The oddest day

Chapter 1

The four assassins stood side by side watching the celebrations taking place . They had fought in the war against the Imperial army and had won breaking the empires hold on the province of Skyrim . Next to them stood the only thing that kept them going in the three years that passed since they first arrived ,Carli , their girl . She was watching the celebrations too ,but her mind was elsewhere . Busy with what they were going to do next now that everything was over . The war , the quests they had helped the Dragonborn with . She hoped that somehow they could relax and settle down for a while . To journey so much as they did through the years was beginning to tire her out . She had lost hope of ever going home and so did they . They had talked about buying a farm or maybe an inn now that all things had come to an end . Arren Stormrider didn't need them so much anymore . He was going to get married soon and they didn't want to stand in his way . ''Tomorrow we should go to Whiterun ,maybe we can ask the Jarl for a piece of land ,or maybe we should go and travel the whole of Tamriel to get to know this land better '', Connor said as he took a drink from a tankard of mead . The four nodded . They was all for doing that . The Jarl of Whiterun was still the same one as when they first arrived there . All thanks to Carli who had pleaded with Ulfric Stormcloak the new High king of Skyrim to spare his life and keep him as Jarl which Balgruuf the Greater had very much appreciated and promised to be loyal to the High king . The strangest of all was when she had pleaded for General Tulius's life at the last battle stating that blood was shed enough and that they should show the Imperials that they were better than them when it came to the choice of sparing a life or not . Ulfric did as she asked winning the loyalty of every Nord , Argonian ,Dunmer and every other free people of Skyrim . Even Tulius himself was grateful and had pledged his life to serve the new high king . The five was about to mingle with the other celebrators when a strange but also familiar light appeared . They had no time to do anything when it engulfed them . Carli grabbed for Desmond but couldn't reach .She then untied his hoody that he had let her hold for him and pressed it against her heart . She was still doing that when she blacked out …..

Lord Elrond watched as the dark haired girl turned in her sleep. Some of his scouts found her at the borders of Rivendell ,near the Ford , unconscious and bruised, she had also been holding onto some strange piece of clothing ,it looked like a sort of hooded coat. He had to pry it loose ,since she had been holding on to it for dear life .He had been tending to her ever since that day ,it's been three days already . Lord Elrond had hoped that she'd be awake by now but it seems his hopes would be no use .He was curious about her origin and what she was doing near the Ford . He sighted heavily ,he really had more pressing matters to attend to . Gandalf the Grey had brought him the most disturbing news . The ring of power was of utter importance . The girl sighted in her sleep and turned on her other side .Lord Elrond bend over her to feel her forehead .She was running a fever ,he needed to break it somehow ,it was important that she pulled through ,he needed his answers .

Ezio didn't know why he decided to join the group of four hairy feet little men and the tall ranger they had called Strider .Two days ago he had stumbled into their camp and was nearly attacked by the man .He had held up his hands and told them that he meant no harm ,that he was lost and wanted only to find his friends that he somehow got separated from when that stupid bright white light had interfered with them once more, when they were all celebrating the fall of the imperial army in the province of Skyrim in the land of Tamriel on the continent of Nirn in the plane of Mundus . Strider and one of the hobbits as the little men introduced themselves invited him to come with them to Rivendell where some elf lord was supposed to help him find his friends . Ezio didn't worry about Altair ,Desmond and Connor so much . He worried about Carli the only girl in their group ,who needed protection all the time and he hated it that she wasn't with him where he could keep an eye on her . He was glad that Strider didn't take his weapons that miraculously survived once again to serve him faithfully . He didn't show them his hidden blades ,he didn't want to take their generosity for granted . Only his sword ,axe and other weapons was visible and that was all he let them see . He never took off his hood either and didn't tell them why when they asked him about it . He only told them his name is Ezio . The Da Firenze part he left out and also his surname .He didn't talk much to his new companions . He mostly kept to himself and even stood watch with Strider just to show that he wasn't a bad person or something . He missed the others company though ,even Altair's temper was better than nothing . He hoped that they were alright especially their girl . She needed him he could just feel it as if she was calling out to him . He was walking behind everyone today watching behind them for enemy forces ,though he didn't know much as Strider just told him to look for black riders .Ezio had agreed to do that and didn't tell anyone of his ability of seeing what they could not . So he had been using his Eagle Vision more and more with every step he took at the rear of the group . Scanning for the bad guys .

