It was a lovely Summer day, and the entire Weasely family were outside or on the Verandah. Mrs Weasely was rocking in her chair, knitting a blue sweater for Evelyn. Mr Weasely was sitting on a chair that was next to the low table, which was covered with nuts and bolts and nails. He was putting together some sort of muggle machine – he called it a teley sivin – but as such he was just making a big mess.

Evelyn was sitting on a chair in the corner, crotcheting something, though what it actually was no one knew. After being locked up in a small room of the Beales' house for a month, she was just beginning to accept her new condition with her real family. She had been very timid and silent for a while. However, once she started taking therapy with a specialist she had cheered up some, and had even started putting on weight. She was happier than ever now that Cassida was home from school, and quietly hummed to herself as she put the needle in and out of the knots of string.

Ron, Ginny, the twins, Cassie, and Harry – who was visiting for part of the holidays – were all playing Quidditch in the garden. Ron and Ginny were in one team, and Harry was the seeker – and epicly beating Cassie, who was the seeker for the twins.

Just two weeks before exams, Harry had tied first with Cedric Diggory for the new school games, an institution that was not likely to be repeated, after Cedric and Harry had been whisked away by a portkey and Cedric had been tragically killed in the process. Harry had said that he had fought with the Dark Lord himself, and the other's had believed him, but the media hadn't.

But Harry was recovering well from the ordeal, though he had grown up a great deal after it. He seemed different to everyone, yet still the same – grown up a little, and slightly more mature. Ron was just the same as ever, though he was occasionally politer than usual to Hermione. Not to Ginny, though.

The twins were now only a year from graduation, and as cheeky as ever. Mrs Weasely desparred of them ever actually getting their NEWTs, and to be quite truthful, Fred and George didn't think they'd get their NEWTs either.

Ginny was just the same as always. She and Hermione had not left Cassie's side after the incident. Ginny had, however, got into two relationships and left them by the time Summer had began, and Ron teased her endlessly about them.

Hermione was sitting on the grass, braiding a wreath of summer flowers and cheering on the quidditch game. She was visiting for the day, but could not be convinced to join in the game. "Quidditch is a pointless sport," she had declared, to the despair of Ron and Harry.

Harry made a dive after the snitch, and caught it just as Cassie noticed he was going for it. "Got it!" he exclaimed, and Cassie sighed and suggested that he take up a different part of the team.

They all laughed, and Hermione awarded Harry with the wreath of flowers as a trophy. It was soon torn apart as Ginny and Ron wanted a part of the trophy too, but instead of telling them off Hermione promised to make them all one.

"We don't need flowers, thanks," the twins retorted.

"Very well," smiled Hermione. "But you didn't win, anyway."

They all laughed, and Hermione started work on another wreath. Cassie flung herself down next to her friend, and grinned at her. "What a lovely day," she said.

"It is lovely," agreed Hermione. "I'm glad I could spend it with you all."

"I'm glad you could too," smiled Cassida. "We've missed you, you know. It's only been a week but Ron has been asking for you to come over every single day!"

Hermione blushed slightly, and hid her face over her wreath. Cassie didn't pursue the topic, but picked a daisy and started pulling the petals off.

"You know, I'm glad how it's all worked out," said Hermione after a moment.

"How what has?"

"Well, you know, about your mum and grandparents and all. Even if they have just disappeared, it's nobody's loss. And you really did handle it wonderfully, you know – so I'm awful glad that your mum is back."

"I am too." Cassie smiled at her friend, and Hermione smiled back.

It was a lovely day, and the everyone talked and played and laughed, and forgot about their troubles. The Beales were forgotten, and problems were pushed aside.

For though they knew that the Dark Lord would return, they were all determined to enjoy the peace while it lasted.

Peace begins with a smile, and they were trying as best they could to do their part.

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