EsdeathXAkameXIchigo (During his talk with Mira in Chapter 17 of Soul Conviction)

Icy Red

(With Esdeath)

The general was expecting to find her mate in her, now their, room to have some more earth shattering sex but he wasn't there. Now she was on the prowl, hunting for her mate and tracking his scent through the palace. When she finally recognized it she found that it was mixed with another familiar scent, one that she hasn't encountered since she mated with Ichigo on that deserted island. She followed the scent to what was now Akame's room, entering to find the balcony window open and the assassin asleep on the bed. One whiff of the air told her what transpired and Esdeath didn't like it.

'We may be on the same side, but you need to learn not to take what's not yours.' She smiled sadistically, taking out a few leather collars she prepared for... reasons. Moving slowly and carefully to keep her prey asleep Esdeath tied Akame's wrists and ankles to the bed, slowing peeling off the sheets to examine her prize. 'Not bad Akame. Now to play with you, my new toy.' She created a small cube of ice and slowly pressed it onto Akame's belly, making the sleeping girl gasp as the ice mistress trailed the cube along Akame's body before circling her breasts and resting on her right nipple.

"Huh?" Akame voiced as she slowly woke up, gasping as she spied her assailant. "Esde-!" She gasped before the general leaned down and captured Akame's lips with her own, exploring her mouth with domination while Esdeath's free hand went to Akame's core and driving two fingers into her pussy. Akame gasped and moaned helplessly under the ice user's attack.

"So that's what Ichigo tastes like on another body." She said clinically, pulling out her sperm coated fingers that she licked clean. "I understand your desire for him, but you need to know whose mate he is."

"E-Esdeath!" Akame panted, cringing as Esdeath continued to circle her nipples with the ice cube. "So…so cold! Stop!" she pleaded. Akame struggled against her bonds but if there was one thing Esdeath knew, it was how to tie her toys up. She felt Esdeath's hands all over her and shivered. "Ichigo…he-"

"Isn't here," Esdeath chuckled. She licked Akame's earlobe and enjoyed how the assassin squirmed. "You're mine, my little assassin. All mine."

The bluenette let go of the ice cube and reached for her shirt, ripping it open. Buttons popped out of the white top while Esdeath's large breasts were exposed. Akame could suppress her emotions as best she could but even she couldn't help the blush as the woman exposed herself to her. The tied up assassin suddenly felt very self-conscious about her chest.

Sensing the girl's riled-up emotions made Esdeath smile widen. "Oh? You like? I know I'm not as stacked as your blonde friend, but you must admit…" she cupped her ample bosom and leaned forward, "It does turn you on, doesn't it?"

"I...I don't…swing that way…" Akame protested. Yet despite her words she felt aroused at the sight of Esdeath while the woman sat up and began to strip, taking off her hat before slowly shrugging off her torn shirt and peeling off her arm-length gloves.

"Oh?" the half-naked Esdeath smiled as she cupped her breasts again and pressed them against Akame's. "You say that, but your body wants this." She sighed and Akame groaned when she began rubbing her nipples, already hardened from her sadistic arousal, into Akame's. "I can see what Ichigo did for you. Tell me, did you like it when he put his cock into you?"

"I…" Akame rolled her head back and groaned. Despite the heat in her breasts from Esdeath's nipple rubbing, the woman's body was cold to the touch, causing her body to heat up in response. She gasped when Esdeath's fingers return to her creampied pussy. "Kyaaa!"

"Mmmmh, I just love those sounds…" She leaned closer and licked Akame's cheek, much to the girl's disgust. "Now answer the question: Did you like it when Ichigo fucked you with his cock?"

"Guhhh!" Akame clenched her teeth. She didn't want to give in to this woman's taunts and sadism. Not too long ago they were enemies and while they might have become allies Akame still had her pride and would not relent to the cruel woman. But sadly for her, her pride was what Esdeath wanted to see…so she could break it.

