5 years later with no updates, I bring you another chapter of my cringe writing out of boredom and horniess on a random Monday night while intentionally ignoring her messages because for whatever reason women treat us better when we ignore them...

Anyways, normally, I'd just sext partners on snap, make misogyny p*rn captions for my page on motherless or BDSMLR, text my ex, or some shit but for some strange reason I decided no—instead I will update the cringe-infested Noragami fan fiction story I haven't dared to go back and read over. I decided to punish myself. Anyways I doubt any old followers of this story are actively looking at fan fiction (mine specifically).

It's been 5 years. I cannot remember if I wrote smut myself, nor will I dare to read back and the cringe I wrote, but my kinks are much more solid and well defined than they were when I originally started the story. So, expect some smut in this chapter. Also, let's just pretend this entire story takes place in 2022. Alexa and junk exist. Let's also throw out any logic. Anyways we go, you fellow kinky degenerates…

Years had passed since their fates intertwined. Through it all, Iki Hiyori continued to support Yato as a god. Every second of every day he could not fathom how lucky he had gotten to meet someone like Hiyori. Throughout his entire existence, he experienced nothing but false promises and abandonment. His father, nora, every regalia or false promise from a human follower to never forget him. Yet she was the only one who stayed by his side, making countless sacrifices for his happiness as he did in return for her. So much had changed, the most recent change being her parents now know of her special… relationship. It was tough at first, her biggest fear is how Yato would take it if they ended up forgetting him. They did not approve at first, of course there was a lot of confusion and disbelief some idiot in a tracksuit was to be a god—they had assumed Hiyori had gone mad and her protective another nearly dialed the mental institution to see if she could be admitted without causing a massive controversy for the family. However, with time, they began to grasp how much the two had loved and cared for one another and despite protests from her father—they both eventually grew more accepting and made it a goal to keep in constant touch with Yato and Hiyori in an attempt not to forget.

Iki Hiyori was now a college student double majoring in pre-med biology and computer science. Despite Yato being clingy and tagging around, most of her classmates never noticed him as he was far-shore. Occasionally, guys would hit on Hiyori right in front of him and he was always ready to grab his exemplar and throwing a fit in jealousy but deep down he and Hiyori both knew they were madly in love with one another for anything to drive a wedge between the two.

(Writing in Yato POV)

One night, while Hiyori slept adorably cuddled up in her solo dorm room, I sneak into her dorm room through her window. I tower over my gorgeous smiling sleeping girlfriend. This long together, I can't help but still be in disbelief I am… happy. For the first time, in centuries, I don't have to fake a smile. I don't have to pretend like everything is fine to keep up appearances… she actually made it fine. Still, I cannot resist the sight I am seeing. I push her hair behind her ears before taking out my cock and encircling the tip against her lips. Slowly smudging against her lips, I have an opening and push a bit of my length inside of her mouth. Each thrust, I push inside her mouth a little bit deeper. She moans in her sleep, sucking while subconsciously having a wet dream. I can't help but let out a few quiet moans, as she always did have a skill to arouse me quickly. I pull out and smack her face gently with my cock before shoving it inside of her again. Undecided of my intention, slow and passionate or rough and aggressive? I end up switching between the two like the hopeless romantic and kinky switch I am. Her eyes slowly start to awaken as I fill her mouth with my cum. She smiles while I tower over her body. A couple of years ago, she would immediately have blushed, and jungle savaged me across the room. Although, for better or worse, I sexually corrupted Hiyori as time passed during our relationship. She went from someone who'd blush at simply having her hand held to someone who'd beg me to choke her while making her shiver and squirm helplessly, trying to stay quiet at some far-shore function to prevent anyone from catching her engaging in hold the moan activities. With a mouthful of my cum in her mouth, she smiled as she gargled it, swallowed every drop, and presented her empty mouth to me. She smirked and laughed," I am grateful for your divine gift, my gami." My heart always felt warm seeing her smile…

However, it was short lived, as she began acting out like the brat she occasionally was, defying me—a god—by grabbing and squeezing my balls unprompted. "Although, I have to say. I don't appreciate you taking so long…," She wasn't always like this, but after learning about brats and brat taming from a friend she was intrigued although she, like I, would soon come to discover we were both switches—although with my dominant lean with her respective submissive lean—it never led to a dull moment.

I flinch a bit, not feeling that vibe tonight, instead opting to tame… I grab her hands and hold them down on top of her head using one hand while I lay down my body on top of hers, biting her neck and sucking to alleviate the pain. I grasp her perfect neck with my free arm and gently squeeze while planting various kisses and bites across her body. I loved the way she looked into my eyes as my hands pressed against her veins and restricted her helpless. I playfully teased her by smacking my cock against her holes while changing the intensity of my grasp on her neck. Every soft moan I heard escape her lips only made me hornier and more eager to be inside of her, although I couldn't help but tease and edge her. Encircling my tip around her vagina, making her yearn for what she had been craving for all day. I spit on her face before making my way down her body, kissing and/or biting what I please. When I finally make my way down to her vagina, I have several decisions to make. How should I go about it tonight? Do I switch to (submissive? Questionable.) orally pleasure her until she shakes and squirms helplessly squirting on all over my face and make out with her? Or… Run my arms through under her soft legs and carry/pin her against the wall while ramming inside of her vagina. Within a split second, the decision is already made without any contemplating as I ram my cock inside of her vagina while carrying and pressing her body against the dorm wall. Slow, fast, slow, very slow, very fast. Rhythm was inconsistent although for whatever reason she loved it. Not knowing or expecting anything. She was a good sub despite believing herself as a devious little brat. She clinched onto my body while I thrust inside of her at different speeds. As her moans softly escape her lips, which were right next to my ears, my breathe began to grow heavy as I struggled to maintain composure. With every thrust into her and every moan escaping her lips, I grew weaker and weaker and was about to impregnate her.

I moan a warning.

She smirks.

As I prepare to pull out, she wraps her legs around my body.

She moans with a heavy intense breathing mimicking my own level of breathlessness. "Don't.,"

My eyes widen. With one final deep thrust, I push deep inside of her before releasing everything.

As I impregnate the love of my life, creating a demi-god, there's one thing I utter again and again:

'Main Tera. Main Tera. Main Tera…'

Ending: Main Tera—all my Desi/south Asians will know how important that is. It goes Love- Marriage- singing Main Tera. It's like the final step in the 'happy ending.' If you don't know, it means "I'm yours" but anyone who has ever listened to KALANK… damn. How many of us hopeless romantics are there waiting to sing that for someone? You only get one chance. Make it count. There's no main tera divorce—if you say it for more than one person—that's behavior for the streets.

I hope you enjoyed the cringe-infest update anyways. Although, I think I will stick with making p*rn captions and sexting as opposed to story writing…