''We would reach Rivendell in three days '',The elf called Legolas told Altair and Connor whom he and his companions had found a week ago lying unconscious next to eachother in a clearing of their home Mirkwood . They had nursed them back to health and had decided to take them with them to Rivendell when Altair had told them of their quest to find their friends . They had remained quiet after that and had followed the elves all the way to where they were now in a clearing sitting around a nice cosy fire ,warming their bodies . They just nodded at the elf not saying a word on the matter . Both were worried about the other three especially Carli who they didn't want to lose for anything in the world . The day before Connor had asked Altair if he thought that the girl was alright . Altair told him then that he didn't know and that he hoped she was . Legolas had listened to this conversation curious to find out more about the two hooded men who never let their hoods down except when he had let it down for them when he had helped nurse them when they were found . He was shocked about the same scars that the two had on the side of their lips and also the way they had looked, almost like twins though one was a shade darker than the other . He only knew their names and that they wanted to find their friends ,more than that he had to guess about . ''We are going to stand watch you two can rest ,elves don't need sleep as much as humans '', he told them .They just nodded again and went to roll out their bedrolls . Legolas saw a strange thing then . The two men drew three rectangular signs between their bedrolls and on both sides . They then scribbled strange writings on the rectangles . Connor bend down and touched the rectangle in the middle whispering softly ''Goodnight Carli ''. Altair did the same .After this they touched the other two and said ''Goodnight Desmond and Ezio ,be safe and come back to us ''. They got into their bedrolls feeling better about the journey ahead . They knew they'd find their friends soon . Legolas watched them sleep and wondered about them some more .

Desmond didn't like his traveling companion much .The man was a grumpy guy who treated him like he was just a piece of the luggage that the horse carried . He only knew the man's name which was Boromir . A name Desmond have never known existed in his entire life . Sure Skyrim had had its fair share of strange names but some was strong Viking names and that he could understand ,but this Boromir name was strange to his ears . He didn't ask the guy where they was .He was pretty sure he would get no answer because the guy just didn't talk much unless he thought something relevant to talk about . He had stumbled across Boromir as he was searching for his friends . That was a couple of days ago . Boromir had invited him to travel with him to a place called Rivendell where someone may be able to help him find the others or so Boromir said . They had been traveling constantly resting only briefly at times . Desmond was tired of walking all day and night . He was starting to regret his decision to join the guy . ''We shall make camp tonight '', Boromir says suddenly as if he had heard Desmond's thoughts . Desmond just nodded too tired to speak really. He was just glad to think of being able to rest for longer than he had the past couple of days . He just hoped his friends was safe especially Carli ,the love of his life . The others could protect themselves but not her . She had been taught by them the basics of fighting in the three years they had been in Skyrim but she wasn't very good at it . Even Altair was giving up on the lessons and Altair never did that before . He had trained hundreds of new assassins before .One girl was not going to let him lose his faith that easily ,but he did lose it because Carli just did not get anything right . No he just had to find his friends . He needed to make sure Carli was safe . If he could just touch her again he'd be glad .

She was a bit disorientated when she woke a week after she was found by the scouts . She laid there blinking to clear her vision that was bleary . And trying to find her bearings . The blinking helped so she could see better . She sat up slowly taking in the room she was in . The room was different than she remembered any of the rooms in Skyrim had looked . The windows was big and the room was strangely spacious . It had a wardrobe and even a table with a chair in one corner . The sheets of the bed was white . Everything was so clean ,not even a speck of dust in sight . She decided to get up . She really didn't want to stay in bed anymore . Pushing the bedcovers off of her she turned her body and placed her feet on the floor . She had to hold on to the headboard of the bed to help her stand as her legs felt weak and wobbly . From there she scanned the room to find her clothes because she realised that she only wore a thin night dress that was too breezy for her liking . She spotted the pile of clothes just as the door to the room opened to reveal a tall dark haired elf . For a moment they stared at eachother before the elf spoke ''So your awake ''. It wasn't a question . But she answered anyway by nodding and at the same time breaking eye contact . He then asked ''Can you tell me your name ?''. She cleared her throat and said ''Its Carli ''. The elf nodded though she didn't look his way so she didn't see his nod . ''Well Carli I am Elrond Lord of Rivendell ,if you are dressed and ready to talk I would like to see you in my study ,I want to ask you some questions . I will send someone to show you the way , until we meet again Carli I would wish for you to have a very nice day '' . He bowed his head and backed out of the room . She waited till the door was closed before she walked slowly to the chair on which her clothes was neatly piled . She put on her linen shirt and breeches first .Over that she pulled on her knee length robes .Around her middle she fastened a red sash reminding her instantly of Altair and Ezio's sashes . She then tied a belt over her sash that held some throwing knifes and other weapons her friends had given her including the dagger that Altair had given her so long ago . The same one he had given her six months after he bought it for her but had completely forgotten about it until he gave it to her one night after they had had an argument about Mercer Fray . Sighting she picks up the one thing left on the chair . Desmond's hoody . The one thing she had with her that day the bright white light had returned to transport them to yet another adventure . She tied it around her waist over her belt and sash .It was all she could do to keep it safe . She opened the door and stepped out into the corridor .