"You're enjoying this," Esdeath sneered, her fingers pumping in and out of Akame's pussy faster. "Admit it and I might let you cum."

"Ahhh…nghhhh!" Akame squeezed her eyes shut from the cold fingers in her hot snatch. The dirty sound of Esdeath fingering her faster and faster filled her ears. She tried to break free of Esdeath's bondage, to grab her sword and chase the woman away. But her strength was sapped by her growing arousal. Her pussy was practically gushing in Esdeath's fingers. "Ohhhh!"

"That's what I wanted to hear." Esdeath pulled out her dirtied fingers and cleaned them off with her tongue. "Ahhh, so delicious…." She could still taste Ichigo's cum mixed with Akame's juices. "You're pretty wet for someone who says she's not enjoying this." Her sticky hand returned to Akame's juicy cunt, this time her thumb pressing against the assassin's clit while she fingered her. "Now, for the last time…did you enjoy Ichigo's cock?"

Akame kept her mouth shut. But Esdeath would not be denied. She swirled her thumb around Akame's clit and a tiny ring of ice formed around her sensitive clit. The sudden burst of searing cold on the most sensitive spot on her body coursed through her veins like lightning. "Ahhh! Yesss!" she howled, bucking her hips into Esdeath's fingers. Her reward was a deep kiss by Esdeath's frosty lips. It felt so strange for Akame as she endured the woman's torture. The Jaeger's coldness should have been a turn-off but Akame had never been more aroused in her life. Finally, she could feel it. Her toes curled and the knot inside her stomach began to unwind. "I'm…I'm gonna cum!"


The fingers pleasuring her pussy left, leaving Akame just on the edge of orgasm but unable to go over the edge. Tears stung the edges of her eyes while she stared at Esdeath. "What…why did you…" she panted.

The fingers that had been torturing Akame caressed her cheek. "Oh my dear, we've only started. And there's an important lesson you're going to have to learn: you can only feel pleasure when I allow it."

"You bitch!" Akame spat. Akame's response was exactly what Esdeath wanted. Weaker women had cracked just from a taste of Esdeath's punishment. Akame was made of sterner stuff.

'Good…' Esdeath thought to herself. Her hands went to Akame's breasts again, pinching the girl's tender nipples. She took delight in the pained gasp Akame gave. "Still feisty. I see you still don't get the position you're in. You aren't breaking my bindings. Your Teigu is out of reach. Ichigo won't be coming in any time soon to interrupt us. Your body…" she pulled on Akame's nipples, stretching out her round breasts and making her cry out in pain again, "belongs to me." She let go of her nipples and watched Akame slump against the headboard of the bed.

"Hahhh…hahhh…" Akame panted, her tits on fire from Esdeath's abuse. She turned her head and groaned when she felt Esdeath's tongue lick up the side of her neck, feeling her pulse beneath her skin.

But Esdeath was just getting warmed up. She circled the tattoo over her breasts, giving a clear indicator what her main method of torture was. "Hmmm…" The sadist tapped her chin as she looked at the bound Akame. "You look good but something's missing." She looked down to look ice ring still around her clit and smiled. "Oh I know…"

Akame sensed what was about to happen. As a member of Night Raid she'd been prepared for torture at the hands of the Empire and the Jaegers but this was something she was unprepared for. She hissed as Esdeath's fingers swiped her nipples, rings of ice forming around the pink areolas. A thin chain of ice connected the trapped tits. To silence Akame's cries, the sadist formed an ice ball gag over mouth.

"Mmmmmh!" Akame cried out, arching her back in agony from the burning cold on her tits. More muffled cries came from behind the gag when Esdeath hooked her finger around the chain and pulled, feeling the searing cold rings tug at her tits. A thumb pressed against her ringed clit, pressing into the sensitive bundle of nerves. The burst of cold throughout her body made Akame's mind spun. She was so close to orgasm again when Esdeath let go of the icy chain and stopped thumbing her clit again, her edging bringing Akame to tears.

