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"Guys, look!" Joy said. "It's a letter from Dolores!"

"Let's read it," Fear said.

The emotions looked at the letter and it said:

Dear Emotions,

Due to circumstances, the fans will no longer be allowed to send you guys their questions, dares and presents. But they were very happy that you were answering their questions for them. We're sorry for the inconvenience and we hope you keep taking care of Riley.


"Wow, that's a disappointment..." Sadness sighed.

"What are we going to do now?!" Fear asked nervously.

"Look on the bright side, guys! At least we can keep the gifts we got!" Joy said. "Besides, we don't need those cards. We can come up with those dares, questions and role-plays on our own!"

"Whatever," Disgust said. "You better give me good ones!"

"Okay, hm...Anger, aside from hockey, what sport would you have Riley play?" Joy asked.

"Probably basketball or soccer, since it has the same type of objective to it," Anger said. "Cone nose, why in the world do you hate broccoli so much? I mean, did you ever taste it before?"

"Since when did you care about me hating on broccoli? You hate it too, you know! And why do I hate broccoli? It's just...unacceptable! Torturous! Disgusting! Ugh, I just can't! Don't even remind me about broccoli!" Disgust gagged. "Anyway, Sadness, is there anything you want to change about yourself?"

"Well...I want to be as beautiful and popular as Disgust and yeah, that," Sadness said.

"What are you talking about, Sadness? You are beautiful!" Joy said.

"Tell you what, how about I give you a makeover someday?" Disgust encouraged.

Sadness did a little sad smile and nodded, feeling a little excited. "Okay," she said. "Anyway, um, Joy, how would you react if one of us smashed your accordion?"

"Well, I know that Anger would do that someday but I'd probably be a little upset because I wouldn't play it anymore. Accordions are fun!" Joy said.

"But annoying," Anger grumbled.

Joy glanced at him. ", you said that you don't like singing dares, eh?"

"Seriously? Again?" Anger complain.

"Yep! You have ton sing I Will Always Love You in an opera voice with Fear," Joy demanded.

"Really? That annoying song?!" Anger growled.

"I'm terrible with songs by Whitney Houston!" Fear said nervously.

"Let's just get this over with," Anger said dragging Fear by the neck with him. Joy was getting the camera ready as the boys stood by each other. They started to do deep breaths and sang, "If I should stay I would only be in your way. So I'll go but I know I'll think of you every step of the way...

I...will always love you; I will always love you. You, my darling you, mm.."

The girls snickered after hearing the word 'darling.'

Anger glared at them before continuing, "Bittersweet memories, that's all I am taking with me. Goodbye, please don't cry. We both know that I know what you, you need...

"And I...will always love you; I will always love you!"

Sadness couldn't help but whisper to Joy, "I thought this was supposed to be sad." Joy snickered in response.

Anger glared at them once again. "I hope life treats you kind. And I hope that you have all you ever dreamed of. And I'm wishing you joy and happiness. But above all this, I wish you love..."

"Here goes," Joy whispered.

"And I...will always love you; I will always love you; I will always love you; I will always love YOU! Ooh, I will you..."

The others playfully clapped as Anger sat down with Fear following him.

"I'll kill you if you give me anymore singing dares," Anger grumbled to Joy. "Okay, BEANPOLE! Do you think that we can bleed?"

"Oh, that's pretty scary. I don't really know b-but hopefully we don't," Fear said. "Disgust, do you like polar bears or Bengal tigers?"

"Bengal tigers are cooler, in my opinion," Disgust said. "Brickface-"

"I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!" Anger interrupted.

"I will give you another singing dare if you interrupt me again!" Disgust warned. Anger growled as Disgust thought of a question. "If that nerd would stop acting afraid all the time, would you still like him?"

"Nope," Anger said immediately. "Kid, what are your thoughts on the Family Guy episode Life of Brian?"

Sadness' lips started to quiver. "It's so SAD!" she cried. "Brian got hit by a car and...d...d...d..."

"Okay, let's not get sad here!" Joy interrupted.

Sadness sniffled. "Um, this is for Joy, are tsundere's cute to you?"

"Yeah, they can be cute when they're grumpy," Joy said. "Fear, are you afraid of blackouts?"

"It's basically the dark so yeah, I am," Fear said. "A-Anger, himedere or kamidere?"

