For those wondering, this is a retelling of the story from Sonic 1. So I'm going to be changing a few things here and there.

Mt. Mobius, Veg-O-Fortress

The evil scientist, known only as Dr. Robotnik, walked into his control room, with a large monitor on the wall and smaller ones surrounding it. In the middle of the room was a giant chair with a keyboard attached to it, which gave control to his base. Robotnik, wearing his red shirt, black pants and shoes and yellow cape (so the Classic Robotnik design), walked over to the chair and sat on it.

"Computer! Bring up the map!" Robotnik ordered.

"As you wish, doctor," A female voice said. On the largest monitor was a map, showing Carnival Island, West Side Island, South Island.

"I don't understand…" Robotnik yelled. "I'm detecting high amounts of Chaos Energy in this area. So why is it, that I can't find any of the Chaos Emeralds?" He slammed his fist down on the arm of the chair.

"According to my data banks, you have yet to search South Island personally…" the computer said. "Or yet to take over any part of it! South Island may have all the Chaos Emeralds and is actually just be radiating the Chaos Energy to the other Islands..."

"Possibly…" Robotnik said. "I'll head to South Island to search for the Emeralds."

"Badniks have already been employed on the island already, doctor," the computer said. "However, numbers are decreasing! Should I send a capsule with you go there?"

"Yes!" Robotnik said. "It must be the guardian of South Island… Whoever this guardian is, I look forward to fighting them, as I did with the guardian of Carnival and West Side Islands..."

South Island, Green Hill Zone

A blue hedgehog, wearing red shoes, sat under one of Green Hill's many palm trees. He took a bite of the chilidog he had with him.

"I deserve this break," he said to himself. "Though it's still confusing me, as to why the animals are insides these killing machines…" He heard a motor turn on. He looked to his right, to see 3 Motobugs coming straight for him. The blue hedgehog got up and ran away from the Motobugs but allowed them to catch up.

"You guys are fast!" the hedgehog snickered. He turned into a ball and drove straight into one of them, allowing a small bird known as a Flicky to fly out. The hedgehog jumped out of the ball and ran up to one of the other Motobugs. He jumped and sat on it, grabbing it's antennas. He tilted them right, making the Motobug drive towards the other one. Before the two Badniks hit, the hedgehog jumped off and landed safely on the the ground, while the two Motobug hit, exploding and allowing a rabbit known as a Pocky and another Flicky to escape safely.

"You're no match for Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog!" the hedgehog cheered. He then heard the sounds of buzzing and a jet engine. He looked to the shore to see a horde of Buzz Bombers being followed a small flying capsule. The Buzz Bombers detected Sonic and dived towards him. Sonic jumped at them, freeing the Flickies and Pockys inside them. He then ran away, with the rest of the horde giving chase. They started firing their laser at the blue rodent, who kept jumping and side stepping out of the way. They came up to a loop structure. Sonic ran halfway up it and jump into a ball, destroying the Buzz Bombers and freeing the animals inside.

"Well done…" The capsule flew down. Robotnik was inside. "The show you put on, I will admit, was quite fun to watch. But it ends here!"

"And you are?" Sonic asked.

"I am Dr. Robotnik, the greatest scientific genius in the world!" Robotnik gloated.

"You look more like an egg…" Sonic smirked. "I think I'm going to call you Eggman!"

"You may be laughing now!" Robotnik yelled, annoyed. "But soon, I will own this planet!"

"I guessing you're the one putting my animals friends into those robots!" Sonic yelled.

"Why yes," Robotnik smiled. "What gave it away?"

"You're not going to get away with this!" Sonic yelled.

"Oh but I am!" Robotnik laughed, making his capsule fly up. "Behold, my greatest invention to date: The Egg-O-Matic…" Sonic smirked at him.

"Shut up! My name is Robotnik!" Robotnik yelled. "Anyways… The Egg-O-Matic is able to adapt to suit almost any battle condition! For example…" The bottom of the Egg-O-Matic opened up, allowing a checkerboard ball and chain drop down. Robotnik started to swing the ball at Sonic. Sonic jump up to try and hit Robotnik, but was instead hit with the ball, sending him flying back. He landed on a bridge that was over a big drop into a river. Suddenly, he felt a harsh pain his tail. He jumped up and saw that a Copper was biting his tail.

"Get off!" Sonic yelled, grabbing the Copper's tail and throwing it towards the ground, smashing it, freeing an animal. Sonic looked up to see Robotnik's ball and chain about to hit him. He sidestepped out of the way and tried to run off the bridge but was blocked by a group of Crabmeat! Sonic turned around, to see that Robotnik still chasing him. An idea popped in Sonic's head. He jumped towards the chain and grabbed it, standing on the wrecking ball. He then managed to shift the weight of the ball, so it took out the Crabmeats. Sonic then jumped off the ball and grabbed into the side of the Egg-O-Matic.

"Get off!" Robotnik yelled. Sonic reached for the steering wheel of the machine made it go down and head into a cliff. However, the Egg-O-Matic barely went over but the ball didn't, breaking the chain and making the ball fall. The Egg-O-Matic skidded across the floor, making Sonic and Robotnik fall out. Robotnik got up, brushed himself off and got back into the Egg-O-Matic.

"Believe me, this isn't the end…" Robotnik yelled, flying away. "Until next time, blue rodent."


Sonic walked along the shore as the sun set.

"This Robotnik is stronger than I thought…" Sonic said. "That machine was hard enough to take down… And I'm sure he's just going to make stronger ones…" He looked as the sun disappeared into the ocean. It went dark. Sonic turned around but noticed a light shining to his right. He looked at it. There, was a giant ring, spinning, producing the light. Sonic ran towards it and jumped in….


Sonic find himself, floating in a space. Everywhere he looked, were birds turning into fish…

"You must help…." a voice said in his head.

"Who's there?" Sonic yelled out.

"Please, find the others…" the voice said. As it said that, Sonic closed his eyes and saw another giant ring. It then flashed to a temple of marble burning down, which then flashed to Robotnik flying away from the flames, laughing while holding out a purple gem stone.

"Don't allow it to happen…" the voice said.

Green Hill Zone

Sonic woke up. It was bright daylight. He was lying on the beach at Green Hill. Sonic got up, but noticed something in his hand. It was a red gem stone. Sonic threw the gem in the air and caught it as it came down and smiled.

"So he's going to Marble Zone next?" Sonic smirked. "Ok, Eggman, I know your game. Let's do this!" Sonic ran off towards Marble Zone.