incredible," he said.

"I love you Henry," Emma said.

"And I love you," Henry replied.