She found an elf waiting for her outside her door . The elf asked her politely to follow him . So she did just that . Elrond wasn't alone . Two people was with him . An elf and an old man who Carli knew somehow was Gandalf the Grey . The elf she presumed was Glorfindel or some other important elf . Elrond smiled at her as they all stood to greet her . ''Welcome Carli '', the elf lord said warmly ''Meet two good friends of mine , Gandalf and Glorfindel '' . Carli smiled at them and wondered if she should curtsy or something . She made up her mind not to though . She really just wanted to get this over and done with so she could go search for her friends .

Lord Elrond watched the girl smile as he introduced his two friends . She was wearing the clothes she had on when she was found . And not surprisingly she wore the strange clothing she had been holding onto around her middle like a belt or apron though it hang down her back side . She was still a little pale but he knew she was in good health now . He hoped that she would tell him everything of how she came to be on the border near the Ford and why she was there . He asked her to take a seat next to Gandalf . She nodded and did what he asked . He took a seat himself waited for her before he began his questioning . ''Now as we are all seated I would like to know your story Carli '', he said .

Carli looked at the elf Lord before her and wondered if he would believe her story if she told him . Clearing her throat she began '' Over three years ago something happened . I was in my house sleeping when I woke up and found four men standing in my room ….''. She went on telling them about how she knew the four men but they didn't know her . She then told them how they ended up in another world entirely when a bright light transported them there . She told them how Skyrim was for her . ''I liked it but I actually didn't know how long I was going to live there …'' . She told them about some of the adventures they had like Saarthal and even about Bleak Falls Barrow . She didn't tell them about the four's profession or even about their other friend the Dragonborn .She didn't tell them about the four's special abilities or even the Dragonborn's . And she kept their names a secret for now ,jealously guarding them . She just told them about her good times and some of the bad . ''So as the days became months and months into three years I grew close to them , we are friends now and we love each other like a family …'' She told them about how they had fought in a war against imperial soldiers . How they won the war even though they thought that they weren't going to win . ''So at the celebration of a new era for Skyrim we were going to decide to travel the whole of Tamriel but the light that transported us there had other ideas . I was standing next to one of my friends when the light engulfed us . The only thing I could grab onto was his hoody . I screamed but it was already too late . Darkness washed over me and I fainted . I don't know why I am here or how I got separated from my friends . All I know is that the last time we were transported we ended up together . I don't even know if they are in this world . Maybe they were send back to theirs or maybe to another world , I miss them though and hope they are alright . They are my family away from my biological family . They are my brothe…. '' ,her voice trailed off .She couldn't go on . Pain inside her heart prevented that . She felt like crying though she knew she had to stay strong and have faith that her friends would come for her .

Lord Elrond ,Gandalf and Glorfindel stared at the girl as she took deep breaths to calm herself . They felt sorry for her . Gandalf the most . The girl interested him . There was something about her that he was attracted to . He didn't know what it is but he hoped to find out . Lord Elrond opened his mouth to speak but he got no further than that because the door to his opened and in walked his adopted son Aragorn or Estel as he called him . With him was a strange hooded man who had a strange aura that surrounded him . The three people forgot the girl as they stared at the man in silence . Aragorn spoke then ''I'm sorry for interrupting but this man needed to see you ,He has come a long way to ask for your help ''. Lord Elrond nodded and gestured for the hooded man to take a seat but before the man could do anything like that the girl bolted up right and rushed towards him , throwing her arms around him ,hugging him tight .

