[Quirk: Cat Form]

"I'm sorry, what?"

Toshinori had to process the request that Mandalay, Shino Sosaki of the Pussycats hero team, had asked of him.

She bowed again, asking once more. "The Pussycats would like to include your student and protegee Izuku Midoriya in our team!"

"No, I heard you the first time. But why?"

Shino straightened back up, saying, "It's more for a public image kind of thing. People were supportive of Yawara's transition, but they feel that our 'cute' image is slightly... missing. However, with how freaking adorable your student looks with cat features we believe that our 'cute' image would definitely return!"


What All Might didn't realize was that the other three members of the Pussycats had already taken Izuku, and wouldn't find out until their next TV appearance the next day.

[Quirk: Heart Swap]

"Alright, class! Today we will be going over team combinations involving your Quirks in the field, so grab your gear and lets head on out to Replica District A! PLUS ULTRA!"

No one in the classroom moved as they tried to process Aizawa-Sensei marching in and acting like All MIght, who was currently resting in a yellow sleeping bag behind the teacher's podium.

"Midoriya, please never let this happen again!"

[Quirk: Detach]

Mina and Tooru watched as Izuku searched around the lounge, mumbling to himself.

"Whatcha looking for, Deku?"

Looking up, Izuku turned to them waving his left arm, which was missing its hand. "I've-uh- I lost my hand and I can't really find it anywhere. Or feel it."

Tooru's gloved hand pointed toward the kitchen. "We saw Bakugou heading in there with it, ready to throw it away."


Watching the boy dash into the other room, the two girls giggled as they resumed hiding the boy's hand under the couch.

[Quirk: Fly Wings]

Iida sat at the table as Izuku and Asui, both redder than a tomato, sat across from him.

"So. Are we going to speak about what happened at all?"


"Really, because we need to make sure that this isn't-"


[Quirk: Robot Body]

Power Loader was grumbling as he made his way back to the support workshop.

"Can't believe I forgot my keys in here, I need to make more pockets in my suit."

Opening the door he was treated to the sight of Mei holding that Midoriya kid's head, with the rest of his body on the table in pieces and wires.




"...I can explain."


[Quirk: Gender Bender]

Aizawa opened the door to the classroom, stopping when he saw that every single student save Midoriya was the opposite gender.

"... Midoriya, go to the principal's office."


[Quirk: Akashic View]

Izuku found Katsuki on the roof, legs dangling off the side. For a split second, he thought that his friend would do something drastic, but immediately discarded that thought. That was something he knew that Katsuki would never do something like that.

Sitting carefully next to him, Izuku tried to think about what to say when Katsuki started.

"Don't even start, Deku. I don't need to hear it."

"But Kacchan-"

"Shut it. That weak shit wasn't you. You- you are stronger than that. That was not you. That wasn't..."

They sat in silence for a few minutes before Katsuki asked, "How the hell can you be so strong?"

Izuku couldn't answer that. He knew that it was a rhetorical question. Instead, he sat there with him for a bit. A silent vow to keep being strong.

[Quirk: Intangibility]

Iida had to take a deep breath. So far, they've had to deal with Izuku falling through floors, walls, through people and one incident with the girls' bath.

"Can anyone explain to me, just how Midoriya manage to phase through the fourth wall?!"

In front of him, dangling from thin air was Izuku's bottom half. A few of the girls had already taken pictures of it.

Kaminari was the closest to the bottom. "So do we try and grab it, or just let him slide back out?"

"Grab it!"

"Ashido, no!"

Just then Izuku's legs began kicking out, unfortunately catching Kaminari in the face.

"What the! Just what is going on?!"

(On the other side of the fourth wall)

"Ah, ow! Come on, that hurts!"

Izuku found himself being pushed on by a young blond woman wearing a white and blue robe. She began calling out to a black cat in a black flatcap that was busy playing a PS4 game.

"Mister Cradik, please help me! I could use some some assistance!"

"No! Examon, you were twenty days old! You could have gone further! NO!"