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Thank you for giving my story a chance. It is the second fairy tale AU I have written. I was inspired after seeing a German movie version of the Six Swans and thought I could write a version of it with Annie and Finnick from Hunger Games. I took some liberties with their characters since we only get a partial picture from the book series of Finnick and very little about Annie.

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Once upon a time, a Queen was traveling through a forest on her way home. She was well on her way when her horse spooked at a tracker jacker's nest and ran rampant through the woods. Her horse went so fast that none of her attendants could keep up with her and she was soon all alone in the woods.

As evening drew near her horse slowed. She stopped and looked around, and she saw that he had lost her way.
She sought a way out, but she could find none, there was no glimpse of the ocean this deep in the woods and the stars were covered by clouds.

Then, she perceived an aged hag who came towards her with a lopsided grin. The queen was frightened but too grateful to see she wasn't alone to try to run away.

She didn't see that the hag was a powerful witch.

"Good woman," said she to her, "Can you not show me the way through the forest? I need to get home to my children and have lost sight of the ocean." The queen frowned as she looked around the steadily darkening forest.

"Oh, certainly, milady, certainly," she crooned and patted the queen's smooth hand with her gnarled one.
"That I certainly can" but the hag's dull green eyes narrowed.

"But on one condition, and if you do not fulfill that, you will never get out of the forest, and will die of hunger in it." Her eyes glittered with her joy at having trapped the queen and her tongue licked some spittle from her chapped lips.

"Pray tell me the condition?" asked the Queen, trying to stay calm on the outside, but full of fear on the inside. However, she thought of her children, and her heart grew warm and brave. She would survive, for their sakes.

"I have a son," said the old woman, "who is as handsome and clever as any man in the world, and well deserves to be your consort, nay your King. Marry him and I will show you the way out of the forest and home to your precious babies." She said as more spit flew out of her mouth on the 's'.

In the anguish of her heart the Queen consented, for she was hopelessly lost.
The old woman led her to her little hut, where her son was sitting in the garden.
He received the Queen as if he had been expecting her, with an elegant bow and the offer of a rose.

She saw that he was very handsome with pale skin and hair the color of an angel and clear blue eyes, but still, he did not please her, and she could not look at him without secret horror at her fate.
She thought she saw a touch of blood at his mouth but it was gone so quickly she couldn't be sure she hadn't imaged it. She felt like a bird trapped in the gaze of a snake when she meet his eyes so, she kept her eyes on the rose in his lapel.

After he had joined the Queen upon her horse, the old woman showed her the way home, and they reached his royal palace again, where the wedding was soon celebrated, according to the hag's wishes.

The queen was a women of her word so she kept her promise. Something about the man made her think if she refused, despite her many guards and position of power, it would not go well.

Roses dominated the ceremony with the their sickly sweet perfume.
The witch's son gave her a huge bouquet of blood red roses and the Queen lost herself in the hypnotic color during the vows.

The Queen had already been married once before, and had by her first husband, seven children, six boys and a girl, whom she loved better than anything else in the world.

Her first husband had died fighting in the holy wars across the sea and left her a widow only two years ago before her marriage to the witch's son.

The Queen had married her first husband at a very young age and their marriage bed had been blessed with children early on.
The boys were each two years apart in age. The eldest was named Haymitch, followed by Gale, Beetee, Cinna, Boggs and Rory.

Haymitch as the oldest at age 16, was in charge of the rest. He had curly light brown hair and bright grey eyes. He was a little coarse and cocky at times but was also very intelligent and tough and did his best to look out for his family. He was skilled with a knife and often entertaining his younger brothers by juggling knifes or throwing them at targets.

Gale was the next oldest at age 14. He had dark brown hair and piercing grey eyes. He was skilled with a bow and had won many archery tournaments. He had a head for strategy as well and he and Haymitch would study old war books and battle plans.

Beetee made up the last of the older brothers at age 12. He had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He was highly intelligent and skilled at mechanics. He was often found inventing new weapons for his other brothers to test out or inventing devices to make his mother's life easier. He was quieter than his brothers but no less protective.

Boggs was one of the twins, age 10. He had light brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. He was very loyal to his brothers and wanted to a solider. He had the posture already and was forever marching around. He also had a good sense of humor and was already to smooth over an awkward moment with a joke or witty comment.

Cinna made up the other half of the twin pair. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes flecked with gold. He was the artistic member of the family and was forever sketching and drawing. He was also skilled at designing armor and he worked with Beetee to help out with his inventions. He was willing to stand up for his brothers and the family honor.

Rory was the youngest boy at age 8. He had light brown hair and grey eyes. He was eager to prove himself and was always following one of his brothers or his sister around. He enjoyed climbing trees, and playing outdoors and was fiercely loyal to his family.

Annie was the only girl and fell toward the middle at age 13. She was quite lovely, with auburn hair and green-grey eyes. She was a cheerful child, always laughing and dancing about with her brothers. She loved the water and would spend hours just watching the tides of the ocean or exploring the tidal pools. All of her brothers loved her dearly and listened to her as a second mother.

Now, shortly after the wedding, the Queen feared that the step-father might not treat her children well, and might even do them some injury out of fear of losing his position as king to the older boys.
Thus, she took all of her children to a lonely estate which stood in the midst of a forest, from several generations before her own, when a group of lords still ruled the kingdom.

It lay so well concealed from the outside world, and the way itself was so difficult to find, that she herself would not have found it, if a wise woman named Mags had not given her a fishing lure with magical properties.

When she threw it down before her, it showed her the path.
For one year, the children were quite safe in the woods. They took care of each other and learned how to survive on their own, hunting and cooking and sewing. They were happy to be together and delighted in their adventure.

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