Carli heard the door open and turned in her seat to see who opened it . Two men stepped into the room . One she didn't really recognise . The other one she did . She couldn't believe her eyes as she looked at the hooded man . She couldn't move at that moment as her body felt rooted . While the other man spoke she watched the hooded man who didn't seem to see her . His attention was on the other people in the room . When Lord Elrond waved his hand towards a chair she couldn't stop herself when she got up and rushed into the man's arms .

Ezio was a bit shocked when the girl hugged him . He was ready to kill flexing his wrist to unsheathe but stopped himself when he recognised the familiarity of the small figure against him . He relaxed then and looked down at the dark haired head that rested against his lower chest .He brought up his hand then and let his fingers ran through the long hair . ''Dear little Carli '',he said softly . She looked up then smiling at him with tears in her eyes . ''Ezio '',she said ,her voice sounded sad to him . His eyes burned as tears welled up . He never cried not even when his father and brothers were hanged . But the sad look on the girls face pulled at his heart strings . He blinked to get rid of the tears and then rubbed her back soothingly . ''I thought I lost you '',he admitted . She pressed her head tight against him and said in a muffled voice ''I thought I lost you Ezio ''. Ezio hugged her then saying ''Not in a million years little Carli ,not in a million years ''.

Lord Elrond watched this strange display in front of him . He knew then that the hooded man must be one of the girl's friends . He wondered about the man . He wanted to ask him who he was . He decide to break up the reunion for now to get his answers but before he could the hooded man looked up from the girl in his arms to look at him . ''I am Ezio ..'',he started . He told them about how he had been stumbling around in the wild in search of his friends when he met Aragorn and the hobbits . He told them the same story Carli had about Skyrim . He told them nothing of where he came from ,or what happened in his life before Skyrim . ''I was coming here to ask for your help to find my friends , the hobbits and Strider here told me that you could help , I have Carli but I still need to find the others , I will be very happy if you could help '' . Lord Elrond nodded at this ''I could try but it can't be right away, you see we have problems of our own and if you like you could stay and help then after that we can talk about finding your friends , in three maybe four days' time a counsel will be held and you and the girl are welcome to attend . ''

Ezio looked down at the girl for a moment before he said ''Alright I will attend with the girl but until then what do you need me to do ?'' . The old man in grey robes spoke up then for the first time ''You could rest and come with me wherever I go in this town , that offer stand for the girl as well ,see it as if you were my children and I was your father , You have a strange name , I haven't heard of one such as yours in my entire existence ''. Before Ezio could say a word Carli said ''His Italian , Italy isn't in Middle Earth , Its on Earth where we come from ''. Gandalf looked at the girl who now stood with her back against Ezio who had his arms around her waist now . ''And yours young lady ?'', he asked . Carli shrugged ''I'm a south African but my name isn't I don't know if its English or French or anything else ,my parents just gave me my name as my father's name is Carl they just added the last letter ,my brother Bart has my father's other name so yeah ''. Gandalf just nodded at that then looked at Ezio again . ''Come let us take a walk and I can tell you everything of my world if you want ''. Ezio just nodded . He let go of Carli's waist and took her hand . Nodding to the other people he and she followed Gandalf out of the room .

They entered Rivendell before sundown . Altair and Connor was glad that the journey was behind them for now . They were tired . The last two days they had picked up the pace . Walking constantly . The elves had wanted to get the Journey over with just as badly as the two assassins did . Rivendell was something they have never seen before . There was a strange aura that surrounded the place . The whole place screamed sanctuary . They hoped that it was going to be a sanctuary for them until they could find their friends . They were told that Lord Elrond will see them in the morning of the next day as . The two excepted that though they really wanted to see the elf already . Legolas never left their side as they walked around Rivendell with their hoods still over their heads hiding their faces .He didn't want the two to make trouble or something . They ignored the elves that stared as they passed by . Altair used his Eagle Vision like he always did when they entered a new place . Connor took in every tree, stone and building and submitting it to memory . Something he did so naturally it was even strange . Later they was given rooms to stay in at the house of Elrond . They went to sleep wondering about the next day . Their last thoughts was of their friends and where they could be .