"Aww! I see how much you want to cum. But what's this?" Esdeath's hand returned to Akame's pussy. "Your pussy seems really lonely. Why don't' I…" she smirked wickedly, "give it a friend."


With the power of her Teigu flowing through her veins, Esdeath fashioned a pair of ice panties around Akame's crotch. But Akame's new accessory wasn't purely aesthetic. What Esdeath had actually given Akame was an inverted strap-on ice dildo.

"Mmmmhhh! Nghhhhh!" Akame thrashed in her bindings from the cold dildo spreading her folds to the hilt, the chill running through her body like a virus.

"Ahahah! Now that's more like it." She tugged on the chain again, watching Akame continuing to writhe in agony. The sound of the assassin's muffled moans was music to her ears.

Akame was in hell. Nothing she could do could save herself from this torture. 'Ichigo…Leone…Tatsumi…anyone…stop this psycho!' she mentally pleaded. She writhed while Esdeath tugged at her breasts. The constant cold that was assaulting her body heat up, her aroused pussy dripping around the dildo inside of her. "Mmmmmh!" she moaned lewdly.

"You look precious. But it's time I had some fun too…" Esdeath materialized a curved double-ended dildo in her hands out of ice. "I remember the first time I saw you, Akame. Do you know what I thought then?" she asked as she slowly inserted the curvy end of the dildo into her. She gave a soft sigh as the toy entered her, the coldness of the sex toy not bothering her at all. After the toy was firmly secured inside her, she traced a finger down Akame's ice panties.

"Mmmh!" Akame gasped when she realized that there was a hole in the accessory; the hole that revealed her asshole.

"I thought how glorious it would be to make you scream as I fuck your ass."

Akame's eyes went wide in hororor, watching Esdeath line up her toy with the hole in her ice panties. Her body was already shaking from the constant cold but now it was from outright dread. She'd never had sex in her asshole before and Esdeath didn't seem like an okay person to start experimenting. She practically screamed through her gag when Esdeath pushed the tip of the toy into her tight ring of muscles.

"Ohhh…" Esdeath moaned heatedly as she felt her end of the dildo shift inside her while she stretched Akame's asshole. "You feel it, don't you?"

Tears ran down Akame's face from feeling the toy go deeper and deeper into her asshole. She threw her head back, banging against the headboard and adding to the pain she was feeling. "MMMMMH!"

Esdeath didn't wait for Akame to adjust to the toy inside her before moving. She grinned as the pain in Akame's eyes grew. "This is your punishment…" she moaned, feeling the dildo inside her shift each time she thrust into Akame's asshole, for touching…what isn't yours…" Her hand grasped the chain connecting Akame's nipple rings and tugged hard, stretching out Akame's tits again. She reached for the ice gag with her free hand and ripped it off, letting her hear Akame's pained cries of anguish in full.

"Ahhhhhh!" Akame wailed as her asshole was dominated by the Jaeger. Her bottom was stretched to its limit, unable to resist Esdeath's ploughing any longer. In addition, the dildo that was lodged inside her womanhood moved every time Esdeath thrust into her. To her dismay, the toy inside her wasn't just long and big but had small bumps along its length. Those bumps continually hit her special spots, turning the pain into her ass into unwanted pleasure. "Ahhh! Stooooop!" she pleaded. Her pride felt shattered. Without her Teigu at hand Esdeath had reduced her to nothing more than a toy. "I can't…" she cried out, her mind turning to mush from the unwanted pleasure. "I'm going to cum!"

There was no finer turn-on for Esdeath, seeing her former enemy yield to her in the most intimate of ways. She rolled her hips, arching her back with lustful glee as the dildo inside her hit her G-spot. "Yes! Yessss!" she hissed, her pussy about to gush. "Cum! Show me your humiliation!" She reached down and pressed a cold thumb into Akame's clit, the burst of cold sending the bound girl over the edge.

