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Two Weeks Later:

Pacifica could feel the sweat bead up on her brow. She had never sweated before; never really sweated. She didn't like it.

"Ugh! Why is it so hot?!" She complained as she lay in the shade of a sakura tree. Even its beautiful leaves couldn't stop the deadly rays of the solar light. It really was beautiful here. The water trickled down the stream next to the luxurious (and mysterious) crops. The clouds seemed to swirl around the great, snow capped mountains in the distance. The luscious trees swayed softly in the warm breeze.

But this was Pacifica, and it was still nature. Dirty, bug-filled nature.

"We could throw you back in ocean," Yamato said from his field work. "We are supposed to throw back fish in this region, anyway." Only he has ever talked to her that way! Well, he and her dead husband. As Pacifica learned, he was a caring man, but he did have a very short temper. She learned very well that not respecting her company would lead to not having any dinner that night. Yes, it was only commoner food, but it is what had sustained her for the past several weeks. She would have to learn to be nice, and she didn't like it one bit.

"Why am I still here, anyway," Pacifica stated. "I feel perfectly fine! I have a very high status, you know. There are probably like a million search parties out looking for me. Knowing my parents, they probably called the Marines or NASA or something. And why don't you don't even have a phone that I can actually call them with?"

Yamato sighed as he stopped tilling the ground. He put down his farm tool that Pacifica didn't recognize and walked over to her. He squatted down besides her and looked her in the eye.

"The reason why you cannot go is you still are not fine," he said. "You feel perfectly normal, but that is from the medication you are given. It is unique medicine that has not been released to public yet. It is grown from one of the many herbs that grow here. It heals wounds fast, but stays in your system for long time. When you go back, doctors will find it and may do things to find out what it is."

"Oh," Pacifica said. "You are doing this to protect me?"

"Hai, Pacifica-chan," Yamato said. "And about your search parties, they will not find this place. Boss is very smart. He make battery that don't run out. We grow stuff for his inventions. He doesn't want people finding this place, so he hide it."

"Is that why you don't have internet? Or a phone?" Pacifica asked.

"No, we can have those things. It just that my father likes to be traditional." Yamato gestured to the old man with a short, grey gotee that walked be a little ways away. He pulled a small cart filled with some sort of red, grassy plant. "Which is why we always wear Kimono and don't use electric farming tools."

Pacifica looked down to the ground. "Oh, I'm sorry."

"It's okay. I would act the same way if I were you," Yamato replied, smiling as he stood up. "If you are feeling so fine, want to help me in the farm chores?"

"Oh no. No no no!" Pacifica replied as she started to scoot away.

"Come on. You have to pay for your rent somehow, and it's due now," Yamato said with a smirk.

Pacifica started to get angry. "There is no way that I am doing outside work with you!"

"Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew…" Pacifica mumbled under her breath as she shuffled into the bath house. Her clothes were drenched and her skin was caked in mud and dirt. Her hair was filled with grime and grease and her once-perfect-nails were chipped and torn. She slowly shuffled her way to the metal tub and turned the faucet, flooding the bottom with crystal water.

"Thank god for indoor plumbing," Pacifica muttered as she pulled off her robe. She tentatively dipped her toe into the water, and instantly reeled back with a squeal. Her toe felt as if it was turned to ice.

"Daijōbudesuka?" She heard Chiro's voice from outside.

"C-c-c-cold!" Pacifica called out, still not sure what they was saying.

"Kanojo wa mizu ni jibun jishin o kanetsu suru hitsuyō ga aru koto o kanojo ni iimasu," she heard the voice of Yamato say a little farther off.

"Daijōbu ā," Chiro said. "Heat water self." Pacifica then heard the couple move away in the direction of the tools shed.

"Ugh. Are you serious?" Pacifica complained. "Fine!" She looked around until she spotted a pile of firewood in the back corner. "This shouldn't take too long," she said with a cocky grin.

3 Hours Later:

Pacifica walked out of the bath house with goosebumps crawling across her skin. It took her forever to light the fire, but as soon as it started and she jumped in, the resulting splash put it right out. She was then forced to wash in cold water, which took a lot of willpower to do. Even after scrubbing herself raw, she still could feel the dirt clinging to her perfectly toned skin. She eventually gave up and dried off. She then slipped herself into a fresh robe and sandals and walked out the door.

What she saw surprised her. There was a slim, silver, triangular car in the main courtyard that sort of reminded her of a horizontal rocketship. The farmer family crowded around the vehicle, loading and unloading metallic boxes. A new figure stepped out from behind the car and made Pacifica's jaw go slack. She recognized the mop of brown hair instantly. Looking straight in her direction was the man from her dreams.