"There's no way that I'm acting like a god so himedere!" Anger said. "Cone nose, do you like marshmellows?"

"They can be sticky sometimes but they taste good," Disgust said. "Okay, so this has gotten me confused for a while. I just want to know, why the heck is there Dream Duty? This is just a question that is basically for people who know the answer to that." She did a little glance at Sadness.

"Well, Dream Duty is basically when an emotion watches over Riley's dreams to see if her dreams are doing fine. For example, if Riley is having a nightmare, Fear or someone else would be there to stop it," Sadness explained.

"I see now," Disgust said.

"Um, this is for the trio, have you guys ever cried before?" Sadness asked.

"I wanted to when I made that mistake of Riley running away but I regret it now," Anger said. "And no, I never cried in my life."

"Yeah, me neither," Disgust said. "I mean, seriously, crying is for babies." She looked at Sadness who had an upset look. "Oh, no offense Sadness."

"Anyway, I usually feel like crying when I'm scared and I'm all alone but I never really cried for real," Fear said. "Okay, um, Joy, what is your favorite line Mr. Freeze from Batman said? Ice to see you, alright everyone chill, or you're not sending me to the cooler?"

"You're not sending ME to the cooler!" Joy said laughing. "Anyway, this is for the trio. Why did you make Riley run away like that? Anger thought of it and Disgust agreed to do it and Fear didn't disagree about it and protest about it. Why?"

"Well, if I did, Anger would try to make me agree," Fear said.

"Well, I just thought that it was dangerous," Disgust said. "But Riley would've been happy back to Minnesota so I thought that we should try it." Disgust glared at the brick.

"Look, I'm sorry guys," Anger said.

"Whatever," Disgust said. "Anyway, brickface, can you do a table flip?"

"I'm not good with tricks, so no," Anger said. "Kid, who's your favorite music artist?"

"Um...well, Sia does depressing songs and so does Taylor Swift since she writes break-up songs," Sadness said. "Um, Joy, if you left HQ for a day, who would you leave in charge?"

"Hm, well, I'd leave all of you in charge but I'd mostly leave Fear in charge," Joy said. "And now I got a question for Fear. How would you feel if Riley was no loner afraid of something?"

"Well, that wouldn't be possible because there isn't a bravery emotion in here because it would be hard with me around. I just don't want Riley to get hurt but if she wasn't scared of that, I'd be cool but it would make me feel useless," Fear said. "Disgust, slipknot or BVB?"

"BVB is less creepy," Disgust said. "Brickity Blockity, do you like Burger King or White Castle?"

"I hate both of them since they're fast food but I would choose White Castle," Anger said. "Joy, why in the world do you like that stupid Rainbow Unicorn?"

"She's not stupid!" Joy said. "She's awesome! She makes those awesome dreams for Riley! They're so much fun!" Joy jumped in cheer. "Anyway, Disgust, you have to switch clothes with me for a day."

"Seriously, Joy? You're gonna ruin my outfit!" Disgust complained.

"I won't! I promise!" Joy said.

"You know, you still owe me $50 from ruining my hair," Disgust said.

"I'll give you $100 dollars if I ruin your outfit," Joy said.

"Whatever," Disgust said as they went to switch.


"You guys look cool," Sadness said.

"Her outfit doesn't look that bad," Disgust said shrugging. "Anyway, nerd, would you rather be stalked by Joy or assassinated by Anger?"

"I DON'T WANNA DIE! Uh...stalked! Riley needs me so I can't die!" Fear said. "Anyway, Joy, what's the funniest Family Guy episode you've seen?"

"Probably And Then There Were Fewer. That made me laugh!" Joy said smirking. "Anyway, Anger, how would you feel if Riley was approached by someone identical to Lawrence Fishburne calling himself Morpheus who believed Riley was 'The One" and wanted to recruit her into rebellion?"

"Wow," Anger said. "No one can approach Riley like that! Why would be Riley be 'The One' anyway? What does that even mean? Anyway, I don't really have anything to say."

"Me neither," the other four said.

"Well, I guess it's done! I was a lot of fun though!" Joy said.

"Yeah..." Sadness sighed.

"We better get working for Riley! I did like that questions thing but we should be working for Riley now! Let's go!" Fear said.


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