Losing herself to the pleasure within, Akame opened her mouth to let out a lewd scream only for Esdeath to grab her by the back of the head and pull her into a bruising kiss, mashing their lips together while the bluenette swallowed her cry. Akame's eyes rolled into the back of her head while her body trembled in the midst of orgasm, her pussy gushing into the ice panties and soaking the sheets beneath her.

Seeing her rival cum against her will made Esdeath gush. She came around the dildo inside her while sliding her tongue into the assassin's mouth, swapping saliva while their juices dirtied the sheets.

Seeing her rival cum against her will made Esdeath gush. She came around the dildo inside her while sliding her tongue into the assassin's mouth, swapping saliva while their juices dirtied the sheets. As she came down from her high she pulled out of Akame's asshole she leaned back and sighed in ecstasy. A lewd moan escaped her lips when she pulled her end of the dildo out of her, tossing the soiled toy into a nearby trash can to melt. She turned to Akame and saw the girl was a shivering mess, both from the unwanted orgasm and the cold the rings still attached to her sensitive parts. "So tell me, did you learn your lesson?'

Akame slumped forward, panting for breath while shivering uncontrollably. For a moment she was silent before looking up. Esdeath was surprised to see the fire back in the petite girl's eyes had returned. A small smile spread across the girl's lips. "I think you're the one…who's about to learn a lesson."

Blinking in confusion, Esdeath cocked her head in confusion before she suddenly felt a familiar and dark presence behind her. Turning around, the naked Jaeger gasped when she saw Ichigo standing in front of the bed, his arms crossed while glaring at the scene, pulsating with Hollow Reishi. "Ichigo! But when did-"

"Just now."

"But how-"

"The door," Ichigo replied, cocking a thumb over to the door, now locked.

"Ichigo, I-"

"Untie her. Now." The tone in Ichigo's voice was serious and brokered no defiance. Esdeath could see from the glare in his eyes that he was pissed. "Get those ice toys off of her and untie her!"

Quickly as she can, Esdeath removed the rings and chain attached to her clit and nipples. She broke the ice panties in two and slowly pulled the dildo out of Akame, who groaned as her pussy was emptied. Ichigo hurried to the side of the bed and caught the girl as she slumped to the side, her body freezing in his arms. "You okay?" he asked. He wrapped his arms around her and tried to heat her back up with his body's warmth.

"I don't think I'll be able to sit down for a while…" Akame groaned, feeling the stinging pain in her ass. She turned her head and glared at Esdeath, who was sitting at the edge of the bed, shivering in fear from the angry look on Ichigo's face. "I was just sleeping and she tied me up and started fucking me!"

"Esdeath…" Ichigo growled. "I hope you know what comes next?"

"W-what?" asked a frightened Esdeath. She wasn't known for being frightened but Ichigo had caught her with her pants down.

"You wanted to punish Akame for sleeping with me. So now we're going to punish you," he said. The words made Akame smile. Perhaps tonight could be salvaged after all.

"You wanted to punish Akame for sleeping with me. So now we're going to punish you," he said. The words made Akame smile. Perhaps tonight could be salvaged after all. "Esdeath?"

"Y-yes?" The tone he used was that of an alpha, a king. She couldn't resist his command.

"Bend over." He looked down at Akame, who'd ceased shivering in his arms and nodded. The girl nodded in return before leaving his warm embrace. As Esdeath got down on her hands and knees in front of the pair, Ichigo reached down into the pile of clothes that Esdeath had discarded and pulled out the Jaeger's belt. "Akame?" he addressed as he walked up to the woman, her ass sticking out in front of them. "What exactly did she do?"

Lying down on her side to avoid sitting on her sore bottom, Akame glared at the bluenette who violated her so. "She tied up all four of my limbs, gagged me, put those insane ice rings on my sensitive bits and the chain on my boobs, put the ice panties with the dildo on me then took me in my ass," she reported, the anger in her voice building with every remembrance.

