During the movie, I always wondered how many pranks did the girls pull on the Pontipee boys after the kidnapping. So this idea was born. Just so you all know, there will be six chapters about each couple.

Chapter 1

Dorcas and Benjamin

Dorcas Gailen woke up very startled that morning. She looked around and realized that she was no longer in her own warm bed, no longer in her own room, nor was she with her own little sister. She found herself in a big attic with six small beds. Dorcas looked around and saw that the other five girls were still asleep. She decided to lie down and rest a bit. It was still very early to get up. She remembered the horrific events of last night. How she was grabbed and kidnapped from her room right before her little sister's eyes. Oh how she despised that Benjamin Pontipee for what he did. She couldn't get the image of her poor scared sister from her mind. As much as she thought about it, Dorcas was becoming more and more angry. She didn't even have a dress to wear for today, and all because of Benjamin's savage like behaviour. She liked him very much at the barn raising, he was so different. So handsome, gentle, and loving. She didn't imagine Benjamin to act this way. She recalled the disastrous fight that occurred during the barn raising. She knew that it wasn't the Pontipees fault, but rather of jealous town suitors. She spent the whole summer dreaming about the handsome Pontipee brother, and wishing that somehow he would return and win her heart and her parents. But alas! Poor Dorcas was wrong! Instead of winning her heart, he came at night like a hungry wolf and carried her off. She was still shocked with boys' behaviour, especially when they caused an avalanche to block the pass. Dorcas couldn't help it, she realized that it was time to get back at Benjamin Pontipee. She would make him pay for what he did. He would regret everything. "Oh just wait and see." She thought.

All of the girls woke up very gloomy that morning. They were very hurt, homesick, and were grieving the fact that they would be away from their familes for such a long time. Of course, Milly, feeling responsible for what had happened, tried very hard to make the girls comfortable and at least busy them with chores so that they wouldn't think about unpleasant things. Dorcas being the oldest from the six women, promised Milly that this wouldn't get to her. She really wanted to be strong for the other girls, and to give them all good example. Milly was kind enough to give Dorcas materials to sew a dress, and by noon Dorcas had made herself a very nice looking outfit. Milly gave her a red collar that suited her attire, and she gladly accepted it. The six women decided to do house chores, and begged Milly to let them help her. Milly assigned Martha and Liza to wash the windows upstairs, while Ruth was appointed to do the dusting. Sarah and Alice decided to wash the dishes in the kitchen, while Dorcas offered to sweep the floors. Milly herself went to do the laundry.

As Dorcas sweeped the floor automatically, her mind was drifting away, thinking about the handsome and yet crude Benjamin Pontipee once again. Was she already in love with him? No way, she hated him! Despised him! How could she ever love him? Oh, but his masculine and yet gentle personality came to her mind, yet again. All of a sudden, she heard Sarah and Alice whispering at each other worryingly.

"What's going on?" Dorcas inquired, putting aside her broom.

"Frank and Gideon are gathering some firewood in front of us." Alice answered

"Do they really think they can impress us like this?" Sarah said coldly.

Suddenly, Dorcas was struck with an idea. "Oh girls, I think I've got a plan!"

Sarah and Alice looked at her attentively, as she showed them small rocks in the palms of her hands. "Let's show these boys that we are not possessions to be owned, whenever they desire to have a bride." Dorcas spoke confidently.

Soon enough, the three girls sneakily put rocks in snowballs and were ready to make a little surprise to those poor buffoons.

"They're coming!" Sarah whispered to Alice and Dorcas. Both Sarah and Alice had a privilege to stand by the window, so they could see everything. Dorcas however, wasn't that lucky, she stood by the door, and had to depend on her hearing. In no time, both Alice and Sarah started throwing snowballs at Gideon and Frank. Dorcas could hear how shocked and annoyed the boys sounded. Immediately, her heart started to pound when she heard the voice of Benjamin Pontipee. She was pretty confident at first, but now she didn't know what to do.

