There aren't many gods like Yato. Nameless gods who have struggled to survive in the memories of the near shore realm.

Yato, a former god of calamity, managed to stay alive for centuries with very little to no followers. Yato had bad luck in attracting long term believers and permanent regalias.

It is common knowledge that in order for a god to be reincarnated he/she must still have wishes from those from the near shore.

Gods like Yato, couldn't reincarnate.

Yato has been a god for many years. He has done things he is not proud of. His hidden dark past. The only reason Yato became a god of calamity was because of his shit eating piece of father, who threatened him and made his life a pain in the ass.

Yato endured centuries of loneliness and pain. His entire time of being a god, he was never stable. He constantly had regalias leaving him. He struggled to stay in people's memories. Being alone for centuries. Sleeping on Tenjis shrine some nights, out on the streets others. Although he did a great job in hiding how miserable he was, there was no denying he was miserable.

He left Nora and his calamity ways, more of because he wanted to change than having someone that was HIS not having someone who was with 50 other masters. Truth was Nora's are a private part of a god, they're sluts basically, and normally you serve one master but Noras had so many. She wasn't the Yato's one and only shinki. She didn't belong to him EXCLUSIVELY.

Enter Iki Hiyori. A mortal human girl who saved Yato's life. Even though he wouldn't have died from anything that wasn't a phantom or a regalia… He laid there, eyes widened, at a human who just saved a god, to her, he was nothing but a stranger... Yet... She was willing to put her life on the line to save him?

Fast Forward to after Ebisu Underworld Arc

That's all for the first chapter! This chapter actually sums up why I love Noragami. A nameless god who went through centuries of pain and suffering keeping up an image that appeared to be neutral, silently suffering in pain and regret… Thinking that the past will always haunt me, I'll never truly be happy. I'll never not be alone. Until.. Hiyori.. She changed everything. She was someone who, despite learning about his dark past, choose to stay with him. Despite being placed in constant danger, still wishes to be with him. She truly is… Someone completely unique.