"So then…" Ichigo made the belt in his hands give a sharp snap. "That's four for the bondage, one each for the ice toys and ten for doing you in the ass. By me and you. I think that's fair, don't you agree, Esdeath?"

The bluenette gulped. This wasn't what she had in mind when she came into Akame's room to teach her a lesson. Now she was about to learn a painful lesson. "Yes…" she said, lowering her head and bracing herself.


Esdeath cringed as the leather belt smacked her bare bottom. Her pale booty was painted red as the leather belt hit her. While a normal spank wouldn't feel too bad, Ichigo wasn't a normal person. The entire bed shook with each swat of the belt. The sound of Esdeath's soft cheeks being struck by the hard, strong leather echoed like thunder throughout the room. By the time Ichigo was finished, her derriere was stinging red.

Ichigo was a little surprised to see that Esdeath was getting aroused again from his spankings. The woman showed no masochistic tendencies, probably subconsciously readying herself for her mate. Still, he wanted Esdeath to learn from her mistake so he was committed. "Akame?" He held out the belt for his newest lover to take.

Akame's expression hardened. "With pleasure." She crawled over to Esdeath, cringing from the stinging pain in her ass. She took hold of the belt and then pushed Esdeath down onto the bed, her face mashed into the sheets while her ass stuck up in the air. "Payback time."




Akame spanked Esdeath far more times than what Ichigo had instructed but the young man didn't stop the assassin, feeling like Esdeath deserved the punishment. "You…sick…pervert!" Akame shouted, wailing on Esdeath's behind.

"Nghhhh!" Esdeath couldn't help the sounds coming from her as her ass was punished. The sensation of being dominated was still new to her. By the time Akame's spanking stopped, Esdeath's ass was glowing red.

While Akame tossed the belt to the floor, Ichigo walked around the bed to Esdeath's front and gently lifted her head up. As she looked up at Ichigo, she saw that the boy had taken off his clothes, his cock pointed at her lips.

"I'm not going to let you off that easy," Ichigo said. He saw Esdeath lick her lips and figured she'd see this as more of a reward than a punishment, proving she could satisfy her mate better than other bitches. So he pointed at Akame. "Give Akame another toy. It's time you felt what it was like on the receiving end."

Nodding, Esdeath rolled onto her back and looked down at the fuming Akame. A wave of the hand later and Akame was sporting another strap-on dildo. The assassin gasped when she realized that Esdeath had given her a double-dildo type again. "Even when you're being punished you're being a pervert!" she mocked, flipping Esdeath back over onto her belly before spreading Esdeath's red cheeks to reveal her tight asshole. "Payback's a bitch!" she told her rival before plunging the icy dildo into Esdeath's backdoor.

"Ohhh-" was all Esdeath was allowed to say before Ichigo grabbed her head and shoved his cock down her throat. "Glckkkk! Gckkkkk!" Esdeath gagged. Her mind began to go blank as her body was spitroasted by the angry Soul Reaper and assassin.

Like how Esdeath treated her, Akame didn't wait for Esdeath to adjust to the toy in her before fucking the bluenette like a madwoman, her hips smacking Esdeath's sore ass. "How do you like me now?" Akame taunted. "How's it feel to have your ass pounded against your will?"

If Esdeath could scream in pain from feeling her ass being plundered by the thick toy, she would have had it not been for the large cock stuffed down her gullet. She wanted Ichigo to dominate her but this was too much. Humiliation was her ultimate reward for attacking Akame now. "Gkkkkkk!" she gagged, finding it harder to breath when Ichigo grabbed her by the back of the head and pushed more of his manhood into her mouth. Drool spilled out of her mouth, dripping onto the sheets. Her body trembled while Akame pounded her asshole and Ichigo skullfucked her.

Ichigo pulled out of Esdeath's mouth, giving the woman a brief respite to get air back into her lungs. Esdeath had a few seconds to breathe a lungful of air before Ichigo stuffed his manhood back into her mouth. His balls slapped her chin, drenched in her drool. Ichigo kept a tight grip on Esdeath's head, wanting the woman to pay for what she did to Akame.

