IchigoxTatsukixOrihime (Between chapters 12 & 13)

No Regrets

The days passed as the teens trained themselves to their new levels. Their various teachers did what they could to prepare them for their future battles, now was the calm before the storm. Just as it was important to prepare it was equally important to relax, so they were given the chance to finish any business they might have and tie up all loose ends.

(Orihime and Sora's apartment)

Sora prepared to leave for his job later that day after a visit to Urahara's. The last thing he did was eat the breakfast his sister had made. When she started cooking, she made all sorts of disturbing and potentially hazardous meals until he got her to cook normally. He still had nightmares of those times.

"Well Orihime, I'm going now." He announced, dressed in a blue suit to prepare for his job at the hospital. "I'm sorry I won't be home today or tomorrow. Ryuken-sama has quite the workload ready." He said apologetically. He hated leaving her alone, afraid that their damned parents they ran away from would find them.

"Its alright Nii-chan!" Orihime cheerfully said. "Tatsuki was coming over for a sleepover anyway." Sora chuckled at his sister's behavior, already a teen but still a child. He left for the hospital with a smile on his face. Orihime kept up her happy smile until her brother left, then she switched to one of determination. She pulled out her cell phone and sent Tatsuki a text message. 'Bro will be out of the house for the rest of the day. Get over here when you can, Ichigo's coming over.' They were determined to go through with their decision.

(With Tatsuki and Yoruichi)

"Well, that was easy." As expected, Tatsuki won all of her matches in the first round. She became the national champion and was heading back to Karakura with her sensei by her side. Unfortunately regular opponents, even that gorilla girl finalist, were no longer enough to give her a challenge anymore. Even when she got hit by that car all that happened was a big bruise.

"Told you." Yoruichi said, dressed in something reminiscent to her old captain's uniform with orange instead of white. "You're no longer fighting in a world of humans. You're training to fight spirits and monsters." She patted her disciple on her head as they neared Karakura town. "I don't get why you stay with karate at this point instead of dedicating yourself to Hakuda fully."

"Well, so people know not to mess with my friends." She said with a grin. "Besides, I plan on running a dojo in the future."

"With Ichigo and Orihime as one big happy family?" The dark skinned trickster teased, causing Tatsuki to blush heavily.

"Yoruichi sensei!" She cried in embarrassment before feeling her phone vibrate. She checked her text, unaware that Yoruichi was reading over her shoulder. Tatsuki took a nervous gulp while Yoruichi got a perverted grin. She reached into her pocket and pulled out two pills with a note.

"Tatsuki!" She said, firm and serious, to get the girl's attention. When Tatsuki fully focused on the noble woman, she was given the note and pills. Her feline teacher then shot her a thumbs up, before switching to the fig sign with another perverted grin and making a quick getaway. Tatsuki opened the paper to read, 'Both of you take one BEFORE you have fun!' accompanied with a smiley face and other obscene drawings. Tatsuki was glowing red with all the blushing, with steam coming off her head.

(Orihime's house)

Ichigo was standing in front of the main door, building up his courage. He got a text from Orihime saying that she and Tatsuki wanted to celebrate something by having dinner at her place. Normal, except his dad said, "All the signs are there. Go forth my son! Into the realm of men!" and gave him a box of condoms. Usually he'd punch his father and dismiss the notion as nonsense, this time he punched his dad but has been considering the possibility. Orihime and Tatsuki were getting a little more amorous in their training with him, especially when they offered a couple massages. He took a deep breath and knocked three times.

"Coming!" He heard Orihime call out. A few seconds later he was greeted to the sight of his bubbly girlfriend wearing an apron over a pink shirt and beige jeans with her hair in a ponytail. "Ichigo!" She cheered, wrapping her arms around him. "You came!"

"Yeah yeah, Orihime." He said,chuckling a little at his girlfriend's jubilation. "I'm here."

"Ichi~." She sang while puckering her lips with her eyes closed, expecting a kiss. He smiled and gave her a small peck, making her give a shining smile.

'Being around Yoruichi has made her bolder.' He thought as she dragged him inside her house, his eyes trailing down to her butt being held tight by her pants. 'No! She's a person!'

"With a nice ass." Zangetsu spoke out.

'With a nice ZANGETSU SHUT UP!' Ichigo raged at his sword spirit.