The next morning came faster than they thought . Legolas escorted them to Elrond's study . There they found that Elrond wasn't alone . Two others was with him . An old grey haired man and a golden haired Elf . ''Good day gentlemen '', Elrond greeted them . They bowed their still hooded heads in reply . They were offered chairs to sit on but they declined it saying that they'd rather stand if Elrond didn't mind . Elrond didn't . He rather found the two hooded men interesting as they stood there . Altair was about to speak when the door burst open and in came a man followed by a very annoyed Desmond who didn't hide it one bit . ''Really man its rude to go barging in unannounced if I were Lord Elrond I would have kicked your ass from here to whatever place is farthest away from here , Really you must have lost your mind man ,haven't your mother ever taught you any manners , sheesh you act as if you are lord of this house ,are you even listening ?'', he protested the whole time . Boromir just ignored him not knowing what was going to happen next . If he did he would maybe have asked to see Elrond first . Altair who hates to be interrupted growled and let loose a kick at Boromir's chest ,making the man stumble backwards and nearly fall on his butt . Before Altair can do anything else Desmond and Connor grabs him by his arms yelling ''Altair! ,stop!''. Pulling against the hands that bound him he lets out another growl .

Gaping at the three hooded men and then at Boromir the others in the room are speechless for the moment . ''Let's take him outside '',Desmond suggests to Connor ignoring the stares . ''Yeah , he needs to cool off I guess '', Connor agrees . They do just that . Outside Desmond says ''That was close , you should really learn to control your anger buddy ''. Altair says nothing about this just pulls free and go lean against the wall . Suddenly he burst out laughing and the other two does the same . ''It's great to see you Desmond '',Connor says at a moment's pause punching Desmond's shoulder . Desmond smiles ''Yeah it's great to see you too again Connor and you too Altair ''. Altair nods and smiles . The sound of a throat being cleared causes them to look in the direction of the door . It's Legolas who have followed them and witnessed the whole reunion thing . ''So this is a friend of yours ? '', the elf asks . Altair answers ''Yes , this is Desmond , And Desmond this is Legolas , he helped us get here ''. Desmond bows his head in greeting . Legolas does the same . They remain silent after this until Boromir comes out followed by Lord Elrond . Nodding at the men and the elf princeling Boromir walks away leaving Lord Elrond to invite the three assassins in to his study .

Carli walked around with Ezio and the two hobbits Merry and Pippin . She was so glad to meet two of her favourite characters in the lord of the rings trilogy . They made her laugh with stories of what happened to them at home as they went gallivanting around the shire . Ezio didn't laugh but she knew he wasn't hundred present with them there because he was worried about the others . She too was worried but she had learned by now that to worry didn't help much . They walked side by side attracting a lot of attention from the elves and other free peoples of Middle Earth . They had their hoods pulled up over their heads . Dressed in their robes . She held onto Ezio's arm . He didn't mind that . He knew it was up to him to keep her safe . They would be going to the meeting in an hour . So they only took some time breathing in fresh air and talking to the hobbits . ''You could have been a hobbit too ,Miss Carli , ''Pippin was saying ''You aren't that tall maybe nearly as tall as a dwarf or maybe a bit shorter .'' Merry nodded in agreement . Carli just laughed and shook her head .Her attention was now too much on Ezio who didn't even notice that they had been walking up and down the road for the past hour . She was about to say something to him when the bell sounded to call everyone who was invited to the meeting .

Desmond ,Altair and Connor followed Legolas to the place the meeting would be held . It was a kind of porch which looked more like a courtyard on Lord Elrond's property . In the middle was a sort of stone table . Small and round . It stood on one leg only . It looked more like a birdbath but without the bath part . They had their hoods drawn over their heads . Desmond wearing the same robes he had worn in Skyrim . Though sometimes he'd change into his jeans and hoody just to have the feel of home again . His robes was similar to his girls robes though not knee length like hers . White yes like all assassins robes . With the red sash and the brown belt with the buckle that was in the form of the assassin sign . He had some blue too on his robes to make Connor feel better about the blue in his robes . Connor appreciated the gesture and had told him that before . They were lead to seats next to other men . One of the men was Boromir and another was a man Legolas had introduced them to the day they arrived . Aragorn a Ranger of the North . Altair growled when he laid eyes on Boromir but didn't do anything more than that . He wasn't going to disrupt a meeting just because he didn't like one of the attenders . Desmond to keep the peace decided to take the seat next to Boromir . Connor noticed what Desmond was trying to do and decided to let Altair sit in between the two of them so that they could restrain him if he got angry or something .