Esdeath's ass was being savaged by Akame, the dark-haired beauty fucking her with all the fervor of an angry beast. Akame's cheeks blushed as she felt the dildo inside of her move constantly, panting as her sweet spots were being rubbed by the cold toy. Squeezing Esdeath's cheeks tightly, her nails digging into her red buttcheeks, enjoying how Esdeath groaned into Ichigo's cock while he skullfucked her. "Take…it…all!" she grunted, her mind becoming lewd thanks to the dildo inside of her. She made Esdeath's ass take the strap-on dildo all the way to the base, completely filling her bottom. "I'm…going to…make sure…you're not going to sit down…for a month!"

The searing pain in her derriere made Esdeath's mind melt, her senses overwhelmed. All she could feel was the toy drilling her asshole and the manmeat she was choking on. Ichigo's taste and musk swarmed her mouth and nose. Her hands gripped the sheets tightly when Akame started to smack her ass in the heat of the moment. She could feel pleasure pool inside of her, guiding her towards the abyss of pleasure. Her body soon moved beyond her control. Her head moved back and forth without Ichgo's gripping hands, stuffing as much cock down her throat as possible. Her hips began to buck into Akame's thrusts, feeling the toy she gave the girl drive deeper into her ass. "Mmmmmmh!" she moaned, swirling her tongue around Ichigo's long length.

It didn't surprise Ichigo that she was getting off on this. Even he was starting to feel it as Esdeath sucked him off on her own accord. "Yeah…" he moaned, his hand returning her head to speed it up. He grabbed her hand and brought it to his heavy balls to fondle, wanting to make Esdeath choke on his essence.

"GKKKKKKK!" gagged Esdeath as Ichigo crammed every inch of cock down her throat, her nose touching his pelvis. Her eyes rolled back as her body climaxed against her will. Moaning hard into Ichigo's manhood, Esdeath reached nirvana, squirting lewdly onto the sheets.

"Ah! Ahhh!" Akame's vision also started to turn white as the pleasure became too much for her to handle. In her haste to punish Esdeath as much as possible she'd brought herself to climax as well. "I'm…Ohhhhh!" was all she could moan before slamming her toy into Esdeath's ass before gushing around the dildo in her cooch. "Ahhhhhh fuuuuuuck…" she slurred.

"Nghhh!" Ichigo groaned from the hot vacuum of Esdeath's mouth and throat. "Here it comes, Esdeath! You're going to drink it all!" he commanded. Squeezing his eyes shut, the Soul Reaper threw his head back before unloading inside Esddath's orifice. Ichigo pulled out slowly, savoring his orgasm as Esdeath slumped over from the abuse with his leftover cum leaking out of her mouth. Ichigo looked over to Akame to find her just as tired from the experience.

"Feel better Akame?" He asked the red eyed girl who merely nodded, trying to avoid putting too much pressure on her sore butt. Ichigo accepted the answer and then became aware of the smell in the room. "Okay Akame, go get a robe on and go to my room and take a shower. I'll stay here and clean Esdeath and join you later." Akame wanted to protest, but knew that she was already very tired and left without arguing.

'Not how I imagined it, but at least I was still satisfied.'

(Omake... again)

More Mental Scarring

Wave lay awake, having heard EVERYTHING that was happening in the next room while still struggling to go to sleep.

"Okay Akame, go get a robe on and go to my room and take a shower. I'll stay here and clean Esdeath and join you later." He heard Ichigo say, ending the night of sex noises in the next room. As he breathed a sigh of relief, Kurome tossed her sheets off her.

"I need to clean my hands and change my panties." She said, heading to her bathroom and confusing Wave.

"Kurome were you?"

"Masturbating? Yes. Were you not?" She looked to her partner, realizing he didn't and likely had a rather awkward boner. "I like you Wave, but I don't think we're close enough for me to take care of that for you."

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