"Haha! What's the matter, afraid of a little snowball?" Benjamin laughed at his younger and foolish brothers. Dorcas knew that this was it, she had to show him how angry she was. So, she quickly opened the door and threw a big snowball at him, which had a heavy rock in it. As soon as it hit him, Benjamin turned around surprised and startled. His hands flying to his head. He saw the beautiful tall brunette standing at the doorway behind him, with a wicked glare.

Benjamin picked up the rock that lay in the middle. He felt little embarrassed for what Dorcas had done, but he was confident and brushed it off. "Snow balls with rocks in them!" He told his brothers. "Them poor little dears sobbing buckets of tears!"

Dorcas continued to glare at Benjamin, as the brothers walked away.

The last sentence stung Dorcas very hard and she knew that, this wasn't the only prank that was coming in Benjamin Pontipee's way.

That evening, as Milly and the girls were eating dinner, Dorcas was the first one to finish her food. She went up to boys' old room and looked out from the window. She saw the Pontipee brothers working hard in the snow, she felt a little sorry for them. But that didn't mean that she wasn't going to give Benjamin piece of her mind.

The truth was, she still liked Benjamin, despite for what he did and that angered her more. She needed to do something to let him know that even though she thought he was handsome, she was still very angry for what he had done. Little snowball prank didn't seem good enough for her. So, she decided do something BIG! Something Benjamin Pontipee would never forget.

Dorcas slowly descended the stairs and sneaked out of the house, without anyone noticing it. She threw a shawl over her shoulders and walked towards the barn. Luckly for her, the boys were all out and no one was in the barn. She stepped in and saw the livestock and horses in the stables.

As Dorcas examined the place, she saw the spot where Benjamin Pontipee slept. She recognized his clothes, and his little pocket knife. Oh she had to do something to show him her anger! Looking around, her eyes spotted his pants. She knew that those where Benjamin's best kakhi britches. He wore them when he first met her at the barn-raising. The pants were neatly put aside, so that no harm would come to them. Dorcas smiled wickedly and realized what she wanted to do. She quickly grabbed those pair of nice pants, and as she moved his clothes, she saw his undergarments. Now, she was struck with a perfect idea! She threw those good-looking pair of britches in livestock's manure and poured a drit all over Benjamin's underwear. They looked so dirty in that mud that she realized... not even washing them would help.

After that, she returned to the cabin laughing and giggling about what she had done. She was still on her way, when Benjamin met her. He was bit startled to see her outside. His heart skipped. For some reason Dorcas was the only one who made him feel weak. Her cat like smile and seductive eyes, made him mesmerized. Dorcas glared at him with a wicked expression. Benjamin wanted to talk to her, but didn't know where to begin. "Dorcas?" He started nervously. The tall brunette was about to step in to the house, when she turned around to face him.

"Listen, I've been meaning to talk to you. I really want to apologize for what I did." Benjamin said genuinely. "I am also sorry for taking you without your clothes...I didn't even think about your needs. I acted selfishly." He added awkwardly. Dorcas knew that she would forgive him eventually, but for now she realized that he needed to learn his mistake. She didn't say many things...she just nodded and then answered. "I am not saying I forgive you, but I accept your apology." With that, she turnd and went into the house. Dorcas was happy that finally she was able to let go of her anger, and talk with him. She didn't tell Benjamin anything else that night. But deep down, she knew that she had forgiven him with all her heart and was ready to start over.

All though, she was very curious how Benjamin would react when he would find his clothes so dirty. Yes, the prank might have been little immature of her... but she couldnt care less. She shrugged and smiled as she went to bed. Dorcas knew that they were both equal now. Tomorrow she would start a new day as a new Dorcas. Dorcas, who would be happy to chat with Benjamin any time.

Well, that's it for this chapter. Dorcas, from the girls seemed more quick to forgive her kidnapper, and that's why her pranks weren't very harsh. But don't worry, the other girls aren't like Dorcas. Especially beware of Martha, Liza, and Sarah.