The final chapter of this story.

Chapter 6

Alice and Gideon

Alice Elcott blinked three times and continued staring at the pages of the same old book. Plutarch's Lives was the only reading material for her ever since she got on the farm. Alice had read that book so many times, that she knew every word by heart. She was most particularly interested in the story of the Sabine Women, because that was the exact same story Adam had read to his brothers before the kidnapping. This story had inspired Gideon to abduct Alice from her home. Two months had passed after everything that happened, and Reverend's daughter was slowly getting used to the quiet cabin. She was furious and angry at first and also very homesick. But as the time passed, Alice started looking at things positively. After all, living with Milly was not so bad. They had grown up together and Milly was like an older sister to her. No, the problem was not this house or her company. The problem was that she missed her ma and pa dearly. She was away from her parents for the first time, and Alice felt anxious.

There were times when she actually was enjoying this place. The snowy beautiful mountains, large landscapes, fresh mountain air, and peaceful atmosphere. Back in town, it was always noisy and you couldn't get peace and quiet for more than one minute. Alice started falling in love with the place. It was far better than living in town...but what about her sweet, loving parents? Her father was the town's Reverend. He was an example for everyone living there...and so was Alice. She was expected to be on her best behavior. She always had to be soft spoken, lady-like, proper, and respectful.

She wasn't very mad with Gideon Pontipee either. He was showing his true colors. Alice had witnessed his close and warm relationship with Milly. She had seen his sweet and sensitive side many times. Pretty blonde wasn't sure about her feelings...but she was hundred percent sure that Gideon was far more good-looking than her suitor back home.

Alice was still staring at the same page and thinking about all of this, when she heard the girls talking in the background. Ever since Milly found out that she was pregnant, Alice and the rest of the girls decided to take over and do her house chores.

At the moment, Alice was lying on her stomach in the boys' old bed. The rest of the girls were getting ready to put their dresses on and start the day. It was only 9 o'clock in the morning.

"We saw you talking with Benjamin on the porch." Sarah told smugly to Dorcas.

"So?" Dorcas asked innocently and continued lacing up Ruth's corset.

Alice rolled her eyes. Dorcas, Sarah, Martha and Liza always argued with each other. She and Ruth were the only ones hating the idea of squabble.

"Well, I'm just reminding you Dorcas Gailen, that it's because of him we're stuck here." Sarah answered bit frustrated.

"It seems to me, that you girls are forgetting what those brothers did to us!" Martha cut in as she helped Liza style her hair in a bun.

"Oh, it's not like you aren't dreaming about Daniel." Dorcas remarked with a smirk.

"Be quiet Dorcas! I still remember that horrible stunt you pulled on me!" Martha lashed out.

By now, Alice felt the tension in the room and was getting upset and mad. The girls had promised Milly that they would act mature and stop their silly quarrels.

"Dorcas is right! You two are acting like hypocrites!" Liza added and stood from the chair.

"You too, Liza? I thought we were friends." Martha told her in disappointment.

"How dare you insult us?" Sarah asked in anger and walked towards Liza.

"As if you aren't insulting me!" Dorcas yelled after her.

"I'm so sick of your stupidity, Dorcas!" Martha shouted and pushed Dorcas on the floor.

When Ruth saw this she shrieked in horror. Liza and Sarah also began squabbling with one another.

This angered and shocked Alice so much. She couldn't take it anymore. So Alice quickly pushed her book aside and stood up.

"Enough! Enough!" She yelled loudly. "You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!"

To her suprise, all of the girls stopped and looked at her in wide eyes. Never in her life Alice yelled and shouted so loudly. Truth be told, she looked quite scary.

"How dare you act like this?...after everything we promised Milly!" Alice said in anger and exited the room. She slammed the door and ran downstairs in tears.

Why were the girls acting like this? What was happening?! And why was she reacting this way?

