I had only visited Dick once in the week he had stayed at the hospital and that had been when he was unconcious, so I had decided to see how he was doing. I drove up the long, winding driveway and Alfred opened the door just as I was about to knock on it.

"Here to see Master Dick, I presume?"

Something about Alfred made me want to act more proper around him but after seeing how the family he had to look after acted, I knew he wouldn't care "Yeah"

He stepped aside and I walked in. Damian was wrestling Tim for the TV remote, Jason was looking through all the draws and Dick was sitting on the lounge in the middle of it all, looking amused. I sat down next to him.

"Where the hell is my bloody phone?" Jason growled.

"Can't decide what to watch, huh?" I asked.

Dick smiled "It's always such a hard decision"

"Out of the wheelchair then?"

"Since yesterday"

"Weren't you supposed stay off your leg for another two weeks?"

"I know how to handle pain, doctor's don't"

I was surprised by how serious he sounded.

"The best way to recover is to push past the pain and continue on. If your leg breaks and you never try to walk on it, what do you thinks gonna happen?"

"It'll stop working"


"So how are you?"

"I'm good, you?" He his normal un-serious self again.


"I saw your reaction to the, uh, video"

I tensed "What?"

"Joker put a virus into your computer which allowed him to see your reaction and he showed it to me"

"Oh" I couldn't shut my eyes because I was too surprised.

"I used to think you didn't care about me, like at all"

"Well you were right, I thought you were another corrupt cop but when I saw how you acted when Joker was torturing you, I realized you were nothing like them and I trust you now"

"Well I've always trusted you"

"Don't try to make me feel any worse" I glared at him from sideways.

"I can see you glaring"

"And I thought I was being sneaky about it" I remarked sarcasticly.

"You really did, didn't you?"

"Oh shut up rookie"

"When did the captain say I can go back to the force?"

"Four weeks"


"Well technically he said; Two weeks after he regains the use of his legs"

"And you told him that would take two weeks, didn't you?"

"Well I was just going off what the nurse told me"

Dick glanced at me with an evil look in his eyes, like he was plotting some kind of revenge against me. Tim jumped up and switched the TV on. Damian slowly got up, he had a nose bleed and brushed off his shirt, he glared at Tim and walked out.

"That a normal daily thing for those two?" I asked Dick.

"More like a twice per hour thing for those two. It's a little better with Damian and Jason"

Jason glanced over when he heard his name but realizing we were talking about him and not to him, he just kept looking through draws.

"You have a messed up family"

"Tell me about it"


It took a lot of effort to write this, so even if you don't like it, appreciate it.