Scrap Brain Zone, Act 3

Sonic landed on a metal platform which moved downwards, until there was a passageway in the wall. It appeared that he was in Labyrinth Zone again, but instead of being made of gold, everything was silver.

"Eggman must've turned this place into his Scrap Brain Zone as well!" Sonic said, running into the passageway. "How did he convert this zone so fast?" Sonic jumped into the water, however, it had a current, sending him moving through the area at high speeds. Sonic grabbed into a poll, but it broke, sending him straight into a wall. The force broke the wall, making Sonic land on dry land, near some springs. He looked and saw Act 2.

"It's now or never!" Sonic said, jumping on the spring, sending him flying.

Final Zone

Sonic landed on the ground. He looked back, to see the switch which caused him to fall, and the laser barrier which had blocked him before. There was a monitor on the wall with Spring Yard Zone on it. However, it was being attacked by Badniks. Robotnik didn't stick to his promise. Sonic ran forward, only for a door to close behind. The room was narrow, with an electric generators above the door Sonic came out of. There was on the other side, which was above a barrier with Robotnik behind it, laughing. Sonic noticed that one of the Chaos Emeralds was in each of the electric generators.

"What's so funny?" Sonic asked.

"The fact that you decided to survive Act 3, just to come this far to fail!" Robotnik laughed. "You may have already saw, but I've sent my badniks to invade Spring Yard. You really didn't think I would keep to our promise, did you?"

"Let's just end this," Sonic said.

"Agreed," Robotnik smiled. "I've watched the tapes of you beating me and decided to make sure complete success this time! Step 1: No Egg-O-Matic, that thing was a worthless piece of junk! Step 2: Control my machine from the sideline to avoid any more near death experiences. Step 3: Power this machine with the Chaos Emeralds, 2 on the generators, 4 on the pistons. And step 4: Have the machine be the environment and use it towards my advantage instead of your's!"

Two pistons from the ceiling came down, which Sonic dodged. He could see the Emeralds inside. The pistons went back up as the generators shot electric ball as Sonic, to which he dodged. This time, the two pistons on the floor came up. Sonic jumped off them and spun into a ball into one of them, creating a hole. Sonic grabbed the Emerald inside, just as it went down.

"Put that back!" Robotnik ordered. Sonic smiled, as a floor and ceiling piston came down. He did the same thing and took the Emerald in the ceiling piston. Sonic dodged the electric balls again, as the two remaining pistons came to crush once again. Sonic created a hole in the other ceiling one and grabbed the Emerald, then quickly did the same with the floor one.

"Warning, all 4 pistons are offline," the computer said.

"Shut up!" Robotnik yelled. He started to rapidly fire the electric balls from the generators. Sonic jumped into a ball at both generators, taking the final two Emeralds from them.

"Warning, generators are now offline!" the computer said. Sonic used the power of the Emeralds to bust down the barrier between him and Robotnik.

"Wait, don't do that!" Robotnik yelled, running away. Sonic ran into the room and straight to a big red button on the wall, labelled, "Badnik Shut Down. Use Only for Emergencies." Sonic slammed it down, shutting down all Badniks on South Island, and opening them up to free the animals. Sonic noticed Robotnik climbing into the Egg-O-Matic as the hangar doors opened. The Egg-O-Matic lifted off the ground and started to fly forwards, however, Sonic spinned jumped into it, making it come down.

"No…" Robotnik yelled, as it went out the hangar doors, falling towards to giant gears, that could crush anything and powered Scrap Brain Zone. "No, no, no! Not like this! Not like this!" Robotnik screamed as he fell into gears, making it explode, with him in the explosion. Sonic watched as the explosions blew up the factories in the distance. He quickly ran out of there before was caught in the explosion.

Green Hill Zone

Sonic watched from, afar in the part of Green Hill which wasn't converted, as the rest of Scrap Brain Zone blew up.

"There's no way he could've survived that," Sonic said. After the explosion ended, Sonic ran to check the remains. Suddenly, the six Chaos Emeralds flew out Sonic's hand, spun around as a flash of white light came. As the light died down, Sonic could see the nothing remained of Scrap Brain and Green Hill was just as it was, before Robotnik took over. The Sonic smiled as the Emeralds came back to him and the animals around him started dancing. It had seemed that the evil Dr. Robotnik was gone, as well as his base and Badniks. Sonic sat by a small palm tree and wondered if he'll ever go on an adventure that exciting again.

And that's in for the Sonic 1 retelling. Next up is, not Sonic 2, but either SegaSonic the Hedgehog or Tails' Skypatrol. Until next time.