It was an uneventful day at the cave so far and the team was all gathered in the cave's lounge room, trying to find some form of entertainment. Artemis and Kaldur were playing chess with Artemis winning, M'gann and Conner were out walking Wolf (or making out, as the boy wonder suspected) while said Boy Wonder was beating Wally in a racing game.

"No fair! How come you always win? Did you hack the game again!?"

"Quiet, baywatch, we're trying to play chess here" Artemis glared at Wally.

"I don't need to hack the game to beat you" Robin teased.

Wally jumped at Robin and the two rolled off the lounge, wrestling playfully.

"Guys QUIT IT!" Artemis shouted and the boys froze, Wally mid-punch.

Robin swiftly kicked Wally in the gut, pushing him away and sat back on the lounge, grinning. Wally picked himself up from the ground and sat down next to him. Their hair had been ruffled and Robin had a bruise on his cheekbone from hitting the ground. They suddenly burst out into laughter and Artemis growled to herself. Wally and Robin returned to their game, Robin continued to win.

Just as Robin was about to cross the finish line the TV flickered to show Batman.

"Batman" Robin whined "I was about to beat Wally"

"I have a mission for the team" Batman replied, completely ignoring his son's complaint.

Everybody in the room looked to the TV excitedly with a look on their faces saying "Well?" everyone except Robin, who looked like a little kid that had their toy taken away.

"I want you all to investigate this place" A picture of a white mansion came onscreen beside Batman "It's the home of a corrupt cop, Gwen Mason" A girl with long, wavy black hair, dark skin and sparkling, bright blue eyes replaced the image of the mansion "This mission is a covert one" Batman seemed to look at Wally when saying this "Please try not to get caught" He sounded like he was pleading.

"Gotcha Bats" Robin salute/waved.

Batman sighed and Robin knew that he would've rolled his eyes too. The screen returned to the paused game.

"This isn't over" Wally warned as he switched the console off.

"Sure it is, we both know I would've won anyway"

Wally punched Robin in the arm.

"Ow" He rubbed his shoulder "Well I was just about to cross the finish line! You didn't stand a chance"

"I was about to use the turbo boost! I totally would've won" Wally argued.

"Sore loser" Robin whispered to himself.

Wally heard him and folded his arms like an angry toddler. Artemis rolled her eyes and called Miss Martian via comm link, telling her to prepare the Bio-ship. Aboard the Bio-ship, Kaldur and Superboy were talking, Wally was attempting to flirt with Miss Martian while Artemis and Robin were making fun of Wally's failed passes at M'gann. All the conversations were ceased by a small beeping noise emitted by the ship.

"We're here" M'gann announced.

"Everyone enter stealth mode" Kaldur instructed "Robin and Kid Flash you two will observe from the east side, Superboy and Artemis the west, Miss Martian and I will take the north"

They all went to their obligated areas and watched the house.

Miss Martian floated near the second story window of the north side while having a mental conversation with Kaldur, who was crouched behind a bush, beside a tree. Artemis was sitting in a tree and Superboy was crouched down with only a small tree between him and the house but he blended in with the dark anyway so it didn't matter. Robin was also high up in a tree (Yeah there is a lot of trees) and Kid Flash was constantly speeding from the east of the house to the front (south) while conversing mentally with Robin.


"See anything Robin?"

"Nope, nothing yet"

"So how's the view up there?"

"Pretty nice, I can see the ocean from here"

"And you're finally living up to your name"

"Not all robins live in trees, some make nests on the ground"

"Thank you walking encyclopedia"

"One, I'm not walking right now, and two, I wanted to read about the bird that I stole my name from, wouldn't you?"

"Lightning and chemicals made me like this, I don't research them"

"Yes you do, you love science"

"Well yes, but not because they created my speed"

"And I meant if you stole the name from something, yours is original, well mostly original anyway. I bet you search yourself up all the time to see what people think of you"

Wally went a light shade of red "No I don't, I'm not that narcissistic"

"Ooooh, that's a big word and a big lie"

"Shut up, birdboy"

"Make me slowster"

"I could climb that tree and throw you down in a millisecond"

Robin laughed "Yeah right, you wouldn't be able to climb it, you'd start to and then just fall"

"Would not!"

"Wanna make a bet?"

"Uh... no, not really"

"Then-" Robin was cut off when a dart entered his shoulder.

"Rob, you okay?" Kid Flash became worried at the sudden silence.

"I'm dizzy, like really dizzy. Think I'm gonna fall"

Wally's eyes widened and he ran over to the tree as Robin started to fall. He desperately reached out for a branch but couldn't catch any. "No! I can't die like this, not like they did" Robin didn't realize that his thought went through the link to Wally.

It took a split second for Wally to react, he sped up the tree, grabbed Robin and then came back down.

"How much did you want to bet?" Wally asked as he laid Robin down on the ground.

"I was thinking twenty dollars, but now I think I'll go with ten"


"Alright I'll give you twenty, whenever I get the money, deal?"

"Deal. Now what happened?" Wally pulled the dart out of his friends shoulder and observed it.

Robin lifted himself up "I'm not exactly sure, I couldn't see anyone in the window so they must have been on the roof. I just felt the dart and started falling shortly after. Thanks for the save"

"What are friends for?" Wally looked back up from the needle and noticed how discoloured Robin looked "You okay? You're really pale"

"Probably from that dart thing"

"Or from nearly falling to your death"

"No it was the dart, I'm not afraid of falling, matter of fact I love it"

"When you know you won't die. I heard you, you were scared"

"No I wasn't"

"You're right you weren't scared, you were terrified. I could hear your heartbeat"

Robin closed his eyes and turned his head "Yeah well-"

His eyes flew wide open as someone grabbed him from behind and covered his mouth, Kid Flash had been caught in the same predicament, only his attacker could be seen, the corrupt cop, Gwen. She jammed a needle into his neck and at the same time, one was forced into Robin's.

"M'gann" Robins mental voice weakly cried out in fear to the Martian as he faded into darkness.


Artemis and Superboy had remained silent, both saw no point in talking and neither had any idea how to start a conversation. Aqualad and Miss Martian were just talking about Atlantis for most of the time.

"So, how do outsiders breathe when they come down? Do they have to wear diving suits or do you use magic?"

"It depends on how trusted the visitor is but mostly they will have to use diving suits, there are only two spells to allow underwear breathing, giving them gills or giving them an air bubble. The gills spell is irreversible and the air bubble is dangerous and unpredictable"

"Glad I can just shape-shift"

Kaldur was about to reply but was interrupted by another team members voice.

"M'gann" Robin's voice sounded weak and desperate.

'And scared?' M'gann wondered, in fear of her friend.

"Was that Robin!?" Artemis called out worriedly through the link.

"Everyone to the east side now!" Kaldur commanded.

Miss Martian and Kaldur arrived at the other side of the house first, quickly joined by Superboy and Artemis.

"They're not here" Superboy stated blankly, with a hint of worry in his pastel blue eyes.

'Robin? Wally?' "They're not answering and I can't locate them" M'gann explained, her dusty orange-brown eyes welling with tears.

"What does that mean?" Artemis asked battling the tears forming in her own deep, emerald eyes.

"They're either too far away or..." M'gann couldn't bring herself to say it, afraid it might make it true.

"Where could they be?" The question hung in the air, without even a slight breeze to whisk it away.

"How are we going to explain this to Batman and Flash?" Conner suddenly asked after a long silence.

"Kaldur's the leader" Artemis replied.

"Really regretting that decision' Kaldur thought, mentally sighing.