Title: Hidden Depths
Chapter: 01-A/?
Author: HeeroGrl195
Fandom: Stargate SG-1/Inuyasha/Highlander
Rating: R
Pairing: Jack/?
Warnings: AU, Angst, Death…
Summary: There are some things even we don't know about ourselves. Unfortunately, Jack is
about to remember some of his in the form of an old yet familiar Goa'uld.
Notes: This is just strange. Don't ask, it just is. Anyway, just an up-front sort of thing, this
is not a S/J fic. Can we say eww? I won't even consider that pairing. Also, this is very au.
Doesn't follow any cannon for the moment. May have some similarities but not many. Just
thought I'd let you know beforehand. It's about to get very interesting in here…
Disclaimer: They are not mine, I'm only borrowing.

Hidden Depths
[Chapter 1-A]

Tears trailed down the pale, smooth curve of a young boy's face. Each tiny dribble of water
erupting from those reddening eyes was a purely heart breaking sight to behold on such a
seemingly fragile child. It appeared almost cruel to see such angelic features screwed up in a
piteous portrait of overwhelming sadness and fear that even the darkest of hearts and souls
would weep for the crying youth.

Muffled sobs rocked the tiny frame as he continuously swayed back and forth in the enormous
rooms' farthest and shadiest corner. A dull thud would permeate the rooms' silent interior as
the boy's back and head would unconsciously hit the wall in a rhythmically growing tempo.
Minutes on end he swiveled back and forth on his rump, leaving heavy burns and bruises on
each smacking or rubbing appendage, without a wince here or there showing any discomfort
upon his disheveled features.

The child's once vibrant locks of silky, sterling hair clung wetly to his drenched forehead and
cheeks outlining his pre-teen face with sweaty rivers of silver. Each thread was smashed
together in a growing mash of the wet, dead-looking tresses hiding his pale features for all to
see. Tiny curls at each tip dusted against his flesh in a tickling trail of moisture leaving heavy
plops of tears mixed with fevered sweat dripping down his cheeks and chin in large rivets.

His glassy, golden eyes stared listlessly into the lightless room before him without even a flare
of recognition of where he was or what he was doing highlighting in his orbs. Small, perfect
lips trembled, with a tiny fang exposed slightly as it chewed the bottom one unconsciously,
and a stuffy, pert nose sniffled but still the youth continued on in a dazed detachment letting
the growing shadows swallow him into blessed oblivion.

The small youth, Jonathan, slowly eased lean arms around his middle carefully holding his
tummy with sharpened claws and drawing his long legs to his chest in a self-imposed up-right
fetal ball. His head fell, almost painfully heavy, to his bony knees finally creating a lull to his
torturous head banging. Triangle shaped ears, with a tuff of fluffy golden-silver threads on
each tip, laid sorrowfully against the top of his head in a clear show of the child's growing
despair. A long, thin, lightly dusted tail curled delicately around his ankles finishing up the
whole scene with an aura of pure agony clear in the air.

"Papa…" His tiny voice suddenly whimpered helplessly into the coming darkness that would
soon become a distant yet agony enriched memory for things to come.

Kagome sighed sadly as she watched her baby whine and tremble in the hidden corner of her
son's bedroom. The tears that dribbled down her own cheeks went unchecked once more as
she heard the boy call for his father in such a tiny, pitiful voice. It nearly made her dash to
the youngster's side immediately and curl up with him while hiding them both from the
gloomy world around them, but the women knew she couldn't protect her precious pup that
way for much longer.

She peered at the rocking half-demon under her long bangs and blew a tuft of breath out in a
shaky grunt and fumbling wiped at her face and nose with the back of her long sleeves of her
kimono. A flowing stain of red clambered over the once pristine outfit she dawned marking
her end as each drop released from her chilling body. The dark haired woman bowed her head
slowly grasping in deep breaths of glorious air into her lungs as she desperately willed herself
to calm down and mask her true feelings for the talk that would soon come.

Her heart ached brokenly at the thought of what her child would soon have to go through. It
had to be done to save her precious, but that didn't mean she had to like it. 'Such a thing to
bestow on one so young…' Kagome sagely thought before carefully clutching her bleeding,
burnt flesh of her side and clamored clumsily over to her broken child.

"Jonathan?" She spoke delicately while dropping gracelessly to her knees in front of the boy
and grasping his small chin in her palm maneuvering his face to hers.

Slightly glowing orbs of golden brilliance glanced pleadingly at her from under long bangs of
silver even as a single ear raised a tad and showed its sad interest.

"Jonathan, honey, I'm so sorry baby but…" The blackish-blue haired women stopped abruptly
and coughed harshly making her nearly fall to the floor in blinding pain.

"Mama?" The half-demon child swiftly uncurled himself and clutched at his mother. Looking at
her feverish face and tear-rimmed eyes with such an intensity he seemed almost see right into
the soul of the dying women, made the youngster tremble.

"Mama? Are you alright?" Jonathan sniffled out brokenly as he finally caught the stench of
blood filling the air at an incredibly fast pace.

Dark brown eyes dimming with the upcoming oblivion stared mournfully at the crying
youngster. The fingers clutching her wound were stained in red and overflowing to the cool
ground below in a growing puddle. The mother's sight was coming and going in a dizzying
spiral but she couldn't help but smile slightly as she caught one of her last complete sights of
her handsome son before her.

"No baby, I'm not." She whispered through clenched teeth as a dribble of blood ran down her
chin and a red foam appeared around the corners of her mouth. "It's going to be ok though I
promise sweetie, I promise." Kagome raised a pale hand and brushed it through her son's
hair rubbing his ears.

"Oh." He shuddered and oh so carefully curled his tail around his mothers wrist, sadly feeling
the once proud pulse slowly fade.

"You remember what we talked about earlier chibi?" The words were gargled out so the boy
had to move in closer just to hear them clearly.

"Yes mama…" Jonathan nodded his head dejectedly as he cuddled into his mothers side and
hugged her tightly, crying.

"Just do what I told you and everything will be ok. Ok?" Kagome weeped hugging her child
close as the chilling darkness was beginning to close in on her. "Love you baby." She smiled
wetly and kissed her son one last time before her heart beat its last beat.

"Love you too mama. Love you too." The boy wept out into his mother's dead chest as he
rocked back and forth hugging her for all he was worth.

Sniffling, Jonathan weakly sat up on his knees and smoothly removed his mothers treasured
necklace, the Shikon no Tama. Placing the sacred jewel around his head and letting it fall
heavily to his chest, the pup clutched the well-sot-after item tightly within his palm, until it bled,
making several silent promises upon it as he did so before kissing it and placing in under his

Leaning over, the boy laid his mother down in a pleasant, angelic position before giving her one
last kiss and pushing the hair out of her beautiful face.

"Bye mama." He learned over and whispered against his mothers ear before standing up
to leave.

A pair of glowing orbs flashed and then dimmed intensely as they watched the scene before
them. A slight growl escaped a sharp fanged mouth even as his clawed hands gestured to the
Jaffa guards surrounding him.

"Get me that jewel." The echoing voice of a white haired, golden eyed Goa'uld with a strange
beaded and clawed necklace around his neck snarled out.