Desmond had just taken his seat and was looking up towards the other people who streamed onto the porch taking seats when his eyes fell on two people wearing white assassin robes . One was small and clearly female .The other was tall and could have been his twin . A gasp from Connor told him that the man too had spotted the two white robed people . He was on his feet before he could stop himself . Connor followed suit . Altair had to be punched lightly in the shoulder to get his attention but it was worth it . The man's eyes brightened and his smile was so dashing Desmond was sure he would need sunglasses to protect his eyes . As the three watched the two ,the two looked up in their direction . Desmond had no time to prepare himself for the small figure that rushed towards him ,propelling herself into his arms hugging him tightly . For one second or so he stiffened on impact but then relaxed wrapping his arms around her .

Carli couldn't believe her eyes as she looked up to see her three friends staring with happiness clearly on their faces at her and Ezio . She couldn't stop herself when she ran towards the only person she wanted to hold right then and there . The person who held her heart in his big calloused hands . When he stiffened she thought he was going to push her away but then he did bwhat she wanted him to do . He wrapped those beautiful muscled arms around her and held her tight against him . For a moment they stood there in silence . The others ,Ezio included stood there with them looking at them ,smiling broadly .

The other people on the porch watched them with curiosity showing on their faces . Gandalf gave Lord Elrond a look ,telling him silently that the five was clearly eachother's friends and that if they had known the reunion could have happened sooner .

Everyone watched in silence as the girl was pushed into Altair's arms next where she was held for a moment before being handed to Connor who held her a moment before handing her back to Desmond who took the time she was with the other two to embrace Ezio . And so when she was in his arms again Connor and Altair both gave Ezio a hug each . After this the five sat down next to eachother . Carli smiled when they made sure to put her in the middle as far away from Boromir on the one side and the dwarves on the other side .

Lord Elrond couldn't help but notice the way the four men sat down either side of the girl making him wonder why they did that . But as it was the meeting he couldn't just ask them at the moment . He opened the meeting by introducing everyone . Everyone told of things that happened in the outside world . The dwarves told of a threat that Sauron had send a messenger with to tell him where Bilbo was hiding . Lord Elrond then said the words Carli had read so many times before in the books . ''You have done well to come . You will hear today all you need in order to understand the purposes of the Enemy . There is naught that you can do ,other than resist with hope or without it ,But you do not stand alone . You will learn that your trouble is part of the trouble of the western world . The Ring !.What shall we do with the Ring ,the least of rings ,the trifle that Sauron fancies ?. That is the doom we must deem .That is the purpose for which you are called hither . Called ,I say ,though I have not called you to me , strangers from distant lands . You have come and are here ,in this very nick of time ,by chance as it may seem .Yet it is not so . Believe rather that it is so ordered that we, who sit here ,and none others , must now find counsel for the peril of the world .Now therefore ,things shall be openly spoken that have been hidden from all but a few until this day . And first ,so that all may understand the peril ,the Tale of the Ring shall be told from the beginning even to the present . And I will begin the tale ,though others shall end it ''. Elrond then told of all the rings of power and their forging in the Second Age of Middle Earth .

The five listened with interest though Carli knew the story by heart as she was a huge fan of J.R.R Tolkien's work . She just loved to hear the story from the mouths of the characters themselves . Boromir was next to tell everyone of the dream he and his brother had . And everything that happens in the land of Gondor with the enemy and such . He told of a poem that he heard clearly in his dream about Imladris ,about a broken sword , Isildur's bane and about a Halfling . He told that he was send by his father instead of his brother to find out what the poem meant .

The five watched with interest as Aragon stood up and showed his sword to Boromir ''Here is the that was broken '', he said . Boromir looked at him asking who he was and what he had to do with Gondor . Before anyone could say any Carli jumped up saying the words Lord Elrond was about to say '' He is Aragorn son of Arathorn . He is descended through many fathers from Isildur Elelendil's son of Minas Ithil . He is also the Chief of the Dunedain in the North , am I right Lord Elrond ?''. The elven Lord nodded saying ''Yes Carli you are ''. Her four friends pulled her back into her seat then knowing that here was another world she could guide them through . Everyone stared at her . Gandalf with more interest because no one had told the girl who Aragorn was and as far as he know she hadn't talked to anyone who could tell her that . Before anyone could say anything on that Elrond asked Frodo to bring forth the Ring .

