A month had passed, Wally's comminuted bone was properly fixed (after the shards had been put into place by Martian Manhunter and his healing abilities attached them back together) and Dick was almost completely healed (both mentally and physically) but he still wasn't allowed to go back into the field, not yet.

"Sometimes Bats' over-protectiveness is really annoying" Robin complained to Wally.

They were both at the cave and waiting for the rest of the team to return from their recent mission. Since Dick's shoulder hadn't healed, he couldn't do much, so he decided to complain and annoy his best friend. He was upside down on the couch while Wally tried to beat his high score in the racing game, always falling short. Dick didn't bother hiding his amusement whenever Wally got frustrated at being unable to beat him.

"You think you've got it bad? You should see Uncle Barry when he gets worried"

"Couldn't be anywhere near as bad as Bats"

"He wouldn't leave me alone, didn't stop fussing over me, refused to let me leave my room and wouldn't stop vibrating from worry. Do you know how annoying that is? Hearing buzzing and just seeing a blurred figure running around your room for almost two weeks?"

"Well, Bats was mostly the same, minus the vibrating and blurring while running part, except he didn't let me leave the bed and set up an alarm for whenever I tried to get off it"

"Wow, guess your dad is slightly more protective"

"Ya think? And you wouldn't understand how aggravating bed rest is for an acrobat, not to mention having to come up with an excuse for such severe injuries so people wouldn't get suspicious, especially Joker, if he found out about me being injured he'd figure it all out, he's crazy not stupid"

"Gotta congratulate you on the excuse though, hit and run, creative and totally believable, I mean if I hit a rich guys kid, I'd wanna bolt too. Barry just told school that I broke my leg"

"Yeah, but you have super special healing abilities so even after what you went through it would be just like having a simple broken leg and not a freaking comminuted bone"

"In terms of recovery or pain? Because comminuted bones freaking hurt"

"Well nah duh, your bone is literally smashed to pieces, imagine how much more yours would've hurt if it had been smashed into fine pieces"

"Ow" Wally replied nonchalantly.

Dick scoffed in amusement "It wouldn't have been fixable, even for a speedster. Martian Manhunter wouldn't be able to direct every tiny shard of bone back into place"

"Yeah, well that didn't happen so it doesn't really matter does it?"

"Been hanging out with Roy have we?"

"Because I'm not entitled to clichés?"

Dick grinned as he heard a silent figure approach. Wally was tackled and two figures rolled down onto the ground. The controller was sent sprawling across the room and Wally's car totalled.

"Owwwwwwww" Wally complained as he merged with the ground and Roy pinned him down. Dick swiftly switched position to see upright again.

"Cliché am I?" Roy demanded.

"No! I never said that!" Wally defended.

Dick couldn't hold back his laugh at the scene "And everyone thinks you're so mature!" He stated to Roy.

"Can you let me go now? Your hurting my arms" Wally pleaded.

Roy hesitantly got up and stared Wally down as he approached the lounge and sat down beside Dick and bear hugged him.

"Hey! You can't leave me out!" Wally rushed over and hugged the both of them.

"Let go!" Robin commanded muffledly form underneath the two heavy bodies of his 'brothers' "Seriously! I can barely breath"

The rest of Young Justice walked into the room. Not being able to help themselves, they slowly stalked toward the trio and joined in the hug.

"HEY!" Robin cried out "Great, now I can barely breath and I can't see anything. Thanks guys" He muttered to himself.

Batman walked in, observed the scene and smiled before silently striding away.