This was (loosely) based off a conversation between me and a friend that we had. Somehow, we had the same ideas in our heads…

Server is 'The Harbinger'.


It wasn't such a peaceful place to be in, but there were jobs to be done.

Taxis and all sports of other hovering vehicles would fly over the surface in neat rows. Sunlight kept the buildings brightly gleaming, a few people left on the tops to converse endlessly on the uneasy peace between the Republic and Empire.

One of those conversations… happened down below. In the works, where it was obviously much darker and traffic was almost totally absent. Yet, on the taxi platform, interesting things happened between a Vanguard and a Jedi Sentinel…

"You ever wonder why we're here?" asked the Vanguard, stowing his rifle.

"That would be a very general question to ask,"

"Well, think about it. So far as I can tell, the only reason why the Republic had taken control of these planets on this side of the galaxy is because the Empire has control over their planets on the other side. And the only reason why the Imps took control of those planets on the other side of the galaxy is because we had control over these planets.

Even if we all somehow surrendered now or left this galaxy for another, the Empire would have control over two sides of a planet in a random galaxy in the middle of nowhere. Whoop-dee-affing-doo."

"…how is it that the force has just revealed to me a similar situation of a smaller scale in another galaxy in another part of the universe?"

"What's its name, mister Jedi?"

"…Blood…Gulch?" If the Mirakulan Jedi had eyes, he would have given a confused look altogether. "What kind of idiot would name a place Blood Gulch?"

"Who knows," replied the cyborg, rolling his eyes underneath a face-concealing helmet.

Aric and Kira stared quietly at their two leaders conversing with each other, utterly dumbfounded by what they had just realized. They just kept listening.

"Speaking of which, I had the strangest feeling that somewhere around this Ord Mantell of a planet, two agents with a sniper rifle are watching us."

"No worries trooper. It's just us, a medical droid over there and practically no one else."

"Wait, Ord Mantell? Master, what's that like?"

"Kira," said the trooper, "you seriously do NOT want to know."

"Well said," agreed Aric.