She was so sick of the same old boring and silly fights! Back in town the girls were always so proper and respectful of one another... And now? Everything was falling apart. "It's Gideon and his brothers' fault." Alice thought bitterly. If they hadn't stole her and the girls from their homes and locked them in this lonely farm, none of this would have happened!

Alice was still very furious and angry with everything, when she heard a knock on the door.

She rolled her eyes. This was the last thing she needed right now! She took a deep breath, walked towards the door and opened it. Alice found herself staring at handsome Gideon Pontipee with his sweet smile.

"Good mornin' Alice" he said shyly.

Alice scowled when she saw the youngest Pontipee boy. She didn't want to be reminded why she was stuck in this horrible situation in the first place. Pretty blonde became even more upset, frustrated, anxious, and angry. This was all Gideon's fault! He had carried her away from her parents, and she was forced to share room with five other frustrated and upset women. They were all her dear friends, but lately, she couldn't stand their behaviour.

"No, Alice! You won't fall for his charms!" She told herself. Gideon was about to say something when suddenly, without any warning, Alice splashed a cup of coffee all over his new shirt.

Gideon gasped loudly in surprise. "Hey, that was my new shirt!" He said in disappointment.

"That is not my problem!" Alice yelled and slammed the door in his face.

Only after when she had slammed the door, Alice realized how terribly she behaved. She acted out and had an immature outlet. She felt so guilty. It was the moment of weakness. She didn't mean to lash out on him. Now what was she supposed to do? Alice had stained Gideon's best shirt. He was being nice to her and she didn't even allow him to finish his sentence. She acted like a real fool.

Alice knew that she had apologize to him...there wasn't another way.

"Oh Alice, we're so sorry!" Sarah told her later in the evening.

"If we knew how you'd react to our silly quarrels, we would never ever do it." Dorcas said feeling guilty.

"We just snapped." Martha added as tears of remorse filled her eyes.

"We promise, this will never happen again. All we need is love, friendship, and understanding." Liza announced thoughtfully. "Today, you reminded us how terribly we broke the promise to Milly."

Alice looked at the girls in amazement. They were all in the boys' old room and were finishing their sewing.

"That's quite alright. I overreacted...I guess." Alice spoke softly.

Dorcas, Sarah, Liza, and Martha went up to their dear friend and hugged her tightly. By now, Ruth was crying with joy. Alice looked at her tearful friend and smiled. "Join us. Group hug!"

Thus the six girls reconciled and promised to be on their best behaviour. No matter how boring and unpleasant their situation would get, they realized that it was time to put aside their childish behaviours and act responsible. All they had was each other and they needed to hold onto that.

Later during dinner, Milly wasn't quite sure what was happening, but she was real glad to see that the girls were being so caring and supportive of one another.

Things seemed to be going really well. Except one...Alice needed to find a way and apologize to Gideon. She had to explain everything to him. Poor boy was being so sweet to her and she just pulled the most annoying and immature prank on him.

It was already dark outside, the girls and Milly were slowly getting ready to sleep. But the Reverend's daughter just couldn't rest like that. There was only one thing running in her mind, she needed to speak with the youngest Pontipee brother. Alice wanted to tell him how sorry she was and that she didn't mean to splash coffee all over his shirt. She was mad about something else, and accidentally lashed out on cute Gideon.

So, when Ruth decided to go out and bring some wood for the fireplace, Alice volunteered to help quite eagerly.

After the two girls gathered the wood, Ruth turned towards the house, but Alice was looking around anxiously. Hoping to catch the sight of Gideon Pontipee...or at least one of his brothers.

"Alice, are you coming dear?" Ruth called out.

"You go. I will catch up with you later." Alice told her softly.

Ruth raised an eyebrow and smiled with mischief. "Alright then." She answered and entered the cabin.

Alice continued her desperate search. She hoped that Gideon wasn't already sleeping or resting. No one was was dark, lonely and snowy, but to her surprise, it wasn't so cold. She was about to give up and turn back, when she spotted someone by the hen house. It was Gideon. He was all alone making his own campfire and drinking hot chocolate that Milly had made him and his brothers.

