The Oddest Day

Chapter 11

''No , Carli , you're not coming with us to Mordor '', Desmond says a determined expression on his face .

''But I don't want to be parted from you guys '', she whines .

She had almost lost the love of her life ,but it seemed that he gave a rat's butt what she thought or felt about that .

She didn't want to lose him again .

''Carli , I love you , but I'm not prepared to take the risk of you being killed by some stupid crazy orc '', Desmond says pinching the bridge of his nose .

He almost died . He could almost die again or truly die , but he wasn't about to risk his girl's life just because she didn't want to be parted from him and the others .

''Stay here , Carli , I promise that I'll try to come back to you''.

He took her hands in his ,gently and looked down into those beautiful brown eyes of hers .

''I love you , Carli , please understand that I want to protect you '', he says softly .

She sighs then nods before pulling her hands out of his ,then wrapping her arms around him , hugging him tightly .

He let her be . He knew she needed that . It was almost over this war of the Ring . Almost being the damn key word . Oh how he damn well hated this whole thing right now . He was tired . He wanted to be with the love of his life in a place that was safe and secured . He so badly wanted that . Now and Forever .

Carli watched the whole procession of horses riding down the road . Desmond and the others were amongst them .

She missed them already and prayed that they'd be alright .

Altair had collected everyone's Pieces of Eden and had stashed it inside her pack for safe keeping .

''Don't be ridiculous , nothing wrong is going to happen to you guys '', she had protested when he had told her she had to protect their Apples in case something went wrong , like for instance they didn't make it and such .

''Carli, just keep them safe '', he had said ignoring her protests .

She didn't want to have that responsibility , but in the end she let him be and now those four PoE's resided in her pack .

''Why did Damon and Stefan get to go ,but I didn't ?'', Elena asks from beside her .

Carli shrugs . She didn't want to deal with Little Miss Perfect and her issues .She wanted to just go help with everything that needed to be done in the city .

She did that when the people that came to see the soldiers off dispersed . She and Anna went to help in the house of healing as well as give food to Orphans and Elders as well as families that had no homes left .

''They'll be alright , Carli '', Anna says to her sister who looked a bit out of it .

''I know , it's just I am always going to worry about them , Anna ''.

Anna understood perfectly well , but she didn't tell Carli that .

Later that day they found themselves on the highest part of the city near the white tree , looking at the chaos that the battle had caused . Broken walls and such were not all they saw . Even if most of the dead were cleared from the fields there were still so many things to clear up , like those huge Olifhaunts and it's been more than three days already .

''I hate war '', Anna says .

''Me too '', Carli agrees .

Anna smiles at that . She never thought that Carli would ever feel like that .

Desmond glared at the damn huge gates that lead into Mordor . Everything was so messed up .

An Orc had come to talk to them outside the gates and had brought some souvenirs consisting of Frodo's Mithril vest and some other items of Frodo's .

Not knowing if Frodo was dead , he wasn't sure if fighting the Orcs now would be of use . Yet he knew that they would fight . It was inevitable .

''Stop frowning , Des,''Bart says from beside him ,'' if we fight we might win this damn war and you'll be free to hold Carli again without worrying about Orcs or a stupid Ring ''.

''I wish we didn't have to bring those Vamps ,though , they might be hungry and that means we'll be targets because Orc blood isn't tasty'', Erasmus grumbles .

The others groaned at hearing that ,but had no time to say anything about it because Aragorn had started his speech and Eduan the geek's face lit up as he gushed over one of his favorite characters .

The days had dragged on as she waited . Carli missed her four assassins and her brothers . She didn't really miss those messy vampires or Eduan , but the rest of her friends she did miss .

The smell of death and decay that had blown in from the battlefield had long since dissipated and still she waited for her friends to come back . Mordor wasn't that far so she didn't understand what kept them .

She was on the top of the walls at the gates one morning when her long wait got rewarded . A group of soldiers , less than when they'd left , came riding over the old battlefield towards the city gates .

Carli found herself slipping through to run towards them ,not having the patience to wait any longer . One horse broke away from the others as its rider urged it forward .

Not until the horse halted beside her did she see who the rider was . Desmond and he held out a hand to her to help her up behind him .

He didn't speak to her as they waited for the others to catch up . He didn't even turn to look at her , but held onto her hands that clutched onto his front . She was so glad to see him that she almost didn't see the others until they pulled their horses up beside Desmond's horse .

''It is finished '', Altair says ,''we won , Mordor is no more ''.

Carli turns her head to look at him and smile at him ,which he returns with one of his own .

She spared no glance for the vampires yet could feel Klaus glare at the four and her , especially at Desmond who had her on his horse .

She ignored it hoping that she'd not have to give Klaus anymore blood . She was tired of doing so .

A few days later they found themselves at the Coronation of Aragorn who became the King of a place that hadn't had a King for many years .

They were at the feast later when it happened . Their ticket out of there came in the form of that bright light and when it disappeared they found themselves in a green and black place , where nothing but hostile demons awaited .

They were royally screwed , THAT WAS FOR SURE…

They didn't know what became of the vampires or Carli's family , but they sure hoped that none of them got this fate .

Carli wasn't sure if she could bear it if her sister got hurt when she could do nothing to help her .

They were walking through the place when demons attacked , though they didn't know that these creatures were demons . Connor's foot slipped on a slippery side of a nearby cliff and he fell .

Carli found herself screaming for him ,but it was no use . He was gone and she was being pulled away by Altair ,so she couldn't try and follow .

They fought while running and was running through a pool of water that strangely enough wasn't deep until Ezio set foot in it and that was when he slipped under the odd green water as if he weighted too much . Carli screamed and cried trying to get to him as once again Altair grabbed her .

They had to go on . There was no way that they could save Ezio .

It wasn't far from there that they were being charged at by a horde of those fiery red blob like creatures and Desmond called for Altair to take Carli and run .

Altair protested against it and Carli threw an ice spike at one of the demons . It melted and Carli felt darined , but still wanted to help . She screamed , calling to Desmond that she could help , that he shouldn't do this when he told them again to run , but he ignored her words and so did Altair who grabbed her and carried her away . The last thing she saw of Desmond was when he got surrounded by those things .

Altair ran with her until they were too far away for her to turn back .

Not long after that they were attacked again and Altair , told her to run and not look back . They were near something that looked like a doorway out of this place . A rift of some sort . Altair pushed her towards it as he unsheathed his sword to fight off the horde .

'' Run , Carli , one of has to survive and that one should be you,Run! '', he yells at her when she lets out a stream of protests .

She couldn't argue and so she ran feeling like a coward , but knowing that there was no choice ,but to obey Altair .