"I'm your instincts! You wanna do it!" He insisted as Ichigo caught the scents of different herbs and spices. His eyes went to the table in the living room with a metal pot on a heater plate with the sounds of boiling broth inside.

"Sukiyaki." Ichigo whispered, his mouth watering in hunger. Just then Tatsuki came in, wearing a loose T-shirt with sweatpants. He thought he saw her take something before drinking some water before greeting him.

"Hey, Ichi." She said with a smile. "Glad you could make it." She pulled him in for a kiss of her own, still flashing that confident happy smile. "You're dating the 'official' strongest girl in the nation. How does that make you feel?" He chuckled and pulled her flush against him.

"I feel like you didn't need a title for something I already knew." He said, gazing at her blushing face.

"I-Ichigo." She stammered embarrassed. "Your...hand." She whispered. Ichigo noticed that his hand unconsciously drifted to her ass again. He was about to pull it away, expecting another slap, but he only received a light punch to his chest. "S-sa-save it...f-for later...you...perv." She stammered out, looking away and slipping out of his grasp. Ichigo was stunned at her demure behavior.

"They want it." Zangetsu said suddenly. "There is no way they don't"

"I have to agree with him." The Quincy half said. "At the very least it would be difficult to argue against it."

'I'm...a little conflicted.' Ichigo told them.

"I'm sure they wouldn't do something like this unless they had it planned out." The elder said.

"If it makes you feel better, let them make the first move and hear their reasons." His instincts said, helpful and reasonable for once. "Granted, I still expect you to claim them as yours, but whatever makes it easier for you."

'Thanks. I'll try that.' Ichigo said.

"Food's ready!" Orihime cheered as they sat down, Ichigo in the middle as the girls cuddled up on both sides. They indulged in the mixed hotpot of boiled eggs, noodles, and various meats, giving it a fine alluring scent. Dinner was going normally, at first. As the dinner went on, the girls got bolder and started to feed Ichigo and giving him puppy eyes until he responded in kind. After that they fed each other through mouth to mouth directly, until they abandoned eating entirely and just made out. The girls soon began feeling him up before he finally pushed them off.

"Okay, what's going on?" He asked, desperately trying to hide his erection, as they all sat up again. "I don't mind the way you've been acting, but why the sudden change?" The two girls looked sullen and nervous.

"Well," Orihime started, "we're going to Soul Society to save Rukia. Chances are we'll fight some really strong opponents."

"And, well, we want to make sure we have no regrets." Tatsuki said. Ichigo could only watch as they spilled their guts.

"Hey." He said, wrapping his arms around Tatsuki. "Don't talk like that. We will survive this, all of us."

"And we're the good guys in the beginning of this story." Orihime said, already stripping out of her shirt showing her double D boobs restrained by a bra. "Since we're the heroes, we'll survive!" She began to remove her pants and revealing all of her creamy smooth skin.

"Orihime!" Ichigo yelled, flustered while Tatsuki blushed at her friend's boldness. "What are you doing!?"

"No regrets!" She yelled happily, throwing a fist up in cheer,making her boobs jiggle in their confines. Tatsuki turned a predatory gaze to Ichigo, who she then tackled.

"Get his pants!" She yelled as she wrestled Ichigo out of his shirt.

(Ichigo's inner world)

"Finally." Zangetsu breathed out. "It's beautiful." His elder companion looked over to the bleached white copy of their wielder with confusion.

"Are you crying?" He asked in disbelief.

"It's just perfect old man." The hollow said in his defense. "Ichigo will lose his virginity. I always knew it would happen like this."

"You knew he would be stripped against his will and molested by his girlfriends?" Quincy Zangetsu asked in disbelief.

"Not exactly." Zangetsu shrugged. "I just knew they would make the first move." The copy of Yhwach took a second to ponder on that.

"That I can believe." He said as Ichigo, Orihime, and Tatsuki finally got naked in Orihime's room.

(With the trio Lemon)

They sat on their knees, each one facing the other, in all their bare glory. Blushing like flashing lights, nervous about taking the next step as their eyes wandered the bodies of their partners. Both girls breasts were quite perky, showing proud on their owner's chests with Tatsuki's being a firm C-cup while Orihime's were softer DD's, both with light pink tits. Tatsuki was muscular and toned but not unattractively so and Orihime seemed softer, more squeezable. They kept a nice trimmed bush, crowning their honey pots without being a shaggy mess. Just as Ichigo examined his future mates, their eyes were racing all over his body. Faded scars from harsh training, muscles that seemed sculpted from marble, and a thick and rock hard eight and a half inch dick that kept staring at them both. They all watched each other as their arousal kept building, each one not too sure how to proceed.