He needed some peace and quiet...especially today. After what Alice did to him, Gideon felt very miserable the whole day. He didnt care that she had stained his best shirt, he was upset about Alice's reaction when she had seen him. Gideon didn't feel like spending time with his brothers in the barn. All he wanted was to be alone.

He was ready to relax, when he heard a small crack. Gideon quickly stood up and found himself shocked when he saw beautiful Alice Elcott standing in front of him.

"May I speak with you for a minute, Gideon?" The pretty blonde asked shyly.

Gideon wasn't quite sure on how to respond. What was she doing here? Why was she here?

"If you don't want to talk to me, then I will leave." Alice said after a minute and started turning back.

"No, no! Please!" Gideon almost shouted. "Stay" He added softly and blushed.

Reverend's daughter walked closer to him, which made him feel quite shy. Gideon gestured for her to sit down by the warm campfire. As soon as the pretty blonde set next to him, Gideon handed her his coat. Alice was only wearing a thin shawl...she was so delicate. He didn't want her to freeze.

"Oh, Gideon. I'm alright." Alice started when Gideon gave her his warm coat.

"Just take it." He answered softly. "Please, Alice."

The way he said her name made her heart jump and she agreed to do as Gideon had asked.

"I came here to apologize for what I did to you, this morning." Alice said guilty after a minute of silence.

Gideon stared at her with wide eyes, studying her every move and body language.

"I was angry about something else. And I...I just wanted to vent my frustration somehow." Alice continued and lowered her eyes. "You have nothing to do with this. I just miss m-my family...that's all."

Gideon looked down in disappointment. "I have everything to do with this, Alice. I forced you away from your parents." He said in a low tone.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and when he looked back up, he found himself staring into Alice's stunning eyes. "I don't blame you...not anymore." She told him softly.

They both remained quiet and looked at the blazing campfire. Gideon gazed up at the sky. Full moon was shining around them beautifully. This moment with his sweetheart was just so perfect. He couldn't imagine that anything so wonderful would happen to him. He was alone with the woman he loved. They were talking like good really was a nice start. Gideon knew that he would cherish this moment forever.

Alice gently placed her head on his shoulder. She felt at ease. It was so peaceful, so warm, and wonderful to be near him. She knew that with Gideon, she would always feel safe and protected. Even though, they were outside in the snowy countryside. Maybe this was her home. This was where she belonged. "I hope you can forgive me." Alice said quietly.

"Don't worry. You shouldn't apologize. All is well." Gideon responded with his caring smile.

"You know, Alice." He started sweetly when he saw that she had rested her head on his shoulder. "I really hope that someday, you realize that we...we were meant to be."

"I can't imagine myself without you. We belong to each other. It was my destiny to meet you at that barn-raisin'." Gideon looked down at Alice to see what she was thinking when he had said these words. She was so quiet. When the youngest Pontipee boy gazed down at her, he saw that his sweetheart had her eyes closed and was sleeping peacefully. A smile spread across Gideon's face. He lowered his lips and kissed her on the forehead.

"I love you." He whispered softly. "I hope that someday, you'll love me as much as I love you."

No matter what, Gideon knew that nothing in his life would be so special, as this moment with the girl of his dreams. He hoped and prayed...maybe Alice would change her mind in the Spring. Somehow she would realize that her place was here with him. After all, it was their destiny to be with each other.

So that's a wrap! I wanted to make the last chapter bit different. I finished it positively. Of course, I had to include some prank elements. But both Gideon and Alice are such a sweet couple, and since this was the last chapter...I had to make it a cute ending. And they totally deserve it, right?

Anyway, I had fun writing this and matching every chapter to the personalities of the characters. Please, let me know what you thought of each chapter. I would love to hear your opinion. As you know, i am not an experienced writer. Thanks for the feedback.