Frodo did as was asked . Everyone's attention was now on the Hobbit and the ring he put down on the table .The Ring gleamed brightly where it laid on the flat surface of the stone table . ''Almost as shiny as a Piece of Eden '', Carli whispered to her friends . The four nodded unaware that the people around them had heard the girl . Gandalf and Elrond included . They don't ask though there will be enough time later . Other words were spoken then . First by Boromir claiming that the ring was a gift that could be used . But Lord Elrond said that it must be destroyed . Gimli the dwarf broke a perfectly good axe that nearly had the assassins in tears because they truly love their weapons .Ezio helped him up stating ''Really Gimli is a mere simple Ring worth breaking an axe over? I think not ''. Then something scary happened as Gandalf spoke the ugly words of the Land of Mordor .

Carli clamped her hands over her ears exclaiming . ''Oh no ,no ,I hate those words ''. Gandalf frowned and asked ''Do you know the translation?''. She swallowed and nodded . He nodded and said ''Then the floor is yours , give the translation of what I just said ''. Shivering she stood up . Looking into Gandalf's eyes she said ''One Ring to rule them all ,One Ring to find them , One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them ''. Closing her eyes after this as if trying to get rid of the fear in her heart at saying the words she sits down again grabbing hold of Altair's hand .

Gandalf stare at her then knowing for sure that the girl knows more than she lets anyone know . ''Tell me do you know what we must do with the Ring ?'' ,Lord Elrond asked the girl . Carli nodded ''Cast it into the Fire of Mount Doom ''. Jumping up Boromir exclaims ''And how do you propose we do that eh ?! Your just a girl who have no business in the counsels of men !.One does not simply walk into Mordor . There are worse things than mere orcs that does not sleep and a great eye is ever watchful , So tell me girl what do you know of the affairs of men ?!''. With a ferocious growl Altair jumps up ''You Bastard ! '',he spats ''Never insult that of which is ours ever again ! She is our girl not yours to go and speak to like that !''. Ezio jumped to his feet then snapping ''Listen you excuse of a man ! I'll have you know that this girl had helped us more than once when she told us of what was to come if we went a certain course ! You'll do well to listen to what she says ''. Desmond and Connor gets up giving him the most dangerous looks they could muster . ''Sit down you guys '', Carli says from her seat feeling embarrassed but also glad that they stood up on her behalf . They sat down but gave Boromir one last look .

This argument wasn't the last one to come at the time of the meeting as the matter of who was going to take the ring started an argument between the elves and dwarves . The five sat there quietly watching as Gandalf as well as Boromir joined the argument . Then as Carli turned to look at Frodo , the hobbit stood up claiming that he will take the ring . As everyone grew quiet Frodo said again that he'll take the ring though he doesn't know the way . Gandalf walked towards him and said that as long as the ring was Frodo's to bear he would go with him . Aragorn was next stating that by his life or death Frodo could have his sword . Legolas said that Frodo could have his bow and then Gimli not to be outshined by an elf said that Frodo could have his axe . Boromir said that Frodo carried the fates of them all and if it was the will of the counsel he would go with him .

Altair glared at Boromir then and stepped forward ''You can have any weapon I have even this '', he said showing his hidden blade to Frodo ''I assure you this blade has done plenty of work since I was but a child and I will not let you down ever Frodo ''. At this the others comes forward pulling Carli with them . ''Well little buddy , Guess if you have Altair , you have us too even Connors rope darts '', Desmond says causing Connor to ask ''Really my rope darts? What is wrong with them? ''. ''Nothing Connor , ''Carli says ''Desmond just mean that your rope darts is quite handy you know like if you can hang up an orc like you did with those imperial soldiers in Skyrim ''. Smiling Connor nods in understanding . They are interrupted by Sam yelling that Frodo isn't going anywhere without him . Lord Elrond states that it is impossible to keep the two apart when one was invited to a counsel and one was not . Before anyone could say something more Merry and Pippin comes yelling that they are going to and that Lord Elrond will have to send them home in a sack if he didn't want them to .

