Hey you guys! YES, I KNOW! Another friggin' new story! I just really wanted to do this!

Okay, so the way this works is kind of like A Shipping Collection, except that these aren't one-shots. You guys will send questions about what you want to know about the emotions. It can be any type of request, but it CANNOT involve inappropriate content, like intercourse, private parts, etc. But it can involve with ships! Example: Sadness, would you kiss Anger on the lips if you had to? I'd be totally fine with that! Besides, I love ships!

It can be any types of questions. A Would You Rather question, a type of truth or dare question, except that it wouldn't be dares, only truths, or it can be something that is about the emotions, like their secrets and what they like and dislike. You guys may tell me any concerns about this series or if this series makes no sense to you all. This is all I can think of with a series. I don't want to copy any of you guy's series!

I hope I can get a lot of questions from you guys! I will take you all a couple of days to ask me. Don't worry, I'll try to answer all of them and make sure it makes sense, because if I can't read it right or there is a grammar or spelling error, I probably wouldn't be able to have the emotions answer them because the author - me - wouldn't be able to know what to have the emotions say.

I really hope I can get some questions. I trust you guys a lot. You gave me a lot of requests on A Shipping Collection and I really appreciate that so I hope I'll be able to have this story done. Thank you guys so much! :)