'Right. I can do this.' Ichigo thought to himself as he pulled the two girls close to him. 'Just do as Zangetsu said, and follow my instincts.' Doing just that he began deeply kissing the girls, switching back and forth as they explored each others mouths. His hands slowly drifted down, massaging their bodies until finding their destination on their asses as he molded them to his hands. The girls let out moans and screams as pleasure continued to dull their senses. Lips made way for tongues Tatsuki began to attack Ichigo's neck while he drifted down and suckled on Orihime's collarbone. The girls felt their hand go to Ichigo's cock as they began to rub and fondle his shaft and sac with their nimble fingers. The contrast of Tatsuki's rough hands and Orihime's smooth fingers caused the pressure to build in Ichigo's groin. Feeling himself go more feral, he began to cup their breasts and sandwich himself between them.

"Ah! Ichigo!" Orihime cried out as Ichigo's tongue tasted the flavor of their tits and teased their nipples.

"More!" Tatsuki cried out, prompting Ichigo to nibble on their teats to elicit more screams. Suddenly she pushed him onto his back and gave him a sloppy tongue kiss, leaving Orihime to try something new.

'Ichigo's cock.' She thought through her hormone haze as she stared at his dick through clouded eyes. 'It looks so hard.' It was turning redder with his veins becoming more pronounced while Tatsuki continued to stroke it. Moving unconsciously, she lapped up the bead of precum already forming on the head before beginning to lick and suck his glans. Ichigo's hands found their way to their sopping wet entrances as he began to tease and massage, both inside and out.

"Ichigo!" Tatsuki screamed as her pussy clenched around his fingers. Hearing Tatsuki scream like a bitch in heat sent him over the edge and he filled Orihime's mouth with his thick cream. The strong taste and force opened Orihime's floodgates. Orihime started coughing up the unexpected load, letting the rest spill all over her face and chest. The two looked at Orihime, coated in white with her tongue sticking out and trying to catch her breath again. Tatsuki immediately started cleaning up her friend, giving Ichigo an unobstructed view of her glistening pussy, which he began to devour.

"Tatsuki, you look so naughty." Orihime teased, looking at Tasuki's flushed face as she gasps and moans in delight. They tried to clean each other desperately as Ichigo repositioned himself behind Tatsuki and impaled her on his throbbing meat rod. Ichigo relished her tight vice, squeezing his cock tightly as she began to adjust to feeling as stretched out as she did. Pretty soon she began to buck into Ichigo which spurred him to return his thrusts. Orihime pushed her friend up and continued to kiss her deeply, as Tatsuki reached down and played with her friend's pleasure pearl.

"This feels so good!" Ichigo growled as he began pounding his girlfriend harder, making Tatsuki collapse on top of Orihime while they kept kissing. Ichigo noticed Orihime's twitching fuck hole and pulled out of Tatsuki to thrust into Orihime, somehow maintaining enough control to not ravage her mercilessly.

"So big." Orihime mewled as Tatsuki distracted her by sucking on her tits. "Ichigo...fuck me." Hearing the innocent Orihime start begging for his cock was all Ichigo needed to begin his slow thrusts into fast pounding. Orihime was slippery and massaged his length while Tatsuki was a vice, and he was eager to switch between the two. He continued to pound them furiously until he finally blew his load, switching between the girls in the middle of his orgasm, flooding both their pussies with his steamy hot cum. After they came down from their high, they passed out.

(The Fireworks Festival Lemon End)

The final day before their mission. All their normal friends came out meet them for the artful explosions as Mizuiro and Keigo came back with full tans and even Chizuru didn't try to molest Orihime...at first. Ryuken and Uryu found them not too long after Tatsuki pried the lesbian off and Uraharas's group along with Shinji and the Vizards showed up. They met up with the Kurosaki family and Orihime's brother in the spot they picked and watched the night sky become filled with multicolored explosions that faded like dust on the wind. Ichigo held Orihime and Tatsuki close to him on both sides, feeling closer to the two than ever before.

"No regrets?" He asked, making them giggle as they planted a kiss on each of his cheeks.

"No regrets."

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