A/N: Wow, it has been a long time since I've worked on this fic. In fact, I had to read the first chapter over again to get a feel of where I was going with it. Now I'm sure some of you have forgotten this little gem of a fic but I do still plan on continuing with it. Just got a little sidetracked.

Since both Stargate's are starting their new seasons tonight I figured I get a tiny something something out. Now I don't really plan on watching SG-1 any more. If Jack isn't the main character, or shown quite often, than that is a huge hell no in the watching department for me. As for Atlantis, well, I actually like Rodney so I'll be seeing that one.

Before you read this fic I have to let you know that I despise Carter. To put it bluntly, I hate the bitch. So NO S/J Romance of any kind. Err, Well, Maybe a one-sided thing so I can torture her with it, but otherwise NO.

Daniel is another matter. I don't like him at all. Not despise like Carter, just seriously hate him. Why he became an Ancient just doesn't compute in my mind, when all the signs were pointing to Jack, just made me grr him more.

So don't expect either of those two to have any defining parts in here besides comedic effects.

Now, on with the show…

Spoilers: The Fifth Race (maybe)

Warnings: None really for this chapter.

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Hidden Depths
Chapter 1-B

'Wow! Look at all the perdy Trees.' Was unfortunately the first thought that popped into one Jack O'Neill's mind as he stepped gracefully through the Stargate for what seemed to be the millionth time.

"Trees + New Planet + Insubordinate teammates aka GEEKS One very angsty or abused Colonel." The silvering haired man murmured bitterly to himself as he easily slipped away from the event horizon, raised his P90, and scanned the area for any immediate threats with a practiced ease.

Finding nothing more dangerous than insistent bugs trying to take a bite out of him, the Colonel relaxed a tad, but still kept alert incase things changed for the worse in the blink of an eye. Besides the swatting of evil mosquitoes that is, or what could be called mosquitoes if they weren't triple their size, had huge teeth, and furry. All and all they were annoying, ugly, and very persistent.

"Eww." Jack grumbled disgustedly as he tried to shake off a nasty bugger stuck to his hand from a successful smashing slap.

"Where's the fucking bug spray when you need it!" He snarled out at his still recovering teammates but stopped short when he saw that they were still stupidly trying to detangle themselves.

Well Teal'c wasn't, he was standing guard over the other two with a raised eyebrow and small smirk upon his face; gun readied for any trouble.

'Good Man.' Jack smiled, giving him a thumbs up, before a nasty squishy feeling, and loud gurgle like sound quiteeffectivly brought him back to the matter at hand.

Kneeling down, his gun still within easy reach, eyes firmly planted on the scene around him and not on the nauseating site of giant insect remains, Jack quickly rubbed his gooey hand on the bright, green grass efficiently removing the nasty remains of one deceased blood sucker. Unfortunately, more were waiting in their fallen comrades shadow for a nice piece of Colonel O'Neill treat.

Seeing that his palm was now only slightly marred with insect remains and grass, Jack finally gave himself the chance to fully take in his surroundings. The grunts, and groans of one Daniel Jackson and Major Carter did little to detour him, as he knew Teal'c would be on the look out when they finally decided to join them.

'Not that they aren't pretty trees.' His mind quickly amended as he finally got a good look at what seemed to be a species of pine.

They were huge, putting Earth's own Pine to shame. The greens of their leaves were just magnificent to behold in the suns' diminishing light.

'Oh wait, better make that sun's.' Jack gave a small snort of mirth as he glanced at the two burning, stars in the sky.

Pushing up, his knees giving a painful creek as he did so, Jack swiped absently at the vampire bugs and turned to see what the hell was taking his 'Geeks' so long to compose themselves.

"It's not like we haven't done this before…" The graying man grumbled sarcastically before quickly stoppingabrutply in shock.

Blue eyes stared blankly ahead, face paled, and a cold sweat began to form on his brow as Jack O'Neill came face to face with…


A small boy? with long sterling hair, ears perched atop his head, and a thin tail trailing empathically behind him chased a taller figure with dog ears and white hair. Giggles could be heard from the pair as the boy pounced on the older male and both rolled happily on the ground in play.


A beautiful women with long blue-black hair lovingly brushing out the boys' tangled long locks with gentle strokes of a brush and soothing words to help ease the pain. Even if her own eyes held hiddentears of unimaginable pain deep within.


Scream! Glowing golden eyes flashing.


Red! Blood! Tears! Pain!


The boy running as fast as his little legs could carry him through the forest in an urgent need to flee for safety. Strange electric charges nearly hitting him the whole time.


Bloody, depressed, too hurt to move, the boy hid in the shadow of a tree in a vain hope for some rest.


Strong-arms picking the boy up and cuddling him, tears raining down on his head as they rushed off in a dead run once again.


Bright blue, tear-reddened eyes, a toothy smile kissing him goodbye, and fluffy red tail swishing in the night air as it disappeared into the charged night, facing certain death.


The boy looking sorrowfully at the bloody, body ridden forest before him before hopping up on a wells side.


A promise of vengeance declared as the boy used his own nails to slash his wrist and spill blood all around the well and acurse upon his lips before jumping in.



"Are you alright, O'Neill?"



Jack couldn't hear them, all he could do was clutch at his shirt where a hidden necklace lay, and cry silent tears at the site of an old, decrepit well with a strange burn mark around it dwelled.

To Be Continued…