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Chapter 8:

Uchiha Sarada was six months old when her first tooth came in. The pain was unbearable for her, and her fever ran during the days leading up to the tooth breaking skin. Staying home from the hospital, her Mama had taken diligent care of her, giving her cold toys to chew on to relieve the tension. Papa had bought her a giant panda that was four times as big as she was. Surprisingly, the small girl would stop crying when the panda was put near her, making it one of the only toys Sarada ever gave any attention to.

Uchiha Sarada was seven months old when she began to crawl. While sitting and watching her Mama fold laundry, the little black-haired baby toppled over and began to slowly scoot towards the pink-haired woman, determined to reach her. Sakura gasped at what her daughter was doing, and helped Sarada get the hang of crawling. Later, when Sarada's Papa returned from training, he gave her a wide smile and a very gentle poke on the forehead after hearing of her accomplishment.

Uchiha Sarada was eight months old when she said her first word. Her mother was at the hospital delivering a baby, and her father was busy studying an important scroll. Wanting his attention, the baby very decisively said "Pa…pa…". Sasuke looked up, in total shock. Dropping the scroll and picking his daughter up, the Uchiha asked "What did you say, Sarada?". Again, the baby went "Pa…pa…Papa! Papa!" And clapped her hands merrily. She was too little to take note of the silent tears streaming down her father's face and the way he held her tightly, as if too proud to let go.

Uchiha Sarada was one year old when her mother and father helped her take her first steps. Grasping her tiny hands in their own, her parents slowly helped her find an equilibrium that allowed her to move with them, one step at a time. Sakura and Sasuke shared a look of pride and love that Sarada was unable to notice, her thoughts too concentrated on the steps in front of her.

Uchiha Sarada was one year and six months old when she decided that tomatoes were not her favorite food. After begging her Papa for a bite of his favorite treat and forcing him to succumb to her demands, Sarada had immediately spit the fruit out, covering the ground in front of her with red tomato bits. Her Papa grimaced and told his daughter that tomatoes weren't for everyone before glaring at his wife, who had gone into a bit of hysterics. After helping him clean up the mess, Sasuke gave Sarada some apple slices, which she greatly enjoyed.

Uchiha Sarada was two years and a month old when her Papa left for an incredibly important mission. Her mother had been quiet for days, and her father even more so. Mama did not smile like normal, and Papa gave Mama more hugs and affection than normal. On the day of his departure, Sarada and her Mama walked him to the gates of Konoha. Rather than giving him a perky "see you in a few days!" like normal, Sakura was for once at a loss for words.

When Sakura's lip began to twitch and she refused to meet Sasuke's eyes, he pulled her in for a hug and told her "don't make that face." He took Sarada from Sakura's arms and kissed her forehead, hugging her tightly.

"I'll see you soon, Sarada." He told her, handing her back to her Mama. After kissing Sakura and poking her on the forehead, Sasuke noticed his wife brighten a little. It was their usual parting with the same unspoken message: He would come back to them, always.

"I know we won't be able to speak much, or at all even…" Sakura began. Sasuke watched her intently, soaking in every word. "But you must take care of yourself. I know you're doing this for the sake of the future…but remember that there are people in the future who need you." With a look at Sarada, Sakura made sure Sasuke knew who she was talking about. "We will always be waiting for you, anata."

Sasuke gave her a heavy look before nodding and embracing them one more time. Sarada then watched as her father's back disappeared into the trees, forcing himself not to look back and make his burden any heavier.

Uchiha Sarada was five years old when she fell incredibly ill. During that time, she received presents from many people. A giant bunny from the Uzumaki family, a special kunai from the sixth Hokage, a cactus from the Kazekage, a bouquet of flowers from the Yamanakas, and so on. She still, however, preferred her giant panda to all the new presents. As time wore on, many of Sarada's memories began to fade away, including the limited ones she had of her Papa, much to her Mama's dismay.

When her eyesight started to wear away, Sarada received a pair of red-rimmed glasses the exact shade of her mother's dress. Sakura told her that she had them custom ordered since they were Sarada's favorite color, but they had actually come from Karin. After learning that Sasuke had gone off on a mission, Karin had thought it best that she wasn't mentioned to Sarada. It would lead to too many questions that couldn't be answered by anyone but Sasuke. So, Karin sent the glasses to her friend with the explicit order that Sarada could not know where they had come from. After some adjustments, the glasses fit Sarada perfectly, and Sakura almost cried at how precious her daughter was, and how grateful she was to have Karin as a friend

Uchiha Sarada was twelve years and one month old when she finally saw her Papa again. After a rocky reunion and an unexpected battle, he came home and spent time with his little family for the first time in years. The precocious child talked to her father until she exhausted herself and had to be carried into bed. She smiled in her sleep as Sasuke and Sakura tucked her in, pride swelling in their hearts.

Late that night, after a passionate reunion with his wife, the Uchiha Patriarch sighed with contentment. While he couldn't stay for the long, the man finally found peace again being with his loved ones. Before falling asleep, Sakura and him discussed letting Sakura tell Sarada exactly who Karin was, and what her connection to the girl was. After deciding it would be best if Sakura told her after Sasuke left so that Sarada could get as much time with him as possible, the Uchiha man slept the first peaceful sleep he'd had in a long time.

The next day, when parting with his daughter, Sasuke poked her on the forehead, promising to return the same way he had done to his wife ten years before. Instead of kissing his wife this time, he left abruptly with a smirk on his face, instead choosing to tease her. While he was sure she would make him pay dearly for it, Sasuke was not intending on staying away nearly as long as he had before. His wife and daughter were the driving force behind wanting to protect the world, and he would do it as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to keep them safe.

Uchiha Sarada was twelve years and two months old when she wrote a letter to Uzumaki Karin, the woman who had aided her mother during her pregnancy and delivered her into the world. "I feel as though I know you already!," the bright child wrote. "Mama told me we couldn't speak before to protect Papa, but I'm glad that now, we can talk. Thank you for all the glasses you've sent me over the years, and for watching over Mama and Papa. While we may not have met, our bond is a strong one because of the bond between you and my parents. We may not be related, and we haven't spoken two words to each other, but that's okay. Bonds come in all shapes and sizes, after all, and this one is no different!" After signing her name and including a picture of her family, Sarada and Sakura sent the letter to Karin with a messenger hawk, watching it fly into the sun. For the first time in a long time, Sarada felt a peace within herself knowing how loved and appreciated she really was.

Karin received the letter the same day, and smiled deeply at seeing how grown Sarada had become. She reread one particular line over and over again, relishing in the wisdom of her friend's child. "Bonds come in all shapes and sizes." She repeated in her head.

The redhead let out a small chuckle at the fact that a twelve-year-old knew what she didn't know until she was in her twenties. After meeting Sakura, though, Karin's eyes were opened to the world around her. Bonds did indeed come in all shapes and sizes, and Uchiha Sarada was living proof of that.