For the past two months I have been working on the next chapter for Into the Frey. Over that time I have written and rewritten the chapter at least 10 times on paper and more than a dozen in my head.

Two days ago I came to two horrible realizations. I picked the wrong family to put Garen into and I picked the wrong guy to do a crossover. Those were the reasons why its was so hard to write.

Let me explain. Firstly, the family.

The Freys are a family that are a family that only rose to prominence within the last hundred years of Westeros history. They are not a Great House and are only considered a noble house because they control the Twins. Their castle-bridge allows them to control most of the traffic coming and going north. They also have the worst reputation mainly because of Walder Frey.

Second problem is Garen himself. From what I know of Garen, he is a soldier. A damn good one but still a soldier. He follows orders, stands firm as a rock and is always about justice. Here is the problem with that. HE IS NOT AMBITIOUS. His family name is Crownguard. They are nobles and that name implies that at some point in Demacian history, they guarded the kings of Demacia. Now, Lux did become Queen/Empress of Demacia however that could mean that either she married Jarvan IV or she took the throne. Either way that means she has a modicum of ambition. Garen not so much.

Okay mistakes made. I did try to change Garen a bit but if I changed too much then he wouldn't be Garen. Despite the changes I tried to make, the character I put into Westeros still remains the same. Not so much ambition. He would probably stay content with his lands, doing his duty.

How would he have risen to power? There were two ways that I saw. First is that he could have become Paramount of the Riverlands and then broke off from the Iron Throne, returning Westeros to Seven actual Kingdoms.

Second is that he unites Westeros into a republic. Either way, his name will bar his way into the higher courts. If he married Margaery that would give him the Reach but only through marriage. His family would always be upstarts who were just lucky enough to dupe a Tyrell into marrying one of them.

Originally I was planning to go the independent kingdoms route. But then there's a problem. The Lannisters and Danaerys. The Lannisters would never allow the Riverlands or the Reach to go free especially since both lands are the breadbasket of the Seven Kingdoms. Danaerys would NEVER allow them to leave because "The Throne is mine by right" and all that shyet. So dead end.

The republic thingy is bad as well. Dany again wont go for it and there is little incentive for the rest of Westeros to fall into line. Even if they did, they'd just move the Game out of the royal courts and into the republics chambers. Nothing changed. Ugh.

So I hereby declare this fanfic dead.