I was out with my police partner, Amy Rorhbach and we were searching around an abandoned factory for some clues to the whereabouts of some missing children. Amy and I split up to search the building. As I was walking through the corridors, I could hear a faint echo of crying and followed it to the source. As I opened the door, that concealed them, I saw all three of them and luckily they seemed physically unharmed.

"Hey, my name's Dick, I'm here to help you"

The oldest child that looked about 9 smiled deviously when he heard my name.

"I've heard all the jokes kid, don't even bother going there" I warned with a smug smile.

The boys smile faded and he followed me outside along with the other two children.

"Found 'em" I told Amy through the radio.

"Right, meet you back outside in a moment"

I looked around and noticed a silhouette looking down through one of the windows high up. I wanted to go and see who it was but I needed to stay with the kids. I felt my blood run cold as the figure walked away. I hated that I had just let a child-snatcher get away. Amy came out of the building and jogged over.

"Good job, rookie"

When I didn't reply, Amy took on a look of worry and traced my eyesight up to the window.

"You alright Dick?"

"Yeah, but I think I saw the kidnapper up there"

"Well then let's go"

"What about the kids?" I looked over my shoulder to see the three children all huddled together. 'They must've had a lot of free time to get to know each other'

"You stay with them" Amy instructed.

"No way! I'm not missing out on the action"

Amy sighed "I've been on the force longer"

"I saw them first"

Amy scoffed and rolled her eyes "A childish tactic"

"But did it work?"

"No, it didn't, it just proved that you should stay with the kids while I go check up there"

I huffed and sat back against the police car, facing the children. It was pretty obvious that Amy didn't trust me, she kept it well hidden under layers of insults and jokes, but I was taught by Batman, I see through those layers as easily as Superman sees through walls (ones that aren't lead, obviously).

"So what are your names?" I asked and crouched down to the kids level.

"I'm Liam" the boy that looked about 5 answered shyly.

"Betty" The 7 year old looking girl answered happily.

"Jimmy" The 9 year old who found my name amusing said proudly.

"Cool names, so what do you like to do?"

"I like to draw and ride motorbikes" Betty smiled.

'How can a 7 year old allowed near a motorbike?'

"I like playing video games" Jimmy shrugged.

Liam didn't answer and thought it was best to leave him alone.

"Any of you like Nightwing?" I couldn't help but ask.

Jimmy practically shot up "I love Nightwing! He's so cool! I saw him once in a fight and he was doing all these cool looking flips and ninja moves, he took all the bad guys out in seconds!"

I couldn't hide the smile that spread across my face and I noticed that Betty had an excited look in her eyes as well, even little Liam had cracked a smile.

"Would you still think he was awesome if his name was Dick?"

"Of course I would! His name doesn't change how awesome he is" Jimmy rolled his eyes like it was common knowledge.

"How awesome am I?"

Jimmy narrowed his eyes thoughtfully "Don't know yet, so far maybe a 4"

"Out of 5?"

"Out of 10"

I gave Jimmy a fake hurt look. He sort of reminded me of, well me especially when I was his age. Arrogant, annoying, smug, sure of himself, fanboy, yeah that sounds like me.

"Hey rookie, where are you?" Amy called out.

I stood up "Finally! And no gunshots, did they come quietly or get away?"

"They were long gone before I got there, eagle-eye"

"Wow! A compliment!"

"That wasn't supposed to be a compliment"

"Well saying someone has the eyesight of an eagle doesn't really sound like an insult, now does it?"

"Oh shut up, and stop smiling like that"

My smile only widened as I turned to the kids and opened the back door.

"All aboard the Police Express, our next stop will be Parent Station"

The children looked much happier as they went into the back of the police car.

"Cool! I've never been in a police car before!" Jimmy looked around the car incredulously.

"And hopefully you never will again"

"Why's that?"

"Because it would mean that you, A: Did something bad or B: Were in a bad situation, neither of which are very appealing options" I told them. "Believe me" I whispered, facing the kids, hoping that Amy didn't hear but she obviously did because I saw her shake her head.

The kids laughed quietly and it was like that for the rest of the ride back to the station, me talking to the kids while Amy was constantly rolling her eyes and telling me to shut up. We dropped the kids back at the station and watched them be re-united with their families, after they all hugged and thanked me, of course, even Liam. Amy looked slightly annoyed that the kids paid no attention to her.

"Why did they like you so much?"

"I can't help being likeable, but maybe if you had stayed with them-" I replied with a sly grin.

Amy huffed and rolled her eyes "Whatever rookie, see ya tomorrow?"

"Yup goodnight" I quickly saluted and left.

"Night" Amy called over her shoulder.

I left the Bludhaven Police Department and rode my motorcycle back to my house. I entered and flicked the light on to find Joker and Harley Quinn sitting on my lounge watching TV. I didn't pay attention to what they were watching because I was too busy going over the many possibilities of why two of the worst villains from Gotham had come to Bludhaven and invaded my house. 'Have they figured out that I'm Nightwing, or did they just randomly decide to invade my property , that would just be my luck wouldn't it'. Before I could think about it anymore, the two psychopaths noticed my arrival.

"Ah, hello Dickie-boy"

'Well if they know my name, I doubt this is a random thing'

"What do you two circus freaks want?"

"That's funny, since you're the only one in this room that's actually from a circus"

'Well then this is definitely not a random thing' "That doesn't answer my question"

"Some detective isn't?" Joker whispered to Harley and she giggled. "We want you dear boy!" Joker explained over-enthusiastically.

"I meant why, psihopat prost"

Joker's usual smile faded and Harley just looked confused.

"What did you call me?"

"Psihopat prost"

"And what does psihopat prost mean?" Joker's tone was becoming darker with each passing second.

"Stupid psychopth in Romanian" 'Well your an idiot aren't you? Just tell the evil, psychotic, super-sensitive madman that he's a stupid psychopath, that won't end terribly now will it? You really can't help yourself can you? Douche' I mentally told myself off.

Joker growled and a look of pure anger took over "So I'm a stupid psychopath am I?"

"Yeah and her too" I nodded to Harley and she looked absolutely furious. 'Yeah not improving your situation are you?'

I would have laughed at the look on their faces, if Joker hadn't decided to pull out a gun and shoot me. The bullet pierced my thigh and I felt a little dizzy. 'He used a poison bullet, of course! Oh you just couldn't keep your mouth shut could you Dick? You just had to make the crazies mad, didn't you? Idiot!' I told myself as I slipped into unconciousness. 'Yeah, great going Dick'.