Lord Elrond takes a look at everyone who volunteered saying ''Fourteen companions , so be it you will be known as the fellowship of the Ring ''. After this those that didn't volunteer are dismissed . The Fellowship are told that they will start their journey in the winter . Then they are left alone to talk among themselves . ''Well ,I guess this will be an adventure to remember I suppose '', Carli says to no one in particular . Gandalf watching the girl as she stands in between two of her friends asks ''I assume you know the outcome of the whole journey ? ''. Looking at him Carli sights ''Yes but I am not saying a word because where is the fun in really knowing who's going to survive and who not ?''. ''So true that '', Ezio says '' but still you will tell us if it it's important right ?''. She just nods then she goes to Desmond untying his hoody from around her middle ''Here Desmond '',she says . Taking the hoody he says ''Thanks Carli ''. Smiling she nods . Then turning to Altair she asks ''Are we going to continue my training ?''. Looking at her he says ''Maybe ,Carli , We shall see alright ''. She nods ''Okay , Mr Grumpy pants '', she says causing him to laugh . Taking her hands he says ''You are so annoying sometimes but I guess we are just glad to have you back Miss know it all ''. At this Carli laughs loudly . Letting go of her hands and then grabbing her by the waist he picks her up holding her up in the air ,making her scream with a mix of laughter and fear though she knows he won't let her fall . ''Who wants a bag of Carli ? '', he asks . Ezio grins and raises his hand ''Me !'',he calls . Laughing Altair hands her over to Ezio who lifts her in the air like Altair did . With laughter in her voice she yells ''Desmond help! '' . But Desmond can't help his laughing too much holding his sides . It's Connor who does by snatching her quickly from Ezio and then putting her back on her feet earning himself a hug and a kiss on the cheek . ''Sorry Carli '',Desmond apologises feeling somewhat like a failure for not being able to help her and not earning a kiss himself . ''It's okay Desmond ,you helped me plenty of times before ,and we were just playing right guys ?''. A chorus of ''Right Carli '' settles it .

They were unaware the whole time that they were playing that they were being watched by the others of the fellowship ,some of the stares curious ,others with disgust and others with mirth . It was Pippin who walked up to Altair to start making friends with these strange people ''Can I see that blade you showed Frodo earlier ?'', he ask . Bending down on his hunches Altair flexes his wrist ,the blade shooting out past the stump of his ring finger . Pippins gaze had not missed anything and his next question makes Altair smile . ''Why do you have a finger missing ?''. ''Well ,Pippin , when this blade was created the creator didn't bear in mind that the wielder of this blade could easily cut himself when using the blade ,so to not lose a finger by means of infection those that used it where permitted to get their fingers cut off . Really it hurts at first but after a while you don't really remember that you had a finger there in the first place . Later the blade and bracer that held it was modified making it better ,thus Ezio and even Desmond don't need to lose a finger or be afraid that they could cut themselves ''. Pippin nods yet something else nudges at his mind but he wasn't going to ask another question now he would do that some other time .

Altair gets off of his hunches and turn to his friends . ''Well since we are together again , the five of us I mean minus the sixth member of our group who is probably still celebrating with the Stormcloaks and have maybe forgotten us already we could go for a walk and catch up on news ''. The men nods but Carli don't knowing by now that she was going to be bombarded with questions . Sighting she follows them since she don't have any choice but to go with them .

Carli was right about the questions part because when they get to a secluded spot where they are sure no one is going to hear them they start their questioning . ''Where in oblivion are we ?'', Ezio asks . With a sight she answers ''In Middle Earth ,Ezio , and before you guys ask yes I know this place because of a book I read when I was at home , The Lord of Rings Trilogy is a very popular story in my world ,there's the books ,the games and of course the movies . I used to watch the movies like every other day , I never played the game but one of my brothers have , I totally love the book that has all three books of the Trilogy in it , I used to read it like every year since I got it ,and I used to read fanfiction about it . It's basically about Frodo and the Ring ,but also about Aragorn who is going to be king of Gondor at the end of this whole adventure . Yeah people are going to die ,but at least in battle , We are going to meet great people on our journey and yes not so great people ,and we are going to fight orcs in a war so yeah this is going to be an adventure to remember ,I just hope we survive this because I can't imagine losing one of you guys ever ,anyways I'll tell you everything you need to know as we go so we can be prepared but not right now ,I just want to enjoy our time here with you four , can we do that ''. They all nodded solemnly and then